Wagner 915 vs McCulloch MC-1275

A steam cleaner is an important tool to have on hand to keep floors, upholstery, and other areas in your home clean. In this comparison, we take a look at the Wagner 915 vs McCulloch MC1275 steam cleaners. Both of these models are great choices, but which one you choose depends on which unit has the features most important to you. Keep reading below to find out which one is right for you.

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Comparison of the Wagner 915 and MC-1275 steam cleaners

The basics

Wagner 915 vs. McCulloch MC-1275

Wagner 915 steam cleaner

The Wagner 915 and the McCulloch MC1275 are both 1500w steam cleaners. Wagner advertises his 915 as a “Power Steamer and Cleaner”, which is appropriate given that it functions as an excellent wallpaper steamer.

McCulloch says the MC1275 is “tough” and is professional grade. However, the Wagner is one of the most popular steam cleaners on the market, so don’t think that just because the McCulloch is labeled tough doesn’t mean the Wagner won’t do the job you need it to do. .

The McCulloch weighs 10 lbs and the Wagner 16 lbs. The Wagner is physically a bit taller than the McCulloch, but only slightly. They both have casters (wheels) on the bottom for easy movement.

Both models have a 48 oz tank and run for approximately 45 minutes per tank.

The Wagner is more economical than the McCulloch, and even when the McCulloch is on sale, you will likely pay even less for the Wagner.


The McCulloch heats water to just over 200 ° F. It heats the water in just 8 minutes. The McCulloch has a plastic water tank.

The Wagner heats water to 135 ° F. It takes about 12 minutes to heat up. The Wagner has an aluminum tank.

Some users prefer an aluminum tank in a steam cleaner to a plastic tank because they are concerned that the plastic tank will heat up and release dangerous chemicals into the air. While this is of concern to a small number of users, there is no evidence that the type of plastic used by McCulloch is harmful when heated.

The McCulloch can run for 45 minutes on a 48 oz tank, which is the same as the Wagner. The run time depends a bit on the accessory you use, as some give off more steam than others.

The Wagner is a pressurized steam system. This is how the Wagner steam cleaner is so much more efficient than non-pressurized steam cleaners – Wagner claims the 915 works 20% faster than non-pressurized steam cleaners. Users agree with this statement with most users claiming that it is one of the best wallpaper remover they have used.

Other users have found the Wagner to be great for cleaning floors (but don’t use it on wood floors, as steam cleaners can damage wood floors), but the main gripe is that it puts a lot of time to heat up and the steam does not. seem very hot compared to other steam cleaners.

In contrast, users of the McCulloch found the steam hot enough to melt and peel the paint. Users also warn to be careful using the steam cleaner on the tiles as it can melt the glue and cause the tiles to peel. The McCulloch gives off a lot of vapor, more than the Wagner. If you’re looking for sheer volume of vapor, you can’t go wrong with the McCulloch.

Some users have also found that the McCulloch emits a lot of water as well as steam, which can make it difficult to clean windows and other things that you primarily want to keep dry. Some users even found that they had to manually dry everything they just cleaned, which they found frustrating and time consuming.

Both models have a switch to activate constant steam or steam on demand. This facilitates both cleaning and detailed cleaning where you need bursting steam.

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Both the McCulloch and the Wagner come with a steam hose and various accessories.

The Wagner’s steam hose allows you to clean an area 8 feet from the machine. It also includes two tubes to extend the steam hose, which means you can clean even further away from the appliance without moving it. However, the steam mop is on wheels, so it can be moved around easily. The long hose makes it easier to clean cars and reach high walls.

The McCulloch comes with a 9 foot hose. It can clean up to 9.8 feet from the cartridge when using the steaming handle.

The Wagner comes with six accessories, including a wallpaper steamer, a large steam brush and a tile squeegee. The McCulloch comes with 18 attachments, including a mop attachment and small cleaning brushes. Most of the included attachments are provided in multiple sets; there are not 18 separate attachments.

Users report that the attachments for the Wagner and the McCulloch are interchangeable, so the Wagner tools will fit the McCulloch and vice versa. This means that if there is a specific tool you are interested in for a unit, you should be able to use them interchangeably.

Other factors

McCulloch MC-1275 Steam Cleaner

Users have reported that the extension cord on the Wagner is quite short, this means that despite being able to use the extension tubes, you may still need to use an extension cord to be able to use your steam cleaner outdoors or in locations. hard to reach places places.

As the Wagner uses a pressurized steam system, it must cool before filling with water. Otherwise, it lets out a lot of steam and hot water when you try to remove the water tank. Some users have found that you will have to wait about 20 minutes for the device to cool down before you can safely remove the tank and refill it.

Some users have found that the McCulloch’s grip gets too hot to hold comfortably after 15 minutes or more of use. This is probably related to the high temperature of the steam.

Many users have found that McCulloch accessories are of lower quality than Wagner accessories, and while they enjoy their McCulloch steam cleaner, buy and use Wagner accessories.


The McCulloch and the Wagner both come with a one-year limited warranty. Neither brand has particularly noticeable warranty claims handling or customer service issues.

Most of the users who buy McCulloch or Wagner Steam Mops are happy with their purchases. Neither brand has an out-of-the-ordinary failure rate or cause for concern. You can be sure that your purchase of the McCulloch or the Wagner is a good choice of steam cleaner.


While both of these machines are of remarkable quality, I should go for the McCulloch MC1275 even though it is more expensive by the time you are ready to make your purchase. It seems to be the best machine in all the categories that matter.

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