T-FAL FR 8000 Oil Filtration Ultimate EZ Clean Easy To Clean 3.5-Liter Fry Stainless Steel Immersion Deep Fryer Review

With the T-FAL FR 8000 oil filtration Ultimate EZ clean deep fryer, you can prepare all your fried favorites for your entire family. This is a modern fryer that filters and stores the clean oil for next use without any side effects of re-using it.

Enjoy crispy chicken wings, tasty onions rings, delicious French fries and much more food using this T-FAL FR 8000 oil filtration Ultimate EZ fryer.

This is an ingenious product that makes cooking simpler and making ironing faster and easier. It comes from the leading manufacturers who understand the customers’ needs and bringing innovative solutions.

This t-fail FR8000 makes life a little easier without compromising results. Driven by innovation in both design and functions, T –FAL FR8000 continuously sets new trends in the world of housewares.

Dishwasher Safe Removable Parts

This is an amazing feature that the T-FAL FR 8000contains. This fryer comes with dishwasher safe removable parts, apart from the electrical heating element, and this makes clean-up of your fryer easy and quicker.

Purchase this fryer and save time and in the long run, enjoy cooking without the hustle of all the parts by hand afterward.

Product Warranty

You do not have to worry when buying this T-FAL FR 8000due to its one-year limited warranty. In case your stainless steel immersion fryer has any damage or breakdowns within one year from the time you buy it, you are free to return it and get your money back without any questions. Mine doesn’t have any problem yet, but in case it does, I will have to return it.


The T-FAL FR 8000oil filtration Ultimate EZ Clean easy to clean 3-5 liters fry basket comes with a stainless steel body that makes it durable.

With the stainless steel body, your T-FAL FR 8000will be rust-resistant, and it does not wear or tear out easily. It is enjoyable to use your T-FAL FR 8000for a long period without the need to replace it.

Heating Element

The T-FAL FR 8000oil filtration Ultimate EZ comes with an immersed element that allows you to achieve professional results when you are frying your favorites for your family.

Alongside it, there is a thermostat that you can adjust so that you can attain the required temperature.

EZ Clean Patented Oil Filtration System

With the EZ clean patented oil filtration system in your T-FAL FR 8000, you will be able to fry deeply and easily with a lot of conveniences. This altogether saves your cost of frying, time taken and makes the storage of oil simply.

It is in the T-FAL FR 8000that you will enjoy this amazing feature that ascertains the great performance of your fryer.


  • It is easy to set and clean
  • It easily disassembles and goes into the dishwasher for washing
  • There is no wasted oil.
  • It is a powerful fryer
  • It is relatively cheap


The heat indicator is not bright

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many oil re-use is recommended for use in case the oil goes bad?

A: I have used it eight times, and it may squeeze a couple of the oil out. Eight to ten may be a good estimate.

Q: Does one need to replace or clean the oil filter itself?

A: The filter is built in wire mesh type, and you do not need to replace it if I can testify. The filter looks more permanent.

Q: Can one put frozen items directly into the oil? What will happen to it?

A: You are free to do so. No thawing is needed.

Final Verdict

This is a great fryer that helps you save time when frying due to its salient characteristics. If you take frying as your hobby, and you want to fry favorite food for your family, this is indeed the best of all the fryers you can get on the market.

A great feature like the sealed cooking lid, oil drain filter, and the washable parts make the T-FAL FR 8000 Ultimate EZ Clean fryer the best and worthy for its price. This is the best fryer that you will get on the market and purchasing it will save your money since you will use it for long.

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