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Choosing the right paint sprayer can be difficult with so many models and offerings from different brands on the market. On this page you will discover the differences and similarities of the Wagner Flexio 580 vs 585. We have done the research for you. Continue reading below as we direct you to your choice.

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Comparison of Wagner Flexio 580 vs 585 paint sprayers

Appearance and design

The Wagner WallPerfect Flexio 580 I-Spray HVLP Paint Spray System and 585 Spray System are both portable devices for spray painting. Both are available in a similar color scheme of white / black / yellow. They are both made from high quality polypropylene which ensures durable paint sprayers that last for years. Customers have rated the robustness of these machines positively. The Wagner flexio 580 weighs approximately 7 pounds. However, it is lighter than the larger and heavier Flexio 585 model, weighing around 9 pounds. The heavier weight of the Flexio 585 is a limiting factor for few home workers, but the efficiency of the device outweighs this problem.

Both are wired devices, so portability is an issue when you need to paint structures far from an outlet point. However, this can be easily fixed with the use of an extension cord.


The FLexio 580 and Flexio 585 paint spraying systems have similar uses. They can both be used effectively for painting indoors as well as outdoors. Several different surfaces can be painted easily, without a hitch. Being HVLP (High Volume Low Pressure) sprayers, these use a high volume of air to pop the paint and come out of the nozzle like a spray. This prevents overspray and helps paint with less paint.

Nozzle technology

They both use Wagner’s iSpray technology, which allows smooth and uniform painting of any surface, despite the higher viscosity of the paint used. In addition, the higher airflow speeds thanks to Perfect-Spray technology make it easier to paint with thinner paints.

Power supply and other specifications

The Flexio 580 and Flexio 585 are both fitted with the Wagner brand X-boost turbine. Compared to other standard HVLP devices on the market, this turbine would be about three times more powerful. This ensures that your machine receives enough power to spray any type of surface with conventional paints, without dilution.

The Flexio 580 works with a power of 600 W, compared to the higher power of the Flexio 585 (660 W). Both devices can handle a viscosity of paints and emulsions up to 4000 mPa.s. The atomization power of the two machines is identical to 200 W.

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Speed ​​settings

The Flexio 580 paint spray system allows 2-stage impeller adjustment for airflow – up and down, depending on the thickness of paint you intend to use. This is where the Flexio 585 trumps the Flexio 580. Indeed, the Model 585 comes with the option of 9 airflow speeds. This allows you to set the optimum speed for any paint job you face.

Paint flow

Models 580 and 585 both have 2 model adjustment settings allowing horizontal or vertical spraying. Adjustments can be made easily and this allows for efficient spraying of corners and edges.

The flow rate for both machines is identical 0-500 ml / min.

Click and paint

Both Wagner models are built on the Wagner brand’s Click and Paint design. This makes it easy to switch between the different accessories as the handle is easy to detach from the paint bucket. Thus, changing paint, recharging or changing colors is not cumbersome with these devices.


The Wagner Flexio 580 and Wagner Flexio 585 paint systems both come with an identical range of accessories, making the machines more versatile. These accessories include Brilliant Spray Tip (600ml), Retail Spray Tip (600ml), High Flow Spray Tip (1.4L), Standard Spray Tip (800ml ) and the WallPerfect I-Spray tip (1.3 L). The standard spray attachment is considered ideal for spraying thinner materials like varnish and stain. The WallPerfect accessory is suitable for interior painting of acrylic paints. The nozzle ensures a fine spray of the paint which results in a perfect hassle-free finish. It also allows you to spray thicker acrylic paints on rough surfaces.

An addition to the Flexio 585 over the Flexio 580 is the inclusion of a carrying case with the purchase of the machine. The case is easy to carry and allows the machine to be easily stored when not in use. For Flexio 580 a case must be purchased separately.

Both devices also come with a set of tools that make your paint job easier and mess-free. In addition to the accessories, you also get a nozzle seal, air filter set, fill funnel, stir stick, test poster, and lubricant bag.

Overall performance

The Flexio 580 and 585 both get high marks on customer performance ratings. The multiple airflow adjustment settings available in Flexio 585 are a feature appreciated by most users, making the device easy to use for beginners and experts alike. Machines rarely experience clogging of nozzles, even with thicker emulsions. The Flexio 585 is better suited for thicker paints than the Flexio 580, thanks to multiple airflow settings and higher power. Compared to other similar HVLP paint sprayers, these are also less noisy.

However, many customers have noticed the inevitable overspray when using these devices and the absolute need to cover nearby furniture to avoid getting paint on them. In addition, the power cord of these devices is not very long, which makes it difficult to paint outdoors or in remote corners. A few customers also report that the device is not as easy to clean as the manufacturers claim.


Both Flexio devices are supplied with detailed manuals for assembly and use. While a few customers have found the assembly of these devices intimidating, the utility outweighs this slight issue. By using the multiple tools supplied with the machine, one can easily start using the device quickly.


The Flexio 580 and 585 come with a 2-year DIY (Do-It-Yourself) warranty from their manufacturer.


By now you should have enough information about Wagner Flexio 580 vs 585 I-spray HLVP Paint Sprayer Comparison to make a decision. If I chose I would definitely go with the 585 as it has the most speed options at 9 compared to 2. And it also comes with a handy carrying case, I think it’s one of those times when you want to go with the most machine upgrade as it is a necessary upgrade. You probably don’t plan to buy another paint sprayer in the future.

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