Wagner Flexio 690 vs 890

Choosing a new paint sprayer can be a bit of a challenge. It is therefore important to know which features are important to you and what you plan to do with your new sprayer before purchasing one. In this Wagner Flexio 690 vs 890 comparison, we compare all the beneficial features of these two machines to help you determine which one is right for you. Continue reading below to find out which one you should choose.

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Comparison of Wagner Flexio 690 vs 890 paint sprayers

Size / Appearance

Wagner Flexio 690 vs. 890

Wagner 690 paint sprayer

The Wagner Flexio 690 and 890 are both versatile paint sprayers used primarily for personal and residential use. They both come with a variety of features and differ more in size and appearance than in functionality and accessories. The 890 is slightly heavier by a few pounds, making both of these products light and easy to maneuver. They are both yellow and come complete with cases for storing gear. The 690 has an all-black carrying case and the 890 has a black and yellow plastic storage container. This feature is really nice because you can keep the unused parts inside the container while using the machine.

There is a space at the bottom of the case to attach the hose for easier and more convenient work. The pipe sizes are also different in these two products, with the 890 having a shorter pipe length. It is 11.5 feet long while the 690 comes equipped with a 15 foot knockdown hose. It’s more convenient for big jobs because it’s harder to move around and cover a larger area with a smaller pipe. The 890 is said to be a bit heavy but still lighter than some competing brands, but this is only an opinion and a matter of customer preference.

Features / Accessories

These products both come with many features. Many of these accessories are the same in both sprayers. They both come equipped with a 1 ½ quart mug capacity to hold paint and complete larger projects such as decks, fences, and / or cabinetry. They have spray nozzles for a more detailed and precise finish. There is also an ISpray nozzle which sprays undiluted paints and can be used with latex paint and stain. The fine tip nozzles can be attached for a more detailed project and both of these sprayers come packaged with these items.


The X-Boost power dial features a spray width lever that adjusts to wide or narrow models. Both products also have this feature, but the dial is located on the base of the 690 and on the sprayer on the 890. Many customers prefer the dial to be located on the 890 sprayer because it is easier to switch between the nine settings. different controls instead of having to manually turn on the base with the 690.


The LocknGo feature is available on these models and locks these removable parts in place so you don’t have to worry about them bursting or shifting in the middle of your paint job. The 690’s carry bag keeps all items together while the 890 has a storage-type bin that can be used while the items are kept inside. Hoses are also included, but the 690 has a much bigger one, making it easier to complete projects with a greater range of motion.

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These sprayers come with a one year warranty, as stated by many advertisers. There are also extended warranties, but these are purchased regardless of the particular retailer from which the product was purchased.

Power / Projects

Bet 690 against 890

Wagner Flexio 890

These sprayers are said to be quite powerful by a variety of customers. Some have actually said that they are a bit too powerful and that it would take experience and adjustment to achieve the desired control to avoid over-spraying.

The XBoost operates at 65,000 rpm through the air hose of the 690, which makes the turbine on the ground, which is easier and lighter to use, limiting fatigue and customer fatigue during operation. Suggestions for an even easier operation are to spend more time preparing the space before spraying, including using good quality duct tape to hold the plastic together and keep the paint from spraying the areas you don’t want painted. or for which you want to use a different color. Once the desired control setting is reached, these sprayers can cover a wide variety of projects. They can both be used for interior and exterior projects. The 690’s longer hose makes it more optimal for large projects and painting fences, garages, sheds, high ceilings, etc. The 890 is also capable of doing these types of projects, but is a bit more difficult given the shortened pipe length.

Advantages disadvantages

These two products are quite similar in what they offer and the accessories available that it would be difficult to decide between the two. It really depends on the projects to be carried out and the efforts that the consumer wants to put in. They can both perform the same type of tasks with only a few small differences in the way the work is performed. Wagner offers a variety of videos via YouTube that feature Do it yourself projects and walkthroughs. They also have videos that show how to assemble, disassemble, and clean the sprayers between uses. This is great considering that you can visually see how these features work rather than reading the manual and trying to put parts together.

Wagner advertises that both of these products have the ability to deliver quality finished projects, but some customers have said the opposite, claiming that anything as beautiful as trim, cabinetry, furniture, and entry doors doesn’t is not ideal. The complaint is that it is difficult to achieve a smooth quality finish regardless of the nozzle options and variation in control setting.

These guns are capable of using undiluted paint, however, this is only for the larger gun / nozzle option. The manual even states it, but Wagner does not disclose this information on his website. Fine finish nozzles will require thinning of the paint. Some customers have said that even undiluted latex paint doesn’t always work with the larger nozzle and the paint should be thinned down for a better finish. These spray guns seem to be the most suitable for large areas and outdoor uses such as fences, garages, large rooms, etc. They don’t seem to coincide well with detailed projects or may just require more effort to be professionally completed with the best finish. .


By now you should have a better idea of ​​which of these sprayers is best for you. These machines are incredibly similar, but if I had to choose I would definitely go with the 890 as it is the most convenient machine with the controls located on the sprayer itself rather than the base. Ultimately, whatever sprayer you choose will be a good choice.

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