Shark NV752 vs NV652 Vacuum Cleaner Review

The Shark NV752 vs NV652 comparison vacuum cleaners are very similar. But it is in the differences that you will find which of these products is best for you.

Below, we’ve broken down all the important aspects of these quality machines to help you determine which one is right for you. To find out which model you should go with, keep reading below.

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Comparison of Shark NV752 and NV652 vacuum cleaners

Size and appearance

Shark NV752 vs. NV652

Shark NV752

The Shark NV752 and Shark NV652 vacuum models have exactly the same weight. The entire vacuum weighs 15.6 pounds with the Lift-Away pod weighing only 8 pounds. They are also the same height at around 46 inches which is a comfortable height for most people. Each of them is also mostly made with a mix of ABS and PP plastics, and with some rubber and metal parts included.

In terms of color and design, these models are also pretty much the same. They are thin enough to maneuver comfortably. These models are silver and the color of your choice, with silver predominating, as on the front of the Lift-Away capsule. As for your choice of color, these vacuums are available in Steel Gray, Gunmetal Pink and Bordeaux.


These vacuums are both powerful enough to clean your floor thoroughly and effectively. While powerful, it’s important to note that these vacuums are corded, so cord length is important for mobility. Fortunately, these cords are both 30 feet long, so they’re long enough to provide the movement you need to clean your entire home.


With the same power and size, these vacuums are both excellent for cleaning. However, some customers have complained that the Shark NV752’s True Pet Mini Motorized Brush has been redesigned to be smaller. That would be a plus for this model, except that we ran into a number of customers who reported that the draw on this new design was considerably lower than that of its predecessor, the Shark NV652.


There are a few issues when cleaning different aspects of your vacuum cleaner. First, the pre-engine filters should be cleaned approximately every 3 months for the pre-engine filter and every 12 months for the post-engine filter. These can simply be cleaned by rinsing them with lukewarm water and allowing them to air dry for 24 hours.

Cleaning the dust container is also simple and takes less time. You simply hold your dust bin over the bin and press the release button to open the bottom – there’s no need to touch or come into contact with the dirt and dust you’ve picked up. Tapping the dust bin can help empty hard-to-remove content. If you notice that it does not work, the dust container can be easily cleaned by wiping it with a soft cloth.

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For vacuum cleaners, it is important to consider the capacity of the model’s dust and dust container, as this affects how often you have to stop and empty the dust container while cleaning. For the Shark NV652 and NV752, the dust cup capacity is 3.3 dry quarts. These two dust cups can be emptied easily by a quick and simple release at the bottom release. If there is dirt stuck in the container, you can open the top to clean it more thoroughly.


Since vacuums are supposed to be a long-term investment in cleaning the house, it’s important that they last long enough that you get what you pay for. Neither had any problems with their motors failing or the vacuum cleaner suddenly failing. However, the Shark NV752’s attempt to make its attachments slightly smaller again failed as the wand on this vacuum cleaner tends to break.


The Shark NV652 and the Shark NV752 come with the same set of cleaning accessories. However, if what you need is not included, Shark sells separate accessories for these vacuums. The Dusting Genie is a combination of tools, both a wand for cleaning tough crevices and a brush that can clean multiple surfaces. The Dusting Brush, Upholstery Brush, and Hard Floor Genie are pretty self-explanatory in their name and help users clean all possible surfaces. If you have a pet, the True Pet Mini Motorized Brush will help you clean all of your pet’s fur.

Convenient Features

These vacuums aren’t limited to accessories that make them powerful and deep cleaning machines. There are 3 cleaning modes for these vacuums, allowing you to clean different types of flooring in your home rather than just carpeting. The filter system of these vacuum cleaners helps trap allergens and dust, thus cleaning your air as well as your floors. Perhaps the most useful feature is the Lift-Away feature. This especially helps you to clean difficult places like under furniture.


The standard LLC warranty for the Shark NV752 and NV652 is a 7 year limited warranty. This warranty promises 7 years of a product free from manufacturer defects. However, if you purchase your vacuum cleaner directly from the Shark / Ninja website, you are eligible for a VIP warranty which provides a 5 year or lifetime VIP service guarantee. Shark also offers a lifetime maintenance free warranty for the belt and filter on these vacuums.

Advantages and disadvantages

These vacuums are both extremely efficient, although when it comes to cleaning accessories the Shark NV652 is the star. They also both feature Shark’s Lift-Away technology, so you don’t have to move furniture around every time you want to vacuum. These models also use multiple filters that allow them to really trap all the dust and allergens inside the vacuum.

Unfortunately, there are a few issues. The Shark NV652 has previously been recalled for potential electric shock, but has since been revised to get rid of this issue. The Shark NV752, on the other hand, there have been a number of durability complaints regarding the Shark NV752. Overall, however, most customers are very happy with their choice of these two vacuums. In addition, the Shark NV752 is much less economical than the Shark NV652. Although a sale can change the big difference in price.


These vacuums may be similar in many ways, but the Shark NV752 vacuum is by far the better choice. This widely available model, while not perfect, is still a great buy when you factor in customer reviews. Nonetheless, the 652 is also a good choice if you don’t want to save money or need the extras that come with the upgraded choice. In either case, it would be wise to check the prices of these two machines before making a choice.

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