Toto S350E vs S300E Bidet Toilet Comparison

Like the Beetles in the 1960s, bidets invaded American culture. Well, it might be a little extreme, but they’re gaining popularity here in the United States. Both bidets in the Toto S350E vs S300E comparison are worthy of your hard-earned money. These units are very similar and only a few aspects separate them. Ultimately, this will be what will determine which model you choose. Read below to determine which one you should get.

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Comparison of Toto S350E and S300E bidet toilet seats

Size and appearance

Toto S350E vs. S300

Toto S350E bidet toilet seat

The Toto S350E and the Toto S300E are both very stylish and well-designed bidets. Both use remotes rather than attached controls. This allows the design to be less bulky and to have the appearance of a standard toilet seat. Each of these bidets has a choice of two colors; white cotton and Sedona beige. The Toto S350E even has a night light to light up the bowl for you when it’s dark.

In addition, the remote controls for each of these bidets are backlit. This way, even in dim light, you will have no problem using it. Each of them is also available in two sizes, elongated and round. This allows you to install the bidet on any size toilet. Toto notes that if your tank and bowl are connected to a particularly large bowl, these bidets may not fit properly.


Customers were extremely impressed with the performance of the Toto S350E and Toto S300E. Each gave users an adjustable, comfortable, and clean experience every time they used it. For more comfort, the pressure and temperature of the water can be adjusted. As an added benefit, the seat of these units is also heated with multiple temperature settings.

There are also many features that help with cleanliness. Customers have found that air fresheners successfully help eliminate odors. However, many have commented on how overly sensitive the pre-fog sensor is, but some have found that covering the sensor with a piece of tape when you don’t want it to go off fixes the problem. Yet, as small as it is, it is a compromise.


To properly clean your washlet, be sure to unplug the system before cleaning it. Then you can just take a damp, soft towel and wipe down the bidet. When you’re done, don’t forget to plug the device back in so it’s ready to use the next time you need it.

These units also have certain features that will also help you keep your toilet bowl clean. Pre-misting will help prevent the bowl from leaving streaks and smudges. An air deodorizer will also protect your bathroom from unwanted odors. Both units have these characteristics.

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S350E vs. S300E

Toto S300E bidet toilet seat

Since this is somewhat of an investment and customers will use it quite often, it is important that these bidets last a long time. Many customers who have owned them have said that they not only work well, but last a long time. Additionally, some customers have said that even after several years of use, Toto will repair their bidets so that they are almost like new. Of course, once the warranty has completely expired, Toto will charge for this service.

Some customers warn that if you want this to last a while you will need to make sure you keep it clean. If your bidet is not cleaned often enough, the water heater will not work as well and your water pressure may drop.


The accessories of these bidets are the remote controls used to control them. These can be used to control the bidet settings. For these two Toto models, there are five spray settings to control the intensity. In addition, you can control the temperature of the water as well as the seat. Customers can also switch between pulsating and oscillating water flow.

Convenient Features

Toto has added many different features to these two washlets to ensure that they meet all customer needs. One of the most convenient features is being able to control the temperature of the seat, water and air dryer. The pre-mist of these bidets also helps keep your toilet bowl clean. However, customers have noted that the automatic pre-fog is extremely sensitive.

The Toto S350E has a few more features than the Toto S300E. On the one hand, the lid of this model has automatic opening and closing. In addition, there is also a night light under the seat. This allows the bowl to be turned on for ease of use in dim lighting.


On the majority of their products, Toto offers a one-year limited warranty. The Toto S350E and the Toto S300E are both covered by this warranty. This means that if any parts fail due to manufacturing defects within the first year, Toto will work with you to resolve the issue. However, the warranty will not cover damage due to improper use. This is the standard of most companies, you can’t expect a company to cover abuse.

Advantages and disadvantages

Both the Toto S300E and the S350E are highly regarded and received by customers. First, many were satisfied with the control these units gave them over their experience. They were able to change the temperature of almost every aspect of these bidets, including the air, water, and seat. The features mentioned to help with cleaning, such as pre-fog, are also found to be useful by many customers. The Toto S350E even offers a night light as well as an automatic opening and closing function. These help you avoid the annoying situation of a lid left open. One of the advantages of the Toto S350E is that it is more economical than the Toto S300E. This is even more advantageous considering that the Toto S350E also offers more features than the Toto S300E.

Unfortunately, there are also a few negatives to point out for these Toto washlets. One thing some customers noticed right away was that the automatic pre-fog was very sensitive to the point that they had to cover the sensor when not in use. Another problem that a few customers have encountered is that if the connection between your toilet and your tank has a drastic curve, these products will not fit very well. All in all, we have to say that the pros outweigh the small cons and unsatisfactory nuances.

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Between these two bidets, the Toto S350E far outweighs the Toto S300E. While none of these have major performance drawbacks, the Toto S350E simply offers more. The opening and closing as well as the night light are useful and practical functions. I have come across products that add a bunch of extra nonsense just to justify the price. These additional features are particularly attractive considering that there isn’t a huge price difference between these two bidets. These two bidets are fantastic and really show the quality that Toto puts into their products.

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