Silhouette Cameo vs Curio

You are therefore looking for a new electronic cutting and stamping machine. Well, the Silhouette Cameo vs Curio comparison are two great choices. They each offer a unique set of features and limitations that should definitely influence your buying decision. We’ve compared prices, features, and customer reviews to help you get a better idea of ​​which of these machines will work best for you.

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Silhouette Cameo VS Curio: Which of these crafting machines is right for you …?

Design and technology

Silhouette Cameo vs Curio

Silhouette cameo

The Cameo and Curio are electronic cutting and drawing machines from the Silhouette stables. The Curio is designed with a platform system and a higher level of clearance than the Cameo. Its higher clearance allows the Silhouette Curio to work with a wide variety of standard materials such as vinyl, paper, and cardstock, as well as much thicker materials like leather, craft foams, and foils.

Both machines use PixScan technology. This technology basically allows you to digitize your hand drawn sketch turning it into a cutting job on your computer. The sketch is placed on a PixScan mat and the image is taken either with a scanner or a digital camera. Then the image can be imported into the machine software on your computer and cut lines added. Both machines have their own specially designed PixScan mat. It is not recommended to use the PixScan mat specified for a machine with another Silhouette cutter.

Blade construction

Between these two machines, the Curio is the only one equipped to handle thicker materials thanks to its Deep Cut blade. The blade is constructed from a quality tungsten alloy and users claim that its solid construction makes it very durable and efficient. However, the Curio’s Deep Cut blade is an optional accessory that must be purchased separately. Therefore, to fully maximize the potential of the Curio, the additional expense of the Deep Cut blade is inevitable.

Several users claim that the Curio’s Deep Cut blade can be used successfully in the Cameo to cut thick materials. Others caution against this, saying the Cameo doesn’t have the high clearance of the Curio and therefore can’t wield the blade effectively.

Cutting area and capacity

The Cameo has a wider cutting width than the Curio, making it the better of the two. The Cameo can cut larger sized materials such as banners, home decorations, and events, while the Curio cannot due to its small cutting width. The Cameo also has a longer cut length than the Curio. However, the cutting length of the Curio can be increased to exceed that of the Cameo if the optional large deck is purchased.

Overall, the Cameo outperforms the Curio in cutting ability, as it cuts larger and longer materials with more precision.

Silhouette Studio software

Both Silhouette machines use Silhouette Studio software for design purposes. In the craft and design world, Silhouette Studio software is considered to be one of the best design software. It has a lot of functions and options. Most of the users claim that the software gives them the opportunity to explore their creative side and try new things. The other customer camp feels that the software is not that easy to use, as it takes several days to learn how to use it. The steep learning curve of the software has necessitated a lot of online tutorials to help beginners and novice users alike.

Design options and capabilities

Both machines can cut and draw. However, the Curio is the only cutting tool capable of accessing the embossing, embossing, stippling and engraving functions of the Silhouette Studio software. While you can use the Cameo and the software to design basic projects, the Curio gives you additional editing and design tools and options within the Silhouette Studio software.

Curio can engrave on metal surfaces such as aluminum, copper and brass. It can stain on canvas panels, sheets and metal sheets. The Curio is capable of marking, embossing, embossing and drawing on thick materials. However, sketch pens, markers, pointing tools, and engraving tools are sold separately.

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Cutting capacities

Both the Cameo and the Curio are capable of cutting fabric. However, tissue stabilizers must be used for effective results. While the Cameo can cut the vinyl from the roll, the Curio cannot.

Cutting force

All Silhouette machines are loaded with a low cutting force, and these two are no exception with a cutting force of 210 gram-force (gf).


The Cameo comes with a cutting mat and blade, as well as a Pick Me Up tool. The Curio comes with a cutting mat, cutting blade, embossing mat, and tools. Both machines also have a power cable, USB cable, free designs, Silhouette studio software, and a free one-month subscription to the Silhouette Design Store.

Operating mode

To use the Curio, you must have a computer handy. Simply connect your Curio machine to your PC or Mac with the included USB cable and use the included Silhouette Studio software to design your project. The Cameo also comes with a USB cable and can be connected to a system, and the same process is followed. However, the Cameo does not need a computer to cut and load designs due to its built-in SD card slot and a control panel on its right side. Its SD card function allows it to read and cut recorded files from your SD card and the control panel makes it easy to navigate and operate.

The stippling and embossing tools in the Silhouette software are not accessible unless you connect your Curio to the computer. Many users have complained about this feature, saying it is frustrating, especially when they just want to design using software and not cut with the machine.

Design shop and subscription

By purchasing one of these Silhouette machines, you gain access to the Silhouette design store. The Design Store is simply a collection of awesome and eye-catching ready-made designs available for purchase. Users can download these designs for a small fee whenever you download or purchase a monthly subscription with a specified monthly subscription.

Convenient Features

trinkets silhouette

Silhouette Cameo vs Curio

Unlike the Silhouette Cameo which can only handle one tool at a time, the Silhouette Curio has a dual carriage for mixing and matching functions. The dual carriage helps you multitask or complete two tasks in one pass, for example, you can cut and draw, or print and emboss, or mark and emboss, or sketch and emboss, or engrave and cut, or even use two different colored pens at the same time. The Curio also has an adjustable base.


Both machines have received pretty glowing recommendations from their users. However, a keen eye would notice that most of the things the Cameo cannot do, the Curio is able to do and vice versa. Essentially, the Curio machine was not designed by Silhouette to replace the Cameo but to serve as a companion tool or complementary machine to the Cameo. This can be seen from various customer reports. They claim the Curio can’t cut as efficiently as the Cameo, but it does offer some splendid features and benefits not available with the Cameo. Therefore, the two combined give you the best cutting performance and a wide variety of possible manufacturing and design options.

Still, many users have complained that getting the most out of the Curio machine would require purchasing several additional accessories. Others complained that the Curio was not for the novice craftsman. Getting used to it requires doing your research, watching tutorials, and practicing regularly.

Pros and Cons of Silhouette Cameo


  • Larger cutting area
  • Better cutting capacity
  • Gives more precise cuts
  • Comes with an SD card slot
  • Sustainable

The inconvenients

  • Has limited design options

Advantages and disadvantages of Silhouette Curio


  • Offers a wide range of design options
  • Sustainable

The inconvenients

  • Small cutting capacity
  • Requires a host of additional accessories
  • Not economical

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Summary and recommendation

After researching these products, one might come to the conclusion that these machines are meant to work together. These cutters have additional characteristics. However, if I had to choose between the two, I would choose the Cameo. It is quite simply the best machine overall. It has a larger cutting surface and a more precise cut and that is very important.

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