Toto B100 vs C100 Bidet Comparison

Bidets are becoming more and more popular in the United States and are even the subject of jokes in popular culture. Both models of the Toto b100 vs c100 showdown are great options, but which one should you choose. Below, we’ve outlined everything you need to know before buying one. Good luck!

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Toto B100 vs C100 Bidet Toilet Seat Comparison

Size and appearance

Toto B100 vs. C100

Toto B100 bidet toilet seat

In appearance, the Toto B100 and the Toto C100 are almost identical. These bidets fit the toilet just like a regular toilet seat would, except that they must be plugged in to function. They are both available in two sizes; one for the elongated toilet and one for the round toilet. This allows each of them to fit almost any toilet that customers may own, so they can install the bidet without having to replace their entire toilet.

These two models are slightly bulkier than some of the other Toto versions as the controls protrude from the side of the seat onto a small arm. This arm is where the appearance of these bidets varies slightly from each other. The Toto C100 controller is a completely white rectangle with black outlines on the buttons. The Toto B100 controller is slightly more rounded than the Toto C100 and the controller also features a yellow button.


Most customers who use the Toto B100 or the Toto C100 have found these products to perform and last. First of all, customers have found these seats to be incredibly comfortable. This refers to both the seating comfort of the seat and its use, even for novice users. These are made even more comfortable by adjustments to modify the water pressure, the heat of the water and the heated seats.

There are certain features of the Toto C100 that consumers wanted and that the Toto B100 lacks. On the one hand, the Toto C100 has an air dryer for use after using water, which is much more comfortable than without in the opinion of many customers. There is an energy saving feature on both of these washlets, but some customers have experienced issues with the heater with this feature enabled.


These bidets can be cleaned in the same way, so no matter which one you get, these instructions given by Toto can be followed. Remember, however, that the first thing you need to do is unplug the device. You can just clean them with a soft, damp cloth, but be sure to remove excess water. Once you’re done, simply plug the bidet back in and it’s ready for its next use. Both of these washlets also have a self-cleaning feature that runs before and after each use. The Toto C100 also has a pre-mist to help make streaks in the toilet bowl itself.


Toto B100 vs. C100

Toto C100 bidet toilet seat

The Toto B100 and Toto C100 have proven to be incredibly durable by many customers who have tried either. This is important, because not only are these washlets a bit of an investment and time consuming to install, but you use them often as well. You wouldn’t want it to break halfway through use to avoid an embarrassing situation.

Customers who had issues with their product said they sent it to Toto for repair and when it returned it was like new. However, if such damage occurs after warranty, a fee will be charged for this service.

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Convenient Features

Toto adds many different features to its products to make them as useful as possible for their customers and the Toto B100 and Toto C100 are no exception. The first practical thing about these two products is shown before you even buy them. It comes in two different sizes – both round and elongated – so it will fit your toilet regardless of size. There are also a few different settings to control the heat of the seat and the water. For the Toto C100, you can also control the temperature of the air dryer. You can also adjust the water pressure to make your experience comfortable.

On the Toto B100 and Toto C100, these parameters and features are controlled by a controller protruding from the side. Although not everyone will like this controller as it widens the seat, it is easily accessible and cannot get lost.


Toto offers a one-year limited warranty on most of its products, the Toto B100 and the Toto C100 included. This means that if any of these products fail within a year of purchasing the product, Toto will cover it. However, if this damage occurs due to use for something other than Toto originally intended, you will not be covered for the damage.

Advantages and disadvantages

The Toto B100 and the Toto C100 have many great features that many customers appreciate. But there are some not-so-good things that you should consider before purchasing any of them.

As for the good. First, both have several settings to personalize your experience. Not only can you control the heat of your seat, but also the heat of your water. The Toto C100 also has an air dryer, which can also be adjusted. The Toto C100 also has an air deodorizer to combat unpleasant odors. Between these two models, the Toto C100 is more economical (but this can change depending on a sale, when / where you buy).

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Unfortunately, there are a few drawbacks, especially the Toto B100. For a washlet that has fewer features, the Toto B100 is much less economical. It lacks – in particular – the air freshener and the air dryer that the Toto C100 has. There is a possible downside to both of these models, although a few customers have found it desirable. It’s the fact that the control panel is on the side of the unit itself, instead of a remote, which makes these models slightly bulkier.

Summary and recommendation

The Toto C100 is superior to the Toto B100. Not only does the Toto C100 have a lot more features to brag about, but it’s a lot more economical than the Toto B100 when we checked out (although this could vary depending on the retailer and the sale). For example, the Toto C100 comes with an additional air dryer, which many customers say has made their experience much more enjoyable. Although the Toto B100 is not a bad product, compared to the Toto C100, it is definitely insufficient.

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