Silhouette Cameo vs Cricut Explore

The Silhouette Cameo vs Cricut Explore includes two budget cutters from the same brand. These machines are very similar but also different enough to warrant a full comparison. Which one you choose will be based on your budget and performance needs rather than overall quality. Both are highly rated as durable and work well. Read below to find out which unit you should be looking for. You can skip to the bottom of this page if you prefer to get your answer as quickly as possible.

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Silhouette Cameo vs Cricut Explorer

Size and appearance

Silhouette Cameo vs Cricut Explorer

Silhouette cameo

The Silhouette Cameo and Cricut Explore are some of the best electronic cutters compared to their competition. Both are highly appreciated and appreciated by their customers. The Silhouette Cameo is the smaller of the two, both in weight and dimensions. This electronic cutter has three sides, with the front tilted down. The bottom and sides of this electronic cutter are light gray while the front panel that you lift up to change the blade and cutting mat is white. There is also an LCD display and buttons next to the white panel for adjusting settings.

The larger of the two electronic cutters is the Cricut Explore. This unit has four sides – a rectangular shape contrasting with the triangular one of the Silhouette Cameo. The background and some of the accents on this device are light green. Another difference in this model is that it opens with a panel on the front and top rather than just the front. Either of these models will fit right next to your computer, much like your printer does.


Cricut Explore and Silhouette Cameo provide almost limitless options for their users and are appreciated for their work. Each has been carefully created to deliver precision and efficiency to their customers. The Cricut Explore offers a wider variety of materials it can work with (over 50 materials), however, the Silhouette Cameo isn’t far behind. Both models even have the added benefit of being able to sketch out patterns instead of just cutting them.

Customers have also said that these machines are incredibly quiet. Some said they preferred to watch TV while they worked, and the machines did not create any sound to mask this. Other customers have been impressed with the software that comes with this machine and how easy it is to get used to it. With this software, it’s a breeze to find hundreds of design templates suitable for any project you might have. They are also popular machines both by those who use them professionally and by occasional craftsmen.


Buying one of these electronic cutters won’t do you much if you need to replace it after a week of use. Fortunately, neither of these two models will disappoint you with their durability. The machines themselves are meant to last you for years to come. Each also comes with your first blade installed, which will need to be changed every six weeks or so. On the other hand, it is recommended that you change your cutting mat approximately every 100 uses by other customers.

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These machines don’t go out of style easily either. Since the majority of this electronic cutter is based on computer software, it can easily be updated as new features are released. This is a handy feature that many other desktop devices do not have. Although new models are released from time to time, new compatible devices and software can be easily downloaded and applied to your device so that it does not become obsolete.


Both of these products come with a variety of accessories to help you get started using your new electronic cutter. For one thing, both come with a blade installed. Neither blade is a cheap filler either. For example, the Cricut Explore comes with a German carbide blade installed. They both come with cutting mats and the cables and software needed to sync this device with your computer and start creating.

The Cricut Explore comes with the blade, a metal pen, and a standard 12 x 12 cutting mat to set up your electronic cutter. To help you get started with some projects, it comes with materials like card stock, duct tape sheets, vinyl, and iron-on patch. You also have access to over 100 free templates and over 50 free projects. The Silhouette Cameo, on the other hand, comes with an instruction guide, 50 die-cut designs, and a $ 10 gift card to purchase more designs from their website. It also comes with a blade, cutting mat, and cords to get you started.

Convenient Features

There is one handy feature we haven’t talked about that these two electronic cutters have. When you have a device that is intended for use with a computer, the first question most people have is whether it is a Mac or Windows. These devices, fortunately, are compatible with both systems.


Both units are backed by a one-year warranty covering parts and labor. This means that if they break down they will be replaced and if any parts are damaged they will be repaired at no cost to the owner.

Advantages and disadvantages

These two electronic cutters are extremely popular for many different reasons. They are compatible with both types of software you use and both are incredibly precise in their sketches and cutouts. Many new and experienced customers said the software was easy to learn. By comparison, however, many have said that Silhouette software is easier to understand due to the simplicity and instructions. Plus, almost every customer who has purchased one of these electronic cutters has been impressed with the durability that both of these machines have to offer.

Unfortunately, these two cutters also present a handful of complaints. For the Silhouette, the main complaint from some customers was the amount of memory its software takes up on their computer. It is also important, customers caution, to rub your cutting mat with a towel or rag until it is no longer tacky or your paper will tear. However, a few Cricut Explore customers have experienced issues synchronizing their devices with their computers, both on the Mac and Windows side. Some customers have also complained that in order to use all the tools in the software you have to pay a monthly subscription.

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Summary and recommendation

When it comes to the Sihouette Cameo vs Cricut Explore, there’s an obvious choice here. In between, the Silhouette Cameo is superior. It’s faster, more accurate, and overall more user-friendly than Cricut Explorer. On top of that, you might find that the cameo is more economical depending on the price when you go to buy it (of course, a sale price can change that).

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