Sonicare DiamondClean vs Oral B 7000

So, you are here to compare the Sonicare DiamondClean vs Oral b 7000. Well, look no further, you have come to the right page. These machines represent some of the best electronic toothbrushes on the market from their respective brands.

These machines are highly improved, but that begs the question; How Much Toothbrush Do You Really Need? Both of these brushes come with a lot of “smart” features. Bluetooth technology and the way to track your brushing habits are just a few of these enhanced features.

Below you will learn more about these machines to finally choose the best toothbrush for you between the two. You will also be able to determine if you need one of these models or if a more basic model would suffice.

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Sonicare DiamondClean vs Oral B 7000: which electric toothbrush is right for you?

Appearance, size and design

Sonicare DiamondClean electric toothbrush

For the most part, a nice toothbrush is probably not at the top of your list when choosing a new electric model. But, if all other characteristics are nearly equal, that could be a determining factor rather than just flipping a coin.

The Sonicare Diamond Clean (hx9352) is available in black, white, pink or amethyst (color availability will depend on where you are purchasing) and looks very stylish. It measures 0.5 x 1 x 7 inches and weighs less than half a pound. The Oral b 7000 is available in black and white. Unfortunately, I was unable to find the dimensions for the Oral b 7000. I ended up finding customer reviews regarding the size of this device. Users say it is light, lighter than even the predecessors despite the fact that this model is more technologically advanced.

I like the look and feel of the Oral b 7000 more than the DiamondClean. In my opinion, it looks more modern. I also love that it has these contours and grooves designed to make it feel more comfortable in your hand. Oral b Although I have met people who prefer the matte finish of the DiamondClean to the rubberized grip of the Oral b 7000, they say it appears to be of better quality. But what about comfort? Judging from the images available, it looks like the Oral b is wider than the Philips model. I have encountered complaints that the narrower Philips model causes hand cramps.


These two units come with several brushing modes. For the Philips DiamondClean, these brushing modes are: clean, white, polished, gum care and sensitive. On the other hand, the Oral b 7000 comes with: tongue cleaner, deep cleaner, sensitive, gum care and whitening.

These two units light up the mode you choose.

On the Oral b 7000 there is a visible pressure sensor. The DiamondClean does not have this very valuable feature. The pressure sensor helps you practice using just the right pressure when brushing. It is important not to brush too hard, otherwise you could damage your gums. The addition of the pressure sensor makes a huge win for the Oral b.

As for how well these machines clean your teeth, I think they will clean pretty much the same. If you look at the customer reviews for yourself, you will see that there will be no unanimous choice for the best.

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Toothbrush application …

Both of these units come with an app that lets you track your brushing habits. I think it’s a nice feature but definitely one of those extras that isn’t really needed.

Either way, I’ve found that based on customer reviews from Apple’s App Store, the Oral b beats the Philips by far. L’Oal has a lot more feedback and a lot more is positive.

The Oral b application allows you to have real-time feedback on your brushing habits, ie “you have carried out 7 brushing sessions between 3:30 am and 6:30 am”. It includes a good morning message, the weather and even brings you entertainment and news, and more. It can greatly distract you while brushing your teeth for the recommended 2 minutes. You can also track your brushing duration in each quadrant, and the pressure sensor will alert you on the app in real time if you brush too hard.

But if you’re hesitant about either of these electric toothbrushes, I wouldn’t let that be a factor. It’s a free feature that it shouldn’t carry so much weight. Do you really need a Bluetooth enabled toothbrush? Yeah, I didn’t mean it.


Oral B 7000 electric toothbrush

The Philips DiamondClean comes with a Lithium-Ion (Li-on) battery unlike the Oral-b 7000 which has a Nickel-Metal Hydride (Ni MH) battery. After doing some research I found that lithium batteries are superior in that they last longer.

You see, these old NiMh batteries suffer from what is called a loss of “memory” charging. This means that if you don’t completely deplete the battery before recharging it, you will shorten its life. Lithium batteries, on the other hand, can be charged however you want. You can completely drain the battery or recharge whenever you want. These new toothbrushes, even with NiMH, will outlast older models.

