Vornado 533 vs 633

The Vornado 533 vs 633 comparison is a comparison between compact but powerful fans. Both of these fans are excellent machines which are really appreciated by customers. These fans are really similar, but could the differences be strong enough to definitely sway you one way rather than the other.

We’ve put together this comparison to help you make a decision more easily between these two powerful yet compact fans.

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Vornado 533 vs 633: which compact fan is right for you?

Size and appearance

Vornado 533 against 633

Vornado 533

The Vornado 533 is significantly smaller than the Vornado 633 in all dimensions, from width to weight. The Vornado 533 also has two color options; matte black or polar white. Unfortunately, the white model still has a black cord, which is a gripe for some customers. It also features the Vornado Oscillation Alternative, which is a head that can be tilted and deep pitch blades to increase airflow. This fan is designed to be placed on a table and since it’s so small it won’t take up too much space either.

In a side-by-side image, the Vornado 533 and the Vornado 633 have an identical shape and the materials used to create it. The slightly larger size of the Vornado 633 makes it a bit heavier to put on a table, but that’s not a disproportionate difference. It also includes the tilting head and deep pitch blades of the Vornado 533.


An important consideration is how much air the fan you are using circulates, its power, and the control you have over it. These two fans give you three options for speed settings, so you can exactly control the strength of the airflow in your home or office.

The Vornado 633 promises to circulate air up to 75 feet, making it perfect for a medium or large room. However, the Vornado 533 is slightly behind here, promising just 70 feet of traffic. These two fans direct their power in the classic Vornado way, which involves projecting air directly from the head and then diffusing air outwards to cool the entire room.


The Vornado 633 is ahead of the Vornado 533 in customer ratings. Both are popular for the speed control they offer and the easy-to-use button to control it. They are also known for their long lasting customers, with the exception of the occasional defective product which is covered by sufficient warranty.

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Unfortunately, for the Vornado 533, one of its biggest drawbacks comes from a higher problem rate. These include issues with the fan motor in some cases and in others the fan suddenly stops working without noticeable explanation. Fortunately, again, the warranty will save you money on many of these performance issues, albeit slightly annoying.


To properly clean these fans, you must remove the grille and completely dust off the blades and grille. If it is particularly difficult to clean, you can use a mild soap and a little water to wash these parts. It is absolutely crucial to remember that the grill is not dishwasher safe and whether you need to open it to clean the inner workings of the fan; do not use soap or water to wipe these parts.


Both of these fans are appreciated for their durability which exceeds not only their warranty but also other plastic fans on the market. These compliments refer not only to the powerful motor they contain, but also to the exterior of the fans themselves. None of these fans tend to crack or wear out and they won’t tilt when you install them. They also stay quiet throughout their lifespan, so you won’t have to worry about some of the best features of these fans getting lost over the years.

Convenient Features

The most convenient feature of these fans is the ability to control the air flow. This is done by both an abbreviated dial and a head that can be tilted. Many new customers are concerned with the idea of ​​a fan that won’t wobble. However, many customers are still much more impressed than they expected at how evenly this fan cools a room. These fans don’t make a lot of noise when running either, even as they get older, so they’re perfect for a bedroom or office.


Both of these fans are backed by the five-year warranty that Vornado extends to all of their products. This guarantee is also a satisfaction guarantee. This means that not only does this warranty cover manufacturing defects in the fan, but it will also help cover anything that customers find unsatisfactory about the product. Vornado is also a company with good customer service, so you won’t have to worry about their failure. You also don’t have to worry about them breaking up after you get them five years old either, as some clients have had their fans for almost a decade and say they’re still going strong.

Advantages and disadvantages

There are a lot of good things customers have to say about these two fans. First of all, they both last a long time and serve their purpose as long as customers have them. Even with a 5 year warranty, some customers have reported that the fan will last them 10 years or more. The features built into these fans are also popular as they offer multiple speed and tilt settings so you can control the airflow. The shapes of the blades also help air circulation, thanks to the vortex shape that guarantees uniform cooling of the entire room.

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Click here to view the comments and customer ratings for the Vornado 633

However, none of these products are perfect. The Vornado 533 seems to experience issues more frequently, with minor complaints such as a black cord on a white fan to larger complaints of failed motors. The Vornado 633 isn’t faultless either, and some customers have complained that the instructions for removing the fan grille were incorrect in the box. While this isn’t about breaking the product, it makes it unnecessarily difficult for what should be an easy job.


Between the two fans, I think you’d better go with the Vornado 633. While both of these fans are fantastic and any manufacturing errors are covered by warranty, the owners of the Vornado 633 have found that they have to rely on it. the warranty on this fan less than that of the Vornado 533. Choosing the 633 means you end up with a fan that will last you a very long time while outperforming the 533. It is simply the best choice.

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