Toto Ultramax vs Ultramax II

The Toto Ultramax vs Ultramax II is a comparison of not only two good toilets, but two very good toilets. So don’t worry, you choose between the best of the best. But with the differences in features and price, which one is right for you?

A dresser isn’t just a dresser, there are levels to these things. Read on below to find out which of these machines is right for you. If you’re in a hurry, we’ve got it, skip ahead to the summary (using the table of contents) to make a quick choice.

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Toto Ultramax vs Ultramax II: which toilet seat to choose …?

Size and appearance

Toto Ultramax vs. Ultramax II

Toto Ultramax

Considering what a toilet looks like is something you usually don’t do until you buy a new one. However, that doesn’t mean that the look and style of your toilet isn’t important. Both are available in several light colors. For the Toto Ultramax and Toto Ultramax II, customers can choose from cotton, bone, colonial white, and Sedona beige. However, it is important to note that these different colored finishes come with different prices. For example, the cotton white finish is more economical than the Sedona beige finish.

When it comes to size, these two toilets have the same size elongated bowl. They are both one-piece toilets rather than two-piece. Not only is it fashionable, but it will help customers to maintain their toilets more easily. These are also available in round and elongated sizes, so you can choose the best size for you.


Both of these toilets have very high reviews, so let’s take a look at how well they actually work. Everyone is praised for their efficiency, both for the amount of water they use and for their promise not to clog. In between, Toto Ultramax II customers are particularly impressed that there is less to sacrifice for practical toilet features. The only major complaint about the Toto Ultramax II’s performance was that the Sanagloss finish didn’t always deliver on its promises to help keep the bowl clean.

The Toto Ultramax, unfortunately, has a few more complaints than the Sanagloss finish which still needs to be cleaned regularly. However, they mostly refer to how difficult it is to clean those toilets when you need them. The only major performance issue that was noted by customers was that a few who had had it for several years ended up having to deal with clogging as well as leaky valves anyway. These complaints were, however, few in number.


While the Sanagloss finish on these toilets is supposed to make them cleaner, so you don’t need to clean them that often, they still need to be cleaned every now and then. Cleaning the inside of the bowl of these toilets is quite simple and exactly the same as for any other toilet. You can just use toilet bowl cleaner and brush to clean it.

The slight difficulty in cleaning these toilets has been reported by a few customers regarding wiping the exterior of the toilet, especially for the Toto Ultramax. Due to the shape and design of the ridge cover, you should make sure to clean the inside of the ridge rather than just wiping dust and dirt off a smooth surface.

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Not always a first thought when thinking of the toilet, but the water capacity a toilet uses to flush is still important. This is especially important if you want a high efficiency toilet. For the Toto Ultramax, consumption is 1.6 gallons (or 6 liters) on each flush, which is the maximum amount of water allowed by federal plumbing standards. However, the Toto Ultramax II is very efficient and only uses 1.28 gallons (4.8 liters) on each flush.


Anything related to plumbing can be tricky to install, so it’s important that your toilet doesn’t need to be backed up anytime soon. A few customers have reported problems with the performance of the Toto Ultramax. Among those complaints were reports of problems with the Sanagloss after a while and of clogged and leaking valves after a few years. The Toto Ultramax II, however, didn’t have as many of these complaints and seemed to last longer.

Convenient Features

Toto Ultramax II

Toto Ultramax II

One of the more practical features of these two toilets is the Sanagloss finish. This finish is in the bowl and used to help keep it cleaner than other toilets without it. While some customers have reported having to clean their toilets as much as any other, many customers have been delighted with the usefulness of the finish.

The Toto Ultramax II is also highly efficient. This means that it doesn’t use a lot of water per flush, which reduces water wastage. This will add up over time. Both of these toilets also have soft-close seats, which is convenient for both sound and makes the seats less likely to land hard and crack.


The Toto Ultramax and Toto Ultramax II both have a one-year limited warranty. This will prevent you from being stuck with manufacturing errors or any other issues that you might encounter with these products. However, most customers report that both of these toilets outlast their trouble-free warranty.

Advantages and disadvantages

These products have a lot of features that the customers very much appreciated. The high efficiency of the Toto Ultramax II is just one example. Many were also happy with the choice of shapes and colors they had when purchasing their toilets, although some of these colors are much more economical than others. These toilets are also designed to clog less than others and most customers have found this to be successful. They also have a soft-close cover (which means the cover closes slowly) to help not only make it quieter, but also prevent the cover from cracking.

However, nothing is perfect and there are many complaints against the Toto Ultramax. Some customers have complained that after a few years the Toto Ultramax started to clog and occasionally leak. Fortunately, this is an issue resolved with the Toto Ultramax II model. Some customers were also upset that the top of the tank was tilted slightly, preventing them from placing decorations or a tissue box on the back.

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Summary and recommendation

Toto takes great care in the manufacture of its products and it is no different in these two toilets. Although they made a few mistakes in their first Ultramax model, they definitely improved their product with the Ultramax II. While the Toto Ultramax isn’t a bad product, the Toto Ultramax II solved many cleaning and durability issues that the previous model failed to address.

With that, if I had to choose between these two products, and if my budget allowed it, I would choose the Toto Ultramax II. It is simply the superior product and the Toto brand thinks so too, hence the improvements over the Ultramax.

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