Toto C100 vs C200

In this Toto C100 vs C200 comparison, you will find out which of these toilet seat bidets is best for you. Whichever model you ultimately choose, it will be a good choice – in terms of durability and performance. However, there are a few small details that could sway you one way or the other.

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Gaining popularity as we emulate in North America or as friends overseas, bidets are recognized as superior to our toilet seats. Read on below to decide which bidet you should buy.

Toto C100 vs C200 Bidet Toilet Seat Comparison and Review

Size and appearance

The Toto C100 and the Toto C200 are both models of electronic bidets associated with toilet seats for greater ease and space saving. The Toto C100 and the Toto C200 are both available in two colors; white cotton and Sedona beige. There are also two forms; elongated and round.

Toto C100 vs C200

Toto C100 bidet toilet seat

These shapes are available to fit the toilet you already own, so you don’t have to replace your entire toilet.

The Toto C100 has a remote control attached to the side of the seat for easy control. The Toto C200, on the other hand, does not have this feature. Instead, the Toto C200 has a remote control. This remote control is small, silver and easy to use. This gives the Toto C200 washlet a more modern look than the C100 model.


Many customers who have purchased either of these Toto products have been impressed and satisfied with the performance of their product. They offer more options than some other bidets, like the choice of water temperature, dryer and seat itself. Many customers have also appreciated the remote control with the Toto C200 to replace the controls attached to the Toto C100. This made it easier to use and reduced the size of the seat.

The Toto C200 outperformed the Toto C100. This is mainly because it offered more choices for customers to allow them to personalize their experience. Some customers have complained about the eco-friendly settings, as they usually only use cold water to save energy, making it uncomfortable for users. When the ecological settings are turned off, this problem goes away and the hot water turns back on.


These toilet seats go slightly beyond what the average toilet seat does and have some features that will help you keep them clean. For one thing, to help eliminate odors, these seats also feature an automatic air deodorizer. You will clean these seats like you clean a regular toilet seat, with a regular toilet cleaner and a brush. However, these seats also have a quick release so you can clean them more effectively than a standard seat.


Very few customers have complained about the premature failure of either of these units. In fact, most of the customers said that even after a while of use, they showed no signs of wear or technology failure. It also won’t start to leak over time, so you don’t have to worry about water damage to your floors.

This then raises the question of the durability of the Toto C200 remote control. Fortunately, it also won’t start to fail after a short time, so you won’t lose control of your bidet settings.

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Only the Toto C200 is delivered with an accessory in the form of a remote control. This replaced the control of the previous Toto C100 which was located on the side of the seat, slightly protruding. This remote control makes the seat design much more modern and organized. It probably also makes the toilet a bit more hygienic.

Convenient Features

These two Toto models have a wide range of features that make them even more useful. First of all, the temperature of the water, seat and air dryer can be controlled on these two models. There are 5 temperature settings on the Toto C200, so anyone can find one that suits them.

The Toto C100 has a little less, with 3 temperatures to choose from. They also both have an air freshener, so any unpleasant odors are removed before they cause a problem. Each model also pre-mist the bowl to prevent streaks and smudges.

Toto C100 vs C200

Toto C200 bidet toilet seat

The Toto C200 has a few additional features compared to the Toto C100. On the one hand, the Toto C200 has a pulsed cleaning to offer a more in-depth and more pleasant cleaning. In addition, the Toto C200 operates by remote control rather than a side switch, which is not only prettier, but also easier to maneuver.


The warranty of these products is quite large, as they are more technological than some of the regular toilet seats from Toto. The Toto C100 and Toto C200 bidets are both backed by a one-year limited warranty. This warranty will cover all damage or defects caused by faulty manufacture. However, this will not cover damage caused by misuse or normal wear and tear.

Advantages and disadvantages

Each of these bidets offers the user a wide range of options on the temperature and – for the Toto C200 – the water pressure on these seats. This type of experience choice is one of the things that customers love the most about these products. The Toto C200 offers more options in this direction with 5 temperatures to choose from and the option of pulsed cleaning.

The Toto C100, however, does not slack off, with 3 temperature settings the user can choose from. They are also both available in round and elongated designs in two different colors, so you can match them to your current toilet rather than having to replace the entire system. Neither is unreasonably priced for the features they offer, although the Toto C200 is slightly more economical.

However, of course, these products are not perfect. The main complaint of these systems is the installation. This is because they are Japanese products which means the measurements are metric.

Metric units are especially difficult for US customers who use inches. They usually require special parts that are hard to find or purchase the product with installation, which naturally increases the price of the product. However, most of the customers do not encounter any problem that cannot be solved.

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Summary and recommendation

When it comes to bidets in the Toto c100 vs c200 comparison, the Toto C200 far outperforms the Toto C100. It offers more features to their customers, including the addition of a pulsed cleaning. In addition, it has more options to control the temperature of the seat, water and air dryer.

Usually, you will find that the most improved product is more expensive, but one sale or different retailers could prove that to be wrong. It’s wise to expect to pay more for the C200 than for the C100. The remote design, rather than an attached adjustment controller, also helps the bidet to have a sleek and clean design.

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