Snow Joe SJ623E vs Toro 1800 (38381)

The Snow Joe SJ623E and Toro 1800 (38381) are both lightweight, eco-friendly snow throwers designed to move snow off sidewalks, driveways and driveways. These products are quite similar in comparison with only a few differences to distinguish the two. This article highlights these differences and similarities to help you decide which product is best for your needs and wants in a snow thrower.

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Snow Joe SJ623E vs Toro 1800 (38381) Snow Blower Comparison


Snow Joe SJ623E vs. Toro 1800

Snow Joe SJ623E Snowblower

Each of these snowblowers is similar in appearance and represents the assembly and standard size of any electric snowblower. They stand upright with a chute and motor attached. The handles are comfortable and easy to maneuver with the Toro and have an adjustable handle to fold up for easy storage. The Snow Joe is a bit heavier, in reference to the actual weight of the product, and is also colored blue and black with the Toro being black and red.

Features / Accessories

These blowers have a variety of features which are both similar and different from each other. They both share the same motor capacity (15 amps) and are electric, which means there is no gasoline or oil to power the motor. They are both ideal for sidewalks, driveways, and a 2-4 car driveway. These blowers come with fairly long power cords, but many suggest purchasing an extra extension cord for extra length and coverage. This is especially true if you have a longer driveway or additional distance to travel between the exit and the desired snow removal location.

These products can throw snow a decent distance, diverting snow away from the area to be cleared. The Toro lineup is a few yards further from the Snow Joe, according to sites featuring these machines. They both provide a convenient chute which is known to be easy to clean and helps prevent clogging during blowing. Toro offers a curved rotor and an inverted funnel that help move snow faster. This “Power Curve” feature is intended to help reduce and / or prevent clogging. The chute is adjustable in these two products as well, but the Snow Joe’s adjustable chute rotates at a 180 degree angle while Toro is only able to rotate at a 160 degree angle.

Convenient Features

An impressive feature of the Snow Joe is the headlight located in the lower front portion of the fan. This light is a twenty watt halogen light attached to the aperture so you can see and navigate better during any type of blizzard.

The Snow Joe also has easy starting with the push of a button and features a four-bladed steel auger that cuts hard and deep through snow with one stroke, reducing the time you spend outdoors. gel to clear the aisles. Toro also has its own set of unique features. The zippered deflector changes direction and locks into the specific angle you want to throw the snow at, as well as the swivel chute that also helps steer the snow in the right direction. The ergonomic handle allows easy and comfortable use when blowing.

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Advantages disadvantages

While these snow throwers are great and more environmentally friendly, they are not ideal for heavy jobs or heavy snowfall. They are best used for lighter work. Many customers agree with this recommendation and have reported how harder it is to do larger jobs with these types of blowers compared to a traditional non-electric fan.

A few customers have complained that the Snow Joe is not efficient when using the bendable parts. The handle is meant to be loosened so it can close for easier storage, but customers have explained how this feature makes the knobs shaky and unable to tighten for normal use.

A few Toro customers have had problems with the fan not working after a few years of use. The longevity of the latter is allegedly limited, as the motor is not replaceable. This factor is also largely dependent on how often you will be using your blower and the workload you will be using it for. However, both of these products come with a two-year warranty, and additional coverage can also be purchased to extend this period.


These are two great products overall for light seasonal snow removal. The Snow Joe seems to be more satisfying for a wide range of customers, but that’s just a matter of preference. They are quite similar in their capabilities and functioning. If you are looking for a light and easy to use snow thrower for your home, either of these products will certainly meet that need.

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