Shark Rotator NV751 vs NV752

So you’ve narrowed down your search for vacuum cleaners to a few models: Shark Rotator NV751 vs NV752. Good job, you are almost at the finish line. These two units are very good value for money and very good overall quality. I know that looking for a new vacuum cleaner isn’t the funniest thing in the world, but it is necessary.

Our goal for this page is to help you choose between these vacuums. Maybe you’ll even learn about some features that you had no idea either model had.

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Shark Rotator NV752 – Check Price

Shark Rotator NV751 vs NV752: which upright vacuum is right for you?

Shark Rotator NV751

When it comes to vacuum cleaners, appearance is not the most important factor to consider. In fact, it would probably appear last on your priority list, or not at all.

Anyway, I can appreciate the look and feel of these vacuums. They both look modern and yet simple. The only difference you will find in terms of appearance is that the nv751 is a bronze or lavender color while the nv752 is a dark red color.

Dimensions and weight are much more important than appearance. They are listed as exactly the same size measuring 13.2 x 11.9 x 45 inches and weighing around 15 pounds on most product description pages (around 8 pounds in lift mode). While it’s not a particularly large vacuum, 15 pounds isn’t exactly light, but neither is it. But for some, this heaviness could be a problem. In fact, this is the most common complaint I have come across in my research.

Cord length is another thing to consider when looking for a new vacuum cleaner. Both of these units come with a 30 foot long cord. This will limit the number of times you will have to switch from one outlet to another while cleaning.

Power and performance

These two machines are 3-in-1. I’m sure you know they can be used as a standard upright vacuum, but they can also be used as a removable pod or canister with cart. But what do these last two modes really allow you to do? And how difficult are they to use?

The lift-away mode allows you to vacuum at full power but extend the reach of your vacuum cleaner. It’s ideal for going under the sofa and in other hard-to-reach places. This is a very handy feature as most vacuum cleaners like my Oreck can only go under the sofa so far. This allows you to go to the bottom without having to move furniture. Best of all, you can easily reattach the cartridge to switch back to vertical mode. It really is a simple one. This feature is praised by many customers and it’s a huge selling point over the many infomercials you’ve likely come across.

The above-ground cleaning mode, also known as the cartridge cleaning mode, allows you to use a smaller cleaning head to get stairs, curtains and upholstery. The wand is long enough to help you reach the ceiling fan or the corners of the ceiling. Now, many vacuums offer a mode in which you can detach the hose and attach a tool to clean upholstery. But what is unique about these two vacuum cleaners is that the canister mode makes it easy to transport the body of the machine. These machines are well balanced and will not tip over easily like my vacuum does when I use the attachments i.e. the crevice tool to clean the corners of the stairs. These machines were designed for this mode. It’s not just an afterthought.

* The motorized brush is a function that can be used in all modes.

At 270 air watts, these machines have very good suction. Comparable Dyson vacuums will be a bit more powerful (closer to 300). But most people don’t really know what that means, real world feedback is more valuable. I read a lot of reviews to find out what customers really thought about the suction performance of either vacuum and overall the consensus was that the suction is really good.

Shark Rotator NV751 – View more details

Shark Rotator NV752 – View more details

Complete allergen sealing system with HEPA filter

Both come with what is called a complete allergen sealing system. This system traps 99.9% of all allergens that pass through a vacuum of 0.3 microns and above. If you have allergies like me, you definitely want a vacuum with a HEPA filter. Without this feature, you’ll be throwing allergens into the air every time you vacuum.


Shark Rotator NV752

The swivel steering design draws comparisons to Dyson, but the appearance can be deceptive. After checking customer feedback, I was unable to draw any conclusion on whether or not it was good behavior. Some users have reported how difficult it is to steer when using in vertical mode. There were even mentions of the “do your own thing” type of vacuum cleaner when you tried to lead. Some say the swivel design allows it to turn too easily, which can sometimes make it difficult to use.

Others, however, praise the management comparing it favorably to the earlier Shark vacuums they owned. However, based on the design and the reviews and watching it in action from the videos available online, I would say the direction is right. There may be some quirks that you will have to deal with at first to get used to them. You may need to find a certain pace to have a comfortable ride.


I really like that the controls are easy to reach, which means you can switch from one floor surface to another halfway through. It is important to have different controls for the different jobs that you may encounter. You can choose between high pile or low pile rugs and hard floors


The 751 and 752 both come with the following accessories: Hard Floor Engineer, Dusting Engineer, Dusting Brush, Upholstery Tool, Bottle Cage, Accessory Bag.

Note: The Hard Floor Genie has a microfiber pad that can be used safely on hard floors, especially wood floors. The included microfiber pad is washable and reusable.

The 752 comes with the TruePet tool.

Mini TruePet Motorized Brush – The motorized pet tool is the only feature that separates these two models of Shark Rotator. If you have pets, you probably know how difficult it can be to remove excess hair from upholstery and other places with standard tools. This small power tool was designed to help you more easily remove pet hair from the sofa and other areas. It’s like having the power of a full-size vacuum in the palm of your hand and that’s the only detail that separates these two units.

Convenient Features

Besides the easy-to-access controls, there are several other handy features. I really like LED lights. You probably won’t be vacuuming in the dark, but there are plenty of low-light situations to consider. For example under your kitchen cabinets or under the sofa. Your dining room table could also create shadows that obstruct your vision. Plus, animal hair can sometimes hide in plain sight – not anymore.

I also like that the dust bin frees the bottom. With this, you will never have to turn the bin upside down or hold it awkwardly to release the contents of the bin. This feature is much more common than it used to be, but you might be old enough to remember when it wasn’t.

Oddly enough, you won’t find an automatic retractable cord on products that claim to be easy to use. But, I have to say that in my experience this feature is not always that good. The problem with them is that cords don’t always behave in a predictable way because there are tangles and coils to deal with.


In this comparison, Shark NV751 vs NV752, I hope you came away with a clear decision. Either choice is good. I think you are choosing a high quality vacuum that will last you for years. These machines are exactly the same with the only difference being the inclusion of the power tool for pets. For some users, this will be a deal breaker.

Even though I don’t have any pets, I would still go with Shark Rotator NV752. This miniature motorized animal hair tool will be useful for many cleaning situations.

Shark Rotator NV751 – Click here to view price and other information

Shark Rotator NV752 – Click here to view price and other information

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