Summer Infant 3D Lite vs 3D One

In this comparison, you will learn about the differences and similarities between the two lightweight Summer Infant 3D Lite and 3D One strollers. These strollers look very similar which can cause some problems for buyers. Below we have outlined the details of these strollers and hopefully by the end of this article you will have a better idea of ​​which stroller will suit you the best.

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Summer Infant 3D Lite vs 3D One: which stroller is right for you …?

The basics

Summer Infant 3D Lite vs 3D One

Summer Infant 3D One

The 3D Lite and the 3D One are foldable umbrella strollers. They both have lightweight aluminum frames and are designed to carry your child up to a weight of 50 lbs. The 3D Lite, true to its name, is light from two to 12 lbs. The 3D weighs 4 pounds more, mainly due to the extra features included on this model.

The 3D Lite is a more budget option, however, as we’ll get to below, it has fewer features than the 3D One. Summer Infant markets their 3D One stroller as “the one and only stroller mom will ever need,” which means it has some cool features that other umbrella strollers at the same price point don’t.

Both strollers are 18 inches wide, making them ideal for going through doorways and even on crowded sidewalks. Both have generous pockets under the seat to store larger items and a handy small pocket for your phone and keys on the back of the soft top. The pocket closes with velcro on the 3D Lite or a zipper on the 3D One. Some users have found it difficult to access the large storage pocket when baby is lying flat, although this is very common in most compact umbrella strollers. Summer Infant includes a removable cup holder on both models. Users have described the 3D Lite’s cup holder as fragile and too small for a drink bottle. The 3D One’s cup holder is a bit more sturdy but still too small for most large drink bottles.

Both models come in multiple color options – Summer Infant lists seven color options for the 3D Lite and three for the 3D One, although some color options may be temporarily out of stock. They both come with a one-year limited warranty, and users report Summer Infant’s customer service is easy to manage.

Ease of use

The build quality of both of these strollers is good for their price range, with the notable exception of the wheels on the 3D Lite. The wheels are plastic and many users find the stroller difficult to maneuver as the wheels may feel unstable and turn over during use. This is especially noticeable on unpaved surfaces like grass, gravel and sand, although some users have found that the problem extends to turning on paved surfaces.

On the other hand, the 3D One includes “smooth Glide” wheels which are able to lock in the forward position. This is especially useful when navigating rough terrain like grass or uneven tracks. Of course, this stroller is not a jogging stroller and you shouldn’t expect it to work as such, but it is certainly more capable and comfortable for taking short jaunts off the beaten track than the 3D. Lite.

On both models, the brakes are separate on each of the two rear wheels. Users of both models have reported that the brakes can be stiff and difficult to engage and disengage in some shoes. The brakes are not as effective unless both brakes are engaged.

Users report that the handles look nice and tall on both models, making them a great option for taller users.

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The parasol is often cited as the big difference between these two strollers. In fact, the sun visor is the big difference between the 3D One and most other similar strollers on the market. The sunshade is awesome – and it even has a hidden extension to block even more sun on baby’s delicate skin. Some users have installed a small velcro loop to keep excess fabric away from curious fingers when the extension is not in use, as the placement may be inconvenient for some children. The 3D One has a mesh window on the top of the soft top so you can easily keep an eye on baby.

The canopy of the 3D Lite is much smaller, however. Many users have suggested additional sun protection if you use this stroller in the sun, because even when using the reflective extension, the sun protection is limited. There is no viewing window in this model.


The 3D Lite and 3D One fold up as you would expect for an umbrella stroller. The 3D Lite can be folded with your foot or your hand which is a nice edition on such a budget stroller. It has an automatic locking when folded, although some users have reported that the automatic locking of the 3D Lite and 3D One is finicky and may open during transport.

The 3D One has touch controls, so it can be folded with just one hand. It’s a lifeline when juggling baby and trying to stow the stroller in the trunk. The 3D Lite and the 3D One both have carrying straps. Only the 3D One has the ability to stand upright without support. This makes storage really convenient and is surprisingly useful when you are on the go.


Summer Infant 3D One vs 3D Lite

Summer Infant 3D Lite

The 3D One has a single lever to raise or lower the seat at three preset angles. It sits almost flat, which Summer Infant says is ideal for emergency diaper changes. The seat also has extra padding, perfect for keeping your little one more comfortable on long trips.

In addition to the adjustable seat, the 3D One’s footrest is adjustable – great for people who squirm, and will also mean your stroller should last a bit longer as your little one gets older. Unfortunately, the 3D Lite has a fixed footrest.

The 3D Lite is easy to adjust, but you will need two hands to lower baby to a lying position as the adjustment is done with a lever on each side. The 3D Lite has four preset angles, one of which is almost flat.

Both models have a five-point adjustable harness with three height adjustments. Users report that adjusting the height can be tricky as it involves re-threading the harness through the seat, although this only needs to be adjusted occasionally as your child grows. The 3D One has additional padding on the harness for added comfort. A small number of users have reported that their older children have learned to undo the harness on their own. It should be mentioned that these harnesses are very standard, so if your child has been found to be curious with other harnesses and buckles, a buckle cover can be a good investment for your family.

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By now you should have a better understanding of which of these strollers is best for you. The biggest difference between these two is the price and the quality / practical features. The 3D One is definitely the best stroller when it comes to quality and convenience, but the lightweight version is much cheaper. Rather, it is a personal budget choice.

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