Toto Drake vs Drake II – Updated 2020

In this Toto Drake vs Drake II comparison, you’ll find out which of these toilets is best for you. If you don’t know much about the toilet, then you may be thinking like most novices on the subject: “A toilet is only a toilet”. In fact, quite the contrary, there are a lot of details to consider when buying a new dresser. Well, there’s the gallons per flush, the noise level, and even the color. Keep reading this page to find out which of these toilets you should go for.

toto drake vs drake 2

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Toto Drake vs Drake II – Which toilet is right for you?

Size and appearance

These two toilets have similar shapes. They both feature an elongated bowl that is relatively the same size. There are also several colors to choose from when you purchase them. The Toto Drake is available in Cotton White, Colonial White, Bone, Ebony, and Sedona Beige. The Toto Drake II is available in Cotton White, Colonial White, Bone, and Sedona Beige.

Toto Drake vs. Drake II

Toto Drake

It’s important to note that not all of these colorful finishes are equally economical. When you shop, you will usually find that Sedona beige is on the upper side. While colors such as cotton white are generally cheaper. Also, since these are two-part toilets, they are a bit more difficult to clean than one-piece toilets.


Both of these toilets are well rated and known for their performance. But, despite the similar ratings of these two toilets, the Toto Drake II is the upgraded version. The Toto Drake has received complaints for its bowl design. Not only was the shape of the bowl uncomfortable for some users. But also, there is a ridge inside the bowl for the water line making it look dirty. Overall, however, the Toto Drake turned out to be excellent.

With the Drake II, Toto stepped up his game. No more complaints about the design. The relatively few complaints were about issues such as seats not included. Additionally, there are a few other non-performance issues.

For either, customers have reported that this toilet stays clean over time and empties well. Although none of the toilets were silent, they did not warrant any noise complaints.

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As mentioned earlier, these toilets stay pretty clean. However, when you need to clean them, it is not very difficult at all. But you shouldn’t use any cleaners, polishing powders, or any other coarse-textured cleanser. And you should not clean with any product containing acidic or alkaline detergents. Additionally, you will also need to avoid metal and steel wool brushes.

You can use a non-abrasive toilet cleaner and a soft bristle brush and it should do the trick. If you opt for the Toto Drake, be aware that it has a ring inside the bowl. This will make it look like a stained line, a complaint from several customers.

Customers and Toto suggested breaking the rules of not using acidic cleaners. As for the hard water stains, you can use a vinegar solution.

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When it comes to toilets, the amount of water used in each flush is important to consider. Whether your concern is the environment or the money, it matters. Both toilets have a capacity that meets ecological standards. You see, the Toto Drake using 1.6 gallons per flush and the Toto Drake II using 1.28 gallons per flush.


Toilets can be difficult to install and if installed by a professional, they are expensive. The Toto Drake and the Toto Drake II are toilets that should last a long time. But, this is not one of their defining characteristics.

Toto Drake II

Toto Drake II

However, they are well made and customers very rarely have to use their warranty. A few customers have complained about issues after the warranty ends. But these complaints are rare.

Convenient Features

The Toto Drake II has a Sanagloss finish, which helps keep the bowl cleaner for longer. These two toilets also feature a comfort height design. This means that it is made at a height that will neither be too high nor too short for the majority of people.

Other customers have found the water consumption of these toilets to be impressive. Both models qualify by federal standards as environmentally friendly. The Toto Drake II even goes above and beyond for its customers and goes way beyond federal standards to earn this title.


If you are a loyal customer, it may be surprising to learn about Toto’s one year warranty. Previously, they offered a five-year warranty. Don’t worry about their shorter warranty. They didn’t use it as an excuse and continue to innovate and create sustainable products. Only a handful of customers have reported issues after warranty. And for the most part, customers are still happy with Toto and the length of their warranty.

Advantages and disadvantages

These two toilets offer many benefits to customers. as an environmentally friendly amount of water – especially in the Toto Drake II. And they’re both designed to be at a comfortable height and stay clean with a powerful flush. Another advantage is that these toilets do not clog very easily. And customers have said they appreciate not having to rinse multiple times for it to work properly.

Unfortunately, like any other product, these two have their drawbacks. The ones they have in common include the fact that they are not quiet when flushed. Also, neither of the two comes with a toilet seat, you have to buy it separately. On the Toto Drake, some have complained about the ridge in the design of the bowl. The bowl, which has a ridge at the water line, makes it look dirty when clean. The Toto Drake II, however, is not as economical as the original Toto Drake, a problem for some people.

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Summary and recommendation

When it comes to the Toto Drake vs Drake 2, either choice is good. But if price wasn’t an issue, I would go for the Drake ii. And between these two products, the Toto Drake II was more popular with customers. This makes sense because Toto listened to his customers and improved the design of the original. However, if you are worried about finding a budget product, the Toto Drake may be a better option for you.

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