Vornado 7503 vs 660

When it comes to the Vornado 7503 vs 660, it is wise to take some notes and do some research before you make your purchasing decision. Don’t worry, either go with the confidence that you’ve made the right choice. However, you should note that the differences could definitely influence your decisions.

Well, we’ve done the heavy lifting. Read on and find out which of these fans is right for you.

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Vornado 7503 vs 660: which fan is right for you …?

Size and appearance

Vornado 7503 against 660

Vornado 660

The Vornado 7503 is the larger of the two fans, still intended to be a table fan with almost 6 inches in height on the Vornado 660. The Vornado 7503 is available in black with a gloss finish over the entire grille and from the base. It also has a tilting head, so it can be posed to place direct airflow wherever it’s needed in the room.

The Vornado 660 is the smaller of the two, but still large enough to be a suitable table fan. It comes in two colors; black and white. The body of these fans for both colors has a matte and flat finish, while the fan head around the grille has a high gloss finish.


The Vornado 7503 comes with 3 speed settings to choose from so you can get exactly the amount of air you want in a room. The Vornado 660 offers an additional option, with 4 speed settings to choose from. Both of these fans have Vornado deep pitch blades that will push air up to 100 feet.

Another Vornado specialty of these fans is the way they circulate the airflow they produce. This is where design is especially important because it shapes the way air flows just as much as it helps air flow as much as it does. Vornado fans create a circular airflow throughout the room so the cooling is more even rather than having hot and cold spots everywhere.


Customer ratings of the Vornado 7503 and Vornado 660 are extremely high and close to each other. Both are valued for their effectiveness in cooling a room evenly and for a long time. Fans are also praised for their durable design, as the bases of these fans are durable and won’t crack or tilt either.

Overall, few customers have complained about these products and most have been delighted with their performance. In many cases, not only did it last much longer than the warranty, but it outperformed many other fans on the market. The only really noticeable complaint from some customers came down to preference, as none of them waver.


Vornado 7503

Vornado 7503

It is important to be able to easily clean these fans because no one wants dust flying around the room when they turn on the fan. However, cleaning is simple. To remove dust from the grille and blades, you can simply remove the grille and use a dusting cloth or a slightly damp cloth with mild soap. However, do not put the grid of one of these fans in the dishwasher. If you need to open the fan to clean the internal workings, do not use soap or anything wet.

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Unfortunately, how often you need to clean these fans is the biggest downside for most customers. This is because the high gloss finish of the Vornado 7503 and Vornado 660 makes it easy to get fingerprints and smudges.


As mentioned earlier, durability is one of the things Vornado customers love about these two fans. Unlike most fans on the market, the Vornado 7503 and Vornado 660 will not crack or run easily. This is especially impressive considering the fact that they are also made of plastic. Even so, this comparison still holds up against metal fans, who are traditionally considered stronger by default.

Convenient Features

One of the most practical things about these fans is that they both have multiple speed settings. There are three on the Vornado 7503 while the Vornado 660 has four power levels. Best of all, no matter how fast you use these fans, it’s not louder than soft white noise (some users may find this useful while sleeping). This ensures that even if you want to run that fan in your bedroom at night, you won’t have to sacrifice sleep for comfort.

Both are also ETL listed, which means they have met the necessary safety requirements, making them a safe fan to have even if you have children. One complaint is that none of these fans wobble. However, Vornado counteracts this by allowing the fan head to tilt so that you still have control of the airflow and many customers say that works just as well.

Advantages and disadvantages

These two fans are closely related to know which is the best product, so it’s important to look at the subtle differences that set these fans apart. It means considering both what customers liked and what they didn’t like about those fans. First, these two fans are doing their jobs extremely well. They circulate and cool the air in a pattern that leaves no part of the room untouched. The way these fans circulate the air leaves satisfied customers even without the fan wobbling. Customers can tilt the fan head, so even without oscillation, there is some control over the airflow from the fan.

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There are very few complaints about these fans, but even the few negatives are worth considering. The most important thing goes to cleaning, in particular thanks to the glossy finish of the two fans. This is, of course, a bigger problem with the Vornado 7503 since the fan assembly has a glossy finish while it is only present on the Vornado 660 fan head. Another important note is that the Vornado 7503 is slightly less economical than the Vornado 660, which is especially important when considering two products so closely related (although you never know what a sale can do to the price)

Summary and recommendation

These two products are difficult for consumers to choose because they are so similar. For this reason, it’s important to look at the subtle differences and remember that neither is a bad product. However, the Vornado 660 gets ahead in my opinion when you factor in performance, customer reviews, and price. It is more economical and slightly smaller without sacrificing airflow. The Vornado 660 also has an additional option for speed, giving the customer a little more control over their fan settings.

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