Waste King l-8000 vs Insinkerator Evolution Excel

Finding a new garbage disposal isn’t the funniest task in the world. But at least you’ve narrowed your search down to two: Waste King l-8000 vs Insinkerator Evolution Excel.

Garbage cans are the bulky and noisy objects that we activate after washing the dishes. Some of us, the more environmentally conscious, like to slip this waste straight into the old disposal chute after every meal.

Whatever the case and whatever your preferences and habits, you’ll be happy to know that your journey to finding a good disposition is drawing to a close. Read on to find out which one you should get.

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Waste King l-8000 vs Insinkerator Evolution Excel: which waste disposal should you get …?

Size and appearance

Waste King l-8000 vs Insinkerator Evolution Excel

Insinkerator Evolution Excel

The difference in physical appearance between the Waste king l-8000 and the Insinkerator evolution excel is obvious. The Waste King l-8000 is matte, gray in color and features the company’s red logo on the front. The Insinkerator evolution excel is much more sleek and slender, sporting a clean stainless steel finish. I definitely choose the prettiest machine when everything else is equal. But these are garbage cans. Is appearance really important here? I do not think so. Look, a disposal goes under your sink and even when you have to reach under your sink for something, you probably aren’t paying attention to the disposal. End of the diatribe.

There are also differences in size and weight. While the Insinkerator evolution excel is shorter, it is almost twice as heavy.


Do you have a lot of football parties? Do you like to organize barbecues? Well, these two garbage disposals have a 1.0 horsepower motor. It is the most powerful engine on the market. Both grinders have the ability to grind chicken bones, leftover meat, raw vegetables, leftovers and more. While the Waste King l-8000 has a higher rpm, the Insinkerator evolution excel has a three-stage shredding process. The three-stage grinder allows food to be pulverized and completely liquefied before it goes through your plumbing. The Waste King l-8000 only has a standard one-stage shredder.


Cleaning your garbage disposal is important. A dirty disposal is more likely to get clogged and end in hassle. Fortunately, the Waste King l-8000 and the Insinkerator evolution excel both have removable splash guards that make cleanup easy.

Tip: To make your dishes smell good and fresh, freeze lemon water. Put a cube in the layout and turn it on.

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They’re two heavy-duty shredders that can withstand an onslaught of food waste. They both use stainless steel parts and are built to last.


Therein lies a difference. While the Insinkerator evolution excel comes with an Allen key, sink baffle, pliers and stainless steel plug, it does not come with a power cord. Many customers have been disappointed that they had to wire the disposal to the old electrical unit, or worse yet – buy a new wiring kit or power cord. Although the Waste King l-8000 does not come standard with accessories, it does include a power cord, which makes installation easy.


Both eliminations have an easy mount installation. The Waste King l-8000 calls it an “EZ” mount, while the Insinkerator evolution excel calls theirs a quick lock. In either case, the correct installation of these disposal devices does not require a plumber or contractor. Just read the instructions or watch an installation video posted on their websites.

Noise level

Although these garbage disposals are very similar in terms of power and durability, the big difference is in the noise suppression. Although they are both soundproof, the Insinkerator evolution excel has taken noise cancellation to the next level. Their acoustic seal technology includes: anti-vibration mount, anti-vibration exhaust pipe mount, silent collar sink baffle, and multi-layer sound insulation. Many customers said the disposal was so quiet they almost left the kitchen with it still on!

Jam sensor

In addition to its sound sealing technology, the Insinkerator evolution excel also has a jam sensor. The sensor increases torque when it detects friction. Basically this elimination knows when it has to work hard to make sure your food is liquefied. And, in the rare event that it does get stuck, it has an auto-reverse feature that prevents you from getting your hands on it.


These two eliminations have different guarantees. The Waste King l-8000 has a lifetime home service guarantee. The Insinkerator evolution excel has a seven-year warranty.

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Summary and recommendation

Before you start looking for a new garbage disposal, you’ve probably already finished with it. It’s just not a fun exercise, unless you’re into that sort of thing. As noted above, you’ve narrowed your choice down to two, and that’s a good start. But what are you doing now?

Well if I were you I would choose the Insinkerator. Why? Well, everything. First of all, I’ve done a lot of research on waste disposal and can tell you customer after customer this is the quietest, most efficient waste disposal they’ve ever had. encountered.

But not only is he quiet, he’s also smart. It detects jams and reacts accordingly by shifting into reverse. You don’t need the help of any additional tools as it can unlock on its own. And if that’s not enough, it’s attractive. It is the most beautiful garbage disposal on the market.

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