Waterpik Aquarius vs Platinum

The water flosser is fashionable now in oral hygiene, and for good reason. Recent studies have shown that it does a better job of keeping the spaces between your teeth clean compared to conventional dental floss. The Waterpik brand of water flossers have been praised for their impressive flossing abilities, and two of those water flossers are the Aquarius and the Platinum. On this page, you will find out everything you need to know about the Waterpik Aquarius vs Platinum comparison, and in doing so, you will be able to choose the most suitable water flosser for you and your oral hygiene.

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Waterpik Aquarius vs Platinum Comparison

Design and appearance

Waterpik Aquarius vs. Platinum

Waterpik Aquarius

If you are familiar with the Waterpik brand, you will notice a recurring theme of design and color. Water Flosser units look like high tech gadgets with a water tank designed into the top of the unit. The standard color theme is white combined with warm hues of blue. The Waterpik Aquarius and Platinum deviate slightly from this standard. Although the water tank is still kept in its usual position, it receives a light gray finish for the Platinum and a completely white and transparent finish for the Aquarius, as opposed to the usual light blue color of other Waterpik tanks. Likewise, the Platinum is accented with shades of gray rather than blue, while the Aquarius gets a deep chrome finish.

Color options

Platinum is available in just one color offering: a white finish combined with elegant pops of gray. The Aquarius can be purchased in two distinct colors: either a simple chrome-white finish or a full black chrome finish. Note that regardless of the color palette chosen for Aquarius, its water tank remains white and transparent.


The Waterpik Platinum is described as having a 20% smaller footprint than regular Waterpik dental bristles, including the Aquarius. This makes Platinum noticeably smaller than Aquarius. The difference in size serves to provide a suitable water flosser for those who have bathroom space issues. The more compact construction of the Platinum makes it both perfect for countertop use and also easy to store in small spaces, compared to the slightly larger design of the Aquarius.

Flossing tips included

Waterpik dental bristles are designed with multiple dental floss tips to serve a variety of unique purposes. The Aquarius is equipped with 7 tips while the Platinum has 8. The 7 tips of the Aquarius include 3 classic jet tips (for regular dental floss), 1 toothbrush tip (for flossing and brushing simultaneously ), 1 plaque finder tip (for dental implants and restorations), 1 orthodontic tip (for orthodontic appliances) and 1 pik pocket tip (for pockets and gums). The same goes for the Platinum, the only difference being that it has 4 classic jet tips against 3 for the Aquarius.

Storage compartment for dental floss tips

An added benefit of owning the Waterpik Platinum is the storage compartment located above the water tank on the top of the unit. This compartment is capable of holding most of the 8 floss tips that come with it and virtually eliminates the need for users to store their tips away from the unit. The Aquarius dental floss unit does not have this storage compartment function. However, under the lid there is a small compartment next to the water tank which can hold 2 tips of dental floss.

Water pressure parameters

Both Waterpik Water Flossers have the same number of pressure settings: 10. The higher the setting selected, the higher the pressure of the water delivered by the Water Flosser. If your gums are sensitive, it is advisable to stay on a lower pressure setting as a high pressure setting could cause your gums to bleed.

Flossing fashions

The Aquarius is designed with two dental floss modes: dental floss mode and hydropulse massage mode. Flossing mode provides regular flossing function and removes plaque from your teeth. The massage mode, on the other hand, does not have a serious cleaning purpose, it soothes and stimulates the gums, keeping them fresh and healthy.

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Water capacity

Due to its small size, the Waterpik Platinum has a smaller water tank than the Aquarius. It just means that the Platinum contains a smaller volume of water and as such may not be enough for a deep cleaning session without needing to refill it.

Timer function

When you floss, figuring out how much time you spent flossing your lower or upper teeth is mostly a guess. The Waterpik Aquarius solves this problem with its built-in 1 minute timer and 30 second timer. Once you start with the top (or bottom) teeth, the timer counts down to a full 30 seconds, then creates a short pause telling users to move on to the other part. It counts another 30 seconds and then stops again, signaling the end of the recommended cleaning session.

Noise level

These flossers are quite loud when in use. The higher the pressure setting, the more powerful the unit.

Convenient Features

Waterpik Platinum

The Waterpik Aquarius has an LED display to inform users of the currently activated massage mode. Once the handle is mounted on the unit, it can rotate 360 ​​degrees.

While the Platinum has a pause button on its handle, the Aquarius’ handle has an on / off switch. Simply put, Platinum users have to turn the flosser on from the unit while Aquarius users are spared this inconvenience as they can turn the flosser on or off directly from the handle.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Waterpik Aquarius


  • Greater water capacity
  • Integrated timer
  • LED display
  • Has an on / off switch on its handle
  • Has two flossing modes

The inconvenients

  • Noisy

Advantages and disadvantages of Waterpik Platinum


  • Small footprint consumes less space
  • Has a large storage compartment for tips
  • More tips included

The inconvenients

  • Smaller water tank
  • Noisy


The Waterpik Aquarius is obviously the better of the two flossers. It has a lot of useful features that Platinum seems to lack. At regular price, it costs even less. The extra bucks on the Platinum aren’t worth it unless you’re really keen on space and a storage compartment for its many tips. If you have enough space on your countertop and can do without an additional tip or storage space on the device, the Aquarius with its larger water tank, built-in timer and its massage modes is the recommended choice.

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