Vornado 633 vs 660 Review

The Vornado 633 vs 660 is a comparison between two very capable and powerful fans. Both models are very affordable, especially when you compare them to industry superstar Dyson. But which model should you go with. Are the differences in features worth the price difference you might assume? These are the important questions you should consider before you take out your wallet and deposit your money. We’ve answered all of these important questions for you below.

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Vornado 633 vs 660: which fan is right for you?

Size and appearance

Vornado 633 vs. 660

Vornado 660

The Vornado 633 and 660 are both in black, but the Vornado 660 also has the option of a white fan. The blades of these two fans are also deep pitch, which offers an advantage in terms of airflow. Both fans are also medium in size, which means they can easily fit on a table, but won’t look out of place if you place them on the floor. Each of these fans share the same design; a thick, round fan with a small circular base. They are also designed to be easy to take apart for cleaning and repair, so they have a relatively simple design.


The Vornado 633 and Vornado 660 both have plenty of choices for horsepower. The Vornado 660 has 4 speed settings. These are easily accessible on top of the fan circulator. It’s not the only feature that helps power the Vornado 660, however. A chrome slider bar is installed to help you manually change the direction of the air flow. The fan design and the shape of the deep pitch blades help the airflow to move in a circular pattern. This helps cool the entire room evenly, rather than creating a single cool spot.

The Vornado 633 has a little less horsepower choice than the Vornado 660 with just three speed settings. However, it will move air up to 75 feet with the same circulation technique as the Vornado 660. The Vornado 633 has an energy saving feature, so it won’t use more electricity than necessary. For these two fans, all that power works at an almost silent level so that they don’t cause a disturbance when they are on.


The Vornado 660 regularly receives high reviews from consumers who have used it. They have commented on its power, variety of speeds and some even tout it as the best fan they’ve ever bought. They also commented on the fact that the Vornado 660 is extremely flexible, making it easy to land in any direction you want. The only major complaint customers have about the Vornado 660 is that the front of the fan has a high gloss finish while the rest of the fan has a matte finish. It looks gorgeous, but takes fingerprints and smudges very easily, making it a bit higher maintenance to clean.

The Vornado 633, on the other hand, is not as classy as the 660. One of the big complaints is that it is difficult to remove the grille, which makes it considerably more difficult to clean than the Vornado 660. It is difficult to remove the grille. is in large part, thanks to erroneous and confusing instructions. However, while cleaning can be overlooked, this product offers all of the same benefits as the Vornado 660. This includes being a quiet, efficient, powerful and long-lasting fan.

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Another important consideration for these fans is the air capacity they are made to circulate, as this will help you decide on the size of the rooms for which they are suitable. The Vornado 633 can move air up to 75 feet and works to move air in a circular motion to maximize that capacity.

The Vornado 660, meanwhile, has a higher capacity as regards its circulations. It will circulate air up to 100 feet. Like the Vornado 633, it also pushes air in a circular pattern, to maximize airflow throughout the room.


These two fans offer a long service life compared to other household fans on the market. Rather than only last you a few months, you can expect years of use from these fans. There are customers of both of these fans who have reported 4-5 years of use before any issues arose.


One important thing that you want from a fan is that it be easy to clean. After all, you want cool, cool air in the room, not dust. It is also important to make sure the motor is kept clean to keep the fan running. Fortunately for customers, these two fans are rather easy to clean.

To clean the parts of the air circulator, be sure to use only a vacuum cleaner and not water. However, to clean the grill and blades, simply remove the grill and wipe down the fan with dish soap or dust it with a rag or rag. However, you cannot put the grill in the dishwasher to clean it. It should be noted that although these steps are the same for both fans, it is more difficult to remove the grille from the Vornado 633.


The warranty is important to consider because it gives you extended protection against a defective product. The Vornado 633 and 660 are both protected by the same warranty that Vornado offers to all of its fan models. This warranty covers five years of full protection. However, most customers have found their fans to last well over 5 years for both models.

Advantages and disadvantages

The Vornado 633 and 660 are fans that will last a long time and are powerful enough that you can enjoy their operation. Both also give you power choices. The Vornado 633 lags slightly with just 3 power choices while the Vornado 660 has 4 speed settings. They’re also both nearly silent in operation, so you won’t have to worry about sacrificing peace and quiet for fresh air.

Click here to check reviews and ratings before purchasing

Click here to check reviews and ratings before purchasing

However, everything has its flaws. For the Vornado 633, it is especially the cleaning that is the criticism, since it is difficult to remove the grille. Cleaning is also the source of consumer grief towards the Vornado 660, as the fan grille is very shiny and easily smudged. Another complaint about the Vornado 660 is that it’s important to consider its size. Vornado customers, especially those who were longtime (no pun intended) fans of the company, were surprised and disappointed to see a bigger fan whose performance they didn’t like as much as previous models.


I like the two units in the Vornado 633 vs 660 comparison. They both give you a high quality product and you won’t need to take out a loan to buy it. While these two products of course have their flaws, they both make wonderful products. Vornado is focused on making the best possible fans for its customers and, compared to other fans on the market, the Vornado 633 and 660 are both fantastic as home fans. Between the two, however, I would most likely go for the larger and prettier Vornado 660.

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