The DiamondClean is said to have a battery that will last 3 weeks (or 42 uses of 2 minutes) on a single charge. While I have come across Oral b 7000 users claiming that the battery will last about a week or two. In fact, the short battery life is one of the complaints I’ve come across a few times.

I think the Philips Sonicare has the advantage in the battery department.

Unfortunately, the batteries in either machine will eventually die, and when they expire, there’s no way to replace them. These instructions in the manual for battery removal are for recycling and disposal purposes. Indeed, they are still disposable toothbrushes. Sure, you get a much better and more efficient cleaning than a manual toothbrush, but these little machines will still break down over time. The battery will start to hold less and less charge over time.

The good news is, you should be able to get out of it for at least a few years before you experience battery issues. It’s definitely a great thing to think about before spending nearly $ 150 on an electric toothbrush.

Sonicare DiamondClean – Check Customer Reviews and Ratings

Oral B 7000 – Read reviews and customer ratings


The Oral b comes with a bunch of accessories. You get 1 CrossAction brush head, 1 ProWhite brush head, 1 sensitive brush head, a premium charger with charging head storage, a SmartGuide and a premium travel case.

The premium charger is not just a charging station. It also serves as a timer. The smiley face, which can also be a sad face, keeps track of how you brush your teeth. If you brush too hard, the smile spills over. Oddly enough, the timer does not include seconds.

The charger dock also has space to store your brush heads, which is a really nice feature.

The DiamondClean comes with a few accessories, including: a charging glass, a USB charging carrying case, and two brush heads (although you may find different packaging).

The charging glass is one of the most unique accessories that I have seen accompanying an electric toothbrush. It is literally a glass with a metal bottom. It plugs into the wall like any other charger. It works using conduction technology. What’s really cool about the glass is that it can also be used to rinse your mouth after you’ve finished brushing your teeth.

The USB travel case allows you to charge your brush from your computer.


The Oral b 7000 is guaranteed for 2 years. If you are not satisfied with this device, you can return it within 60 days from the date of purchase. The Philips DiamondClean is also covered by a 2 year warranty.

Other electric toothbrushes to consider

  • Oral B 3000 – This is the model we started with. It’s very basic compared to the two on this list. Unlike the 7000, there is no Bluetooth capability. It doesn’t come with all the fancy features and extras. There are only 2 modes, normal speed and one for sensitive teeth. But there is an indicator light when you use too much pressure. What I really like about this model is the cost, which is about half of what the 7000 will cost you.

Oral B 1000 – This model is very similar to the 3000. The differences are that you only get one speed and there is no visual indicator when you brush too hard. Instead, the device stops brushing. This is a much more affordable alternative to the Oral b 7000 or the Sonicare DiamondClean.

Summary and recommendation

Both units in this comparison, Sonicare DiamondClean vs Oral b 7000, are good choices. But if I had to choose between the two, I would choose the Oral b. There are some things that I really like about DiamondClean, like the duration of the charge. It is also good that it has a Lithium Ion battery which should outlast the Nickel-Metal Hydride battery in the Oral b. And I think it’s cool that the Sonicare model comes in four different colors. But there are flaws that I cannot ignore.

When comparing two toothbrushes in the same price range, one would expect them to have most of the same features. Well, the Sonicare model has some features that are not up to par with the Oral b. First of all, the app, which is important to many users, is not as good as the Oral b offering – not by far. And then there’s the issue of the pressure sensor – the DiamondClean doesn’t. For me, that would be a breakup of the deal. After using the Oral b 3000 for over a year, I now know how much pressure to apply to the toothbrush.

The DiamondClean also has this weird charging glass which is cool and different. But what if this glass breaks? I spill stuff all the time.

Yeah, if I had to choose between these two toothbrushes, I would definitely go for the Oral b. It seems like a better product overall.

But, you might also consider this; although these toothbrushes are electric, they are also disposable. You can expect one of these to last a few years. But over time, the batteries will slowly die off. You will need to replace it. Do you want to spend $ 150 on a new toothbrush every few years?

Personally I would say hell with all the extra bells and whistles. Save money and go with the Oral b 3000 electric toothbrush. You don’t need all of those fancy things to brush your teeth. And there’s a good chance you won’t end up seriously using the Bluetooth feature in a religious fashion.

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