Sizzix Eclips2 vs Silhouette Cameo

On this page, we detail the two dies of the Sizzix eclips2 vs silhouette cameo comparison. Cutting dies are especially important for craftsmen, professionals and hobbyists. These machines work pretty much the same, but there are some stark differences between the two that we outline below that will definitely influence your decision. Read below.

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Sizzix Eclips2 vs Silhouette Cameo: which cutter is right for you …?

The basics

Sizzix Eclips2 vs. Silhouette Cameo

Sizzix Eclips2

The Sizzix eclips2 and the Silhouette Cameo are both modern cutting machines. These two models are without cartridge. The latest model of the Silhouette is the Cameo 3. Previous versions are more and more difficult to find, which is typical. Often the new models fix some problems with the previous versions and the company discontinues them.

Size wise, the Cameo is deeper and taller, but the eclips2 are 2 inches taller. They both have a 12 “cutting surface which is pretty standard for these desktop power cutters.

Both units come with additional onboard storage space to store extras, like spare blades.

The difference you will immediately notice with the Cameo is the LCD panel on the front. It is full color and gives you many options to control the unit. The eclips2, on the other hand, have an LCD screen and smaller buttons.

The standard models (eclips2 and Cameo 3) sell for roughly the same list price (a sale can make one cheaper than the other), but there are a few differences between the two models and some additional options which we will discuss. .


The eclips2 is the big winner in terms of cutting capacity. It has 600g of cutting force with an adjustable blade. The Cameo 3 has a cutting force of 210g, which means it can struggle to cut anything thicker than a thick card. None of these cutting dies are suitable for cutting thick materials like leather, rubber or metal, but most users are impressed with the eclips2’s ability to cut thick cards and vinyl. It cuts significantly faster than the Cameo 3 (and most other cutters on the market).

Sizzix claims the eclips2 has a precision cut, so you’ll get sharp edges rather than rounded – and users agree. Most users are impressed with the eclips2’s cut quality, but note that it is important to keep your blade sharp. Both eclips2 and Cameo users suggest keeping separate blades for each material (e.g. one blade for vinyl, one for card, etc.).

Both machines have adjustable blade depths for different materials to ensure a perfect cut every time. The eclips2 has automatic selection of speed and pressure for the material, while the Cameo 3 will offer a depth of cut depending on the material you select.

In addition to cutting, the Cameo 3 and eclips2 both have a pen holder that allows machines to draw. You can only draw one color at a time, which some users find frustrating. Users report that the pens included with the Cameo 3 quickly run out of ink, but the pen holder is adjustable so it can take many different types of pens.

Neither machine is designed for embossing or engraving.

The Cameo 3 can cut from rolls of material, rather than just a carpet. It has a built-in cross cutter to cut material from a roll.

Users have noted that the Cameo’s mats can be too tacky and recommend gluing them to fabric before use to reduce some of the sticking. On the other hand, some eclips2 users find that the mats quickly lose their grip. A sticky spray will extend their lifespan, although they are a consumable.

The eclips2 claims it cuts to the nearest 1 / 100th of an inch. Users have noted that it is very precise, however, they have some issues when asking the machine to cut out many of the same shapes, or when using the “auto-tracing” feature. With this feature, the eclips2 will cut around a printed image. The Cameo 3 has a “print and cut” function. The Cameo software also includes a feature called “PixScan” which allows you to scan an image or add a photo and add cut lines through the software. While this is a great feature for you to cut out hand-made designs, some users have found “print and cut” to be very unreliable.

The eclips2 has a convenient feature called “Virtual Cutting Mat”. This allows you to see exactly where you are going to cut, which many users believe helps them use their materials more economically. The Cameo 3 has similar functionality built into its software to help you use all of your materials.

Users have found the “real scoring” feature on the eclips2 to be much better than the similar feature on the Cameo 3, claiming it succeeds perfectly every time, allowing for crisp creases. The eclips2 can also be paused in the middle of cutting, although once the process is sent from your computer, it cannot be canceled or changed.

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Silhouette Cameo 3 vs. Sizzix Eclips 2

Silhouette Cameo 3

The Cameo 3 weighs a few pounds less than the eclips2 at 8 pounds. The eclips2 weigh 16 pounds. The Cameo 3, however, is designed to be more portable. You have the option of running it from a USB or SD card rather than just plugging it into your computer. The eclips2, on the other hand, must be plugged into a computer, making it a less flexible design. Unfortunately, the Cameo 3 doesn’t come with a grip that many users would appreciate.

The weight of eclips2 is not as bad as you might think. Your gain here is a really sturdy feeling machine, with good quality parts. It’s physically smaller than the Cameo 3, so if you don’t think about taking it out, the weight probably doesn’t matter too much to you.

The eclips2 does not come with Bluetooth as standard. However, there is a Bluetooth version available for purchase (as well as a ‘Fabric Series’ option). The Bluetooth option costs a bit more ($ 50 more when we checked), and many users are disappointed with how difficult Bluetooth is. The Cameo 3 comes with adequate built-in Bluetooth.

The eclips2 is much quieter than its predecessor, the eclips. It’s still noisier than the Quiet Cameo 3, although none are louder than an inkjet printer. It is hard to imagine many situations where noise level is a deciding factor between these two units.

The Cameo 3 is the only cutter available that is compatible with Silhouette AutoBlade.


Like all cutting dies, these two are only as good as the shapes you are able to cut. The eclips2 comes with a complementary version of Sizzix’s proprietary software, eCAL Lite. Many users describe the light version of this software as almost unusable and switch to the full version of the software the fastest. The price varies, but the full version is often available on sale, so wait until the price drops before buying.

The software included with the Cameo is significantly better than eCAL Lite. There are two levels of upgrades available for different price points with additional features, but many users can use the included base software.

The Cameo 3 comes with a free one-month subscription to the Silhouette online store, which has 50,000 pre-designed shapes. After your subscription expires, different types of subscriptions are available. It also includes 100 downloadable pre-designed shapes.

Sizzix also has an online store called “eshape store” where pre-designed shapes are available for purchase.

What’s in the box


  • eclips2 DIY Electronic Cutter (US version)
  • 12 inch x 12 inch cutting mat
  • 2 cutting blades
  • Blade holder
  • Users Guide
  • 6ft USB cable
  • Power cord
  • Authorization code for downloading eCAL lite electronic cutting software (in User Guide)

Cameo 3

  • Silhouette CAMEO® 3
  • 12 inch cutting mat
  • Automatic blade
  • cross section
  • Power cable / USB cable
  • Silhouette Studio® software (download)
  • 100 exclusive designs (download)
  • One-month subscription to the design store

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Guarantee and service

Both machines come with a one-year limited warranty. In general, eclips2 users have been impressed with Sizzix customer service, while many Cameo users have had bad customer service experiences. It should be noted that the range of experiences here was very wide.

Some Cameo users had great service, so your experience may depend on who you are dealing with.

Users of both models strongly recommend that you search YouTube for tutorials and idea videos when purchasing your new cutter.

Summary and recommendation

After reading this page, you should be a little closer to making a decision, but it’s still not easy. You have to choose between some really good features that you give up by choosing one over the other. For example, choosing the Cameo for its best base software means giving up the superior cutting force of the Eclips blade. Accuracy is on the eclipse side, but the Cameo 3 comes standard with Bluetooth capability. They’re two great machines, but at the end of the day, you have to decide which features are most important to you.

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