Vornado 630 vs 633

Fans of this Vornado 630 vs 633 comparison are both great choices. These two fans spin quickly and powerfully with an extended reach. There are many similarities, so it’s understandable that you want more information to choose. Fortunately, they are different enough to make your choice a little easier. Continue reading below to clear things up between these powerful fans.

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Vornado 630 vs 633: what small powerful fan to bring home …?

Size, weight and appearance

These two Vornado air circulators are quite similar in appearance with small differences in size and weight. They are both medium in size and well designed with smooth edges. However, the Vornado 633 is slightly larger and heavier than the Vornado 630.


The Vornado 630 and 633 are available in two colors: black or white.


These fans do not wobble or spin. On the contrary, they use the vortex circulation technique exclusive to Vornado air circulators to powerfully circulate the air in the room while remaining in a fixed position. The Vornado 630 can fully circulate air up to 70 feet, while the Vornado 633 has a slightly longer range of 75 feet. Both fans are ideal selections for small to medium sized rooms.


Vornado 630 against 633

Vornado 630

The blades, grilles and outer skin of both fans are made from high quality plastic. This prevents corrosion and improves the durability of these products.

The grille and blades of the Vornado 633 are slightly larger than those of the 630. The component design of the fans is primarily responsible for the swirling airflow exclusive to Vornado fans. The fan grilles are curved and arranged in a spiral shape and the blades are deeply contoured to aid in the vortex motion of the Vornado franchise. The blades have also been designed with a larger surface area to help move air over great distances.

Speed ​​settings

Both fans have 3 speed settings: Low, Medium and High. When set to the highest speed, the Vornado 633 is faster than the Vornado 630.

Customers have complained that although the fans are relatively quiet when set to low, once the speed is increased to medium or high the noise level has also increased significantly.

Speed ​​controls

For the Vornado 630, the speed settings can be controlled via a button on the side of the chassis connecting the fan head to its base. Due to its location, the button can be quickly accessed and the fan speed easily controlled. Besides the speed, the button can be used to turn the fan on / off. A major complaint from Vornado 630 users was the layout of the gear selections. After the on / off selection, the next selection is the highest speed followed by the average speed and finally, the lowest speed. A few users felt that the selection should have been arranged in ascending rather than descending order.

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On the other hand, the Vornado 633 is operated via a mechanical switch located on the back of the fan.

Airflow directions and positions

Both fans have multidirectional airflow. The Vornado 630 can be fully tilted; both horizontally and vertically and the airflow directed where you want. The Vornado 633 has a more limited multi-directional airflow. It can only be tilted up and down, not side to side.

Dimensions and mounting options

Although the Vornado 630 is reputed to have a more stable base than the Vornado 633, the two fans have roughly the same base dimensions, and therefore similar footprints. They can be comfortably placed on the floor in a room. However, some users preferred to place the fans on a desk, table or any raised horizontal surface to ensure maximum air circulation.

Cleaning and maintenance

As with all Vornado air circulators, the grilles on both fans can be easily removed for easier cleaning and maintenance of the units. Several users claimed that cleaning was indeed simple, easy and quick, while other customers felt that cleaning the fans was not as easy as the company claimed. A major issue was with the grill, as users claimed the grill was somewhat difficult to remove.


Vornado 633

Vornado 633

The original models of both fans were rated 120v, 60Hz, thus limiting their use to certain countries. However, recent models have been designed to suit countries using 240v, 50Hz. Be sure to check the rating of the model you are purchasing to make sure it is suitable for use in your area of ​​residence.

The Vornado 630 has a maximum power of 54W while the Vornado 633 uses a maximum power of 60W. They are both energy efficient. However, due to its larger size and faster speed, the Vornado 633 consumes more power than the 660.

Convenient Features

These Vornado air circulators come with a 6ft cord and several customers say the cord length is quite satisfactory. The correct length of cord allows the fan to be plugged into a wall outlet and always placed a considerable distance from the wall.

Guarantee and durability

Both fans are guaranteed for 5 years. Many customers claim that fans are sturdy, well-built, and extremely durable, so it’s likely that your new fan will outlast the warranty.

General performance

As with all products from a reputable manufacturer such as Vornado, a large percentage of customers are quite satisfied with the Vornado 630 and 633. The dissatisfied users are mostly those who are unfortunately struggling with a defective product, others who do not support the noise level of Vornado fans, and even those who reside in areas with humid climates. The latter group of customers claim that these Vornado fans don’t really redistribute the air and lower the room temperature as advertised. Another group of users seem to prefer a fan that spins or swings and blows directly at individuals, which Vornado fans are unable to do.

However, most customers unanimously agreed that when one of these fans was placed in a strategic position in a room with an air conditioner, it would work quite well with the air conditioner and help circulate the air. cooled in every corner of the room.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Vornado 630


  • Lighter than the Vornado 733
  • Sturdy base
  • Sustainable
  • Built with quality parts
  • Multidirectional air flow
  • Affordable
  • Great choice for small and medium rooms

The inconvenients

  • Noisy
  • Limited speed settings

Advantages and disadvantages of the Vornado 633


  • Sustainable
  • Well built
  • Economic
  • More speed
  • Great choice for small and medium rooms

The inconvenients

  • Limited airflow directions
  • Noisy
  • Heavier than the Vornado 630
  • Limited speed settings

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Summary and recommendation

After comparing these mighty fans, Vornado 630 vs 633, I would most likely go with the one that was the cheapest when I was ready to buy. Both of these machines are affordable and well received by customers. They are both perfect for small to medium sized rooms. The biggest difference, as far as I can, is that the 630 has more multi-directional options as it can tilt up / down or left / right. On the other side, the 633 has a slightly wider reach. The few differences are marginal and will not have a major impact on performance.

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