Wagner Flexio 570 vs 590

In the Wagner Flexio 570 vs 590 comparison we compare all the features and benefits of these two inexpensive paint sprayers. Both of these units are of good quality, but you will discover some quirks that can shape your opinion. Keep reading about these machines below and the right choice will be revealed to you.

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Wagner Flexio 570 vs 590: which paint sprayer to choose …?

Size and appearance

Wagner Flexio 570 against 590

Wagner Flexio 570

Both of these paint sprayers are portable, making them more mobile compared to other types of paint sprayers. That being said, the Wagner Flexio 570 is the lightest model at around 4 pounds. The body of this paint sprayer is predominantly black, with yellow around the nozzle and logo. The dials and triggers on this device are dark red. The paint compartment is a translucent white so you can see exactly how much paint you have left by the measurements on the side.

The second model we are looking at is the Wagner Flexio 590. It is a bit heavier than the Wagner Flexio 590 but maneuverable. The body of this paint sprayer is yellow and black, like the Wagner Flexio 570, but with more yellow than the other unit. The dials of this model are also red while the top dial has a yellow center. Again, this model has a translucent white paint compartment with measurements on the side so you know exactly how much paint you have left.


The Wagner Flexio 570 can spray up to 7.2 gallons per hour. To put that in perspective, this unit can cover an 8ft by 10ft area in just 2-6 minutes. The Wagner Flexio 590 works a little faster than the Wagner Flexio 570. It can spray up to 8 gallons per hour and will spray an area 8 feet by 10 feet in 1 to 5 minutes. Both feature an X-Boost turbine that generates three times more power than other similar products. On both models, this can be controlled with a dial to suit different jobs. The Wagner Flexio 570 has two settings while the Wagner Flexio 590 has progressive speed dial.


The Wagner Flexio 570 and the Wagner Flexio 590 are both popular and popular systems. Many customers of the Wagner Flexio 570 have stated that they are very happy with the paint job they got and that the unit is not too difficult for novice users to use. Some customers have complained of leaks and difficult assembly. However, many of them later reported that customer service was very adept in helping them reassemble the system to resolve these issues.

The Wagner 590 is also very popular with users. Like the Wagner Flexio 570, many customers have found it easy to use and fast. Some customers were happy that they could even paint the corners without difficulty. However, there is a lot of prep work required to cover anything you don’t want to paint because this paint sprayer has some unfortunate overspray.

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The most important thing in making cleaning your system quick and easy is to use the right cleaning solution. For latex materials, the Wagner Flexio manual suggests hot soapy water and mineral spirits for oil paints. When unplugging the system, loosen the paint compartment before removing it completely to reduce the pressure in the system. Make sure once you’ve removed the canister to empty the extra paint into its box. Then add the cleaning solution to the paint compartment and spray it, shaking it lightly from time to time.


We’ve already figured out that the Wagner Flexio 590 can absorb 8 gallons of paint in an hour, and the Wagner Flexio 570 can absorb just over 7 gallons. However, it is important to know how much these paint sprayers can hold at a time. The Wagner Flexio 590 and Wagner Flexio 570 can hold up to 600 ml of paint, which corresponds to approximately 2.5 cups. You will need to refill the tank several times during a paint job. Other types of paint sprayers are capable of connecting to a one gallon or even 5 gallon paint can. There are markers on the side of the paint compartment to help you measure the paint and know how much you have left.


Most customers looking to buy a paint sprayer want one that will last them for more than one project. Fortunately, neither of them complains of a premature failure. In fact, most customers have said that these paint sprayers have become their go-to when they have a project to do around the house. Buying one or the other would take years.

Convenient Features

One of the most convenient features of these is the spray control. On the Wagner Flexio 570 dial, you can choose between two spray settings. Many customers preferred the Wagner Flexio 590 in this regard because it allows for one step adjustment rather than two preset changes. This allows more control over how the paint comes out to allow for even coverage.

These two models also have a pattern adjustment dial. These allow you to change the jet between a vertical and horizontal jet. This is another feature that helps you control where your painting goes.


Wagner offers a one-year limited warranty to cover any defect in these products or any damage occurring under normal and intended use. However, if you purchase this product for commercial or rental purposes, the limited warranty is reduced to 30 days.

Advantages and disadvantages

Both of these products are highly regarded for their durability and efficiency. They also both offer a lot of control over the shape and power of the spray with dials. The Wagner Flexio 590 advances in this aspect, however, as it allows smooth incremental tuning instead of predefined parameters.

Unfortunately, both have their drawbacks. The Wagner Flexio 590 receives complaints about over-spraying. This is especially annoying because if you forget to cover what you are not painting, you will end up with a mess. However, the Wagner Flexio 570 offers less control over the shape and force of the spray than the Wagner Flexio 590.

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While both of these paint sprayers are of fantastic quality, the Wagner Flexio 570 is more advantageous. While the Wagner Flexio 590 offers more control over spray force, it has a lot more overspray. The Wagner Flexio 570 may run slightly slower and have a little less control, but its design won’t let you clean the paint off your floor and furniture. The Wagner Flexio 570 is also more economical and slightly lighter than the Wagner Flexio 590.

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