Wahl 9818 vs 9864 Trimmer Comparison

A trimmer is essential for most men (it can be a good tool for women too). In this comparison, the Wahl 9818 vs 9864, we take a look at which of these stainless steel trimmers is right for you. While these little machines are small, they pack a punch when it comes to performance. They are very similar but the differences; features, price, and customer reviews should be enough to help you choose.

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Comparison of Wahl 9818 vs 9864 Hair Clippers

Size and appearance

Choice 9818 vs 9864

Lawn mower Wahl 9818

The Wahl 9818 and the Wahl 9864 are both stainless steel clippers. Each of these models, even though they were created several years apart, kept the same weight and size in their design. Although they are the same size, the appearance of these two models is slightly different.

The Wahl 9864, for example, has a curved plastic guard near the lower end of the trimmer, which the Wahl 9818 lacks. The body of the Wahl 9818 is all silver, showcasing the stainless steel they are made of. . The Wahl 9864, on the other hand, is almost all black instead of showing off the simple stainless steel design.


One thing several customers commented on was the weight of these devices. However, the reviews were not as negative as most heavy products. On the contrary, they notice that the extra weight makes them easier to control, especially on detailed areas. When it comes to the blades, customers have reported that these trimmers perform quite well and that they very rarely need to invoke the warranty. The only complaint was that some customers thought that a length between guards 1 and 2 is too big a gap and they would like a size in between.


Both of these mowers are rechargeable – so you don’t have to worry about working near an outlet and you don’t have to buy batteries. The Wahl 9818 and the Wahl 9864 both use a Lithium Ion + battery. As expected from devices with the same batteries, they both have around 4 hours of use when fully charged. The Wahl 9864 takes it a step further with a quick charge in one minute function. When the batteries of these are low or they reach a full charge, you will be notified by an LED light on both models.

It should be noted that the Wahl 9818 is also a dual voltage trimmer. It may not be important for all customers, but for international travel it is important. Since there are basically two different tension systems that most countries use, it is important if you want to travel from America to Europe, for example.


While none of these mowers need excessive cleaning, it’s important to note a cleaning feature. Both have a self-cleaning feature that will help you maintain your mower maintenance with little effort.


Many customers have noted that these mowers not only look great when you first buy them, but they also look great later on. Even Wahl themselves trust the longevity of their products, as their five-year warranty shows. On each product, customers said that not only was this warranty adequate and they rarely needed to use it, but it also often lasted longer than the warranty.

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Choice 9818 vs 9864

Lawn mower Wahl 9864

Accessories are important when it comes to mowers. This is because the more choices you have among the blades, the more you can use them. For the Wahl 9818 and Wahl 9864 clippers, customers get 4 different cutting heads; one for beards and mustaches, one for nose hair, one for body hair, and one for head.

The Wahl 9864 comes with 8 hair guide combs as well as 4 beard guide combs for a little easier use. The Wahl 9818 comes with 6 position guides, 3 standard cutting guides and 8 T-blade guides. In addition, the Wahl 9818 also comes with a comb, cleaning brush and blade oil. Each of them also comes with a storage case for your mower, trimmer heads and guides when not in use. The Wahl 9864 also comes with a cutting stand.

Convenient Features

Both of these mowers can be charged and one of the handiest features about it is the LED light to alert you. This light turns off both when the battery is low when in use and when charging and the battery is full, allowing you to follow the mower rather than just cutting it off in the middle of a job.

In case you miss this light, the Wahl 9864 also has a 1 minute fast charge. It can help you get the job done, even if you’re in a rush (it’s a very thoughtful feature). The Wahl 9864 and Wahl 9818 both have 13 different lengths that they can cut thanks to their variety of guards and guides.


Wahl covers both the Wahl 9818 and the Wahl 9864 with a comfortable 5-year warranty. This warranty will cover any damage or manufacturing defects that cause problems within 5 years from the date of purchase. Wahl Trimmer’s customer service is also known to be very responsive to customer complaints.

Advantages and disadvantages

Both of these have a variety of amazing qualities about them. As mentioned earlier, many customers appreciated the weight of the mowers because it allowed them to easily work on details without slipping. Many customers also commented on the battery life of each of them, saying they were some of the best they’ve ever used. Wahl’s customer service also impressed with a decent warranty and help from the staff without long wait times.

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One of the downsides of the Wahl 9864 was that it is slightly less economical than the Wahl 9818, although a sale can change that. On the other hand, however, the Wahl 9818 was produced before the Wahl 9864, which gives the Wahl 9864 the advantage of having time to improve and add new features to meet more needs. of customers.


The performances of the Wahl 9818 and the Wahl 9864 are extremely close. While the Wahl 9864 is less economical than the Wahl 9818 (although a sale can change that), it barely advances in operation. This is mainly due to the time the Wahl 9864 had to take a look at what worked and what didn’t on the Wahl 9818 and improve on what customers wanted and needed.

So naturally the Wahl 9864 is the best product here. We especially like the 1 minute charge feature. Ultimately, we think you should go with the 9864 as it is the upgraded machine and worth the extra cost you might incur..

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