Streamlight 44945 Super Siege Series Lantern Review

Campers of 2017 have come a long way from those old school guess-fueled lanterns. We have tested some of the best lanterns from the recent market and ended up with Streamlight 44945 Super Siege Series Lantern. In this review, we are going to highlight what you need to know about this LED lantern before making a purchase decision.

What to Consider Before Buying A Camping Lantern

With a wide variety of LED lanterns out there in the market, it’s the easiest thing to make a wrong purchase. To give you a hand, in this case, we have listed down the two most important factors that you need to be careful about while buying the best camping LED light-

Lumen Output: The lumen output is the best indicator of a LED lantern’s performance. The higher the lumen indicator is, the higher the performance of the lantern. Also, keep in mind that a higher wattage comes up with low battery efficiency. Which finally leads into a short-time battery lifetime.

Lighting Duration:  The reasons you are willing to purchase a LED lantern is to get served with proper light with a decent number of hours. The term is called the average run time in case of LED lanterns. How many hours you can get lights with one set of the battery is what you need to know here. Fortunately, for rechargeable LED lights, there is no hassle or extra cost to replace batteries after every runtime.

Features and Benefits

Multiple Modes with Preserved Night Vision:

The very first impression that the Streamlight 44945 Super Siege Series Lantern creates is it’s dual lighting mode. It has a White C4 LED mode for daytime purposes, and 4 Red LEDs, including the night vision for night time campings.

As we all know, a durable and consistent LED lantern is a must for nighttime camps. But sometimes, if you are in a confined area, you need a lantern in the daytime too. Keeping that in minds, the Streamlight 44945 Super Siege Series Lantern provides dual lighting mode. Also, for ensuring safety cautions, a night vision is added with the Red LED nighttime mode.

Three Different Lumens Based on The Purpose of Use:

The requirements of a camping lantern are not always the same during camping. Sometimes you need more lumens and sometimes you can even expect lumens of just a candle. Keeping all these facts in mind, Streamlight 44945 lantern comes up with three different lumen options.

  • The High level of intensity creates 1100 lumens of light. It can standby up to five hours with a continuous service.
  • The Medium level of light intensity comes up with 550 lumens. This is a good fit to serve up to 10 hours runtime.
  • Lastly, the Low level serves with 125 lumens. The runtime with such lighting is up to 35 hours! Unbelievable, right?

Additionally, these three options of lighting intensity are offered with both white and red light modes. Though the lifetime can vary a little, the light intensity is almost the same.

Top and Bottom:

Two D-ring Attaching Points for Hooking Up from both Top and Bottom: It’s not sure where to place the camping lantern while you are up to a jungle excursion. But worry not, because the Super Siege has got two different D-ring attachment points, both at the top and bottom. With this, you can hang this from anywhere you want it to. So that, you don’t have to sacrifice lightings just because of proper placement facility of your Lantern. Also, it has got a swing-out handle. This makes it even easier to carry the lantern while you are swiping your campsites.

A Mobile Power Bank to Charge Your Phones Instantly:

Guess what? The Streamlight 44945 Super Siege Series Lantern will come saving your mobile phone to run out of charge during an outdoor. Super Siege has got a portable charging point for smartphones and tablets that get powered by the battery itself. You can charge an ordinary Smartphone 4 times and a tablet twice.

Only people with a smartphone understand how important it is to keep your phone alive. As you don’t have any power plug-in in a camp, the smartest possible way to keep your phone charged is by using the power port of Super Siege.

No Battery Compartment Embedded: Now here is the most exciting thing that I loved a lot about Streamlight 44945 Super Siege Series Lantern. An awesome example of innovation is the absence of battery compartment in the lantern body.

The reasons are, the entire power source of this lantern is embedded internally, and the user doesn’t have anything to do with that. The base of this entire body is connected to a small hidden storage where the battery system is kept. Also, for being waterproof, there is no single chance to be damaged.


  • A 360 degree light distribution.
  • Removable glare guard.
  • An 8800 mAh durable battery.
  • Strong D-ring at both top and bottom for attachment.
  • 3white light modes and two red light modes.
  • A built-in SOS signal in the red light mode.
  • The bottom cover is made easier for re-install.
  • A full non-ANSI certified LED camping lantern.
  • Recessed power button to avoid accidents.


  • The lumen output is measured with the defusing off.
  • Pretty less battery life with the highs Lumen output.


​We have reached the very bottom of our content. Still, what we are confident about is, this LED lantern is simply incomparable to any other lanterns of similar prices. With extra-strong rigid structure, durable battery life, high intensity of lumens and water-resistant feature, this lantern is surely a stand-out. We definitely recommend you to give it a try. Hope you will become back to us to thank us.

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