Shark nv356e vs nv360

A lightweight vacuum like the two in the Shark nv356e vs nv360 comparison is a great choice. For those of us who don’t want to struggle with a heavy vacuum, this is a major convenience. For those who cannot support the weight of a large vacuum cleaner, this is not just a convenience but rather a necessity. These machines are very similar but which one to choose?

Read on below to find out which of these two units you should choose.

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Shark NV356E VS NV360: which vacuum cleaner is right for you …?

Size and appearance

Shark nv356e vs nv360

NV356e Shark Navigator

Size matters in a good vacuum, because no one wants to lug a heavy vacuum around the house while they try to finish their housework. Both of these vacuums are relatively light, with less than a pound separating the lighter Shark nv360 and the slightly heavier Shark nv356e. These vacuums balance that weight in a tall, slender form, so you don’t have to bend down the entire time you’re cleaning.

The Shark nv356e comes in one design, a white body with gray accents. However, the Shark nv360 is slightly more diverse, offering customers three color options. These include blue, black, and light purple, all of which have light gray accents as well. Customers have reported that these vacuums have an industrial look – they are not the most aesthetically pleasing vacuums in the world. Some assembly is required with the Shark nv360, but it is minimal and requires no additional tools.


The Shark nv356e and the Shark nv360 are both highly rated by their customers with very few complaints. The Shark nv360 and Shark nv356e have a swivel head which makes it easier to navigate even in tight turns. Both of these vacuums are slim and narrow, making it easy to not only clean tight spaces, but also tidy up. They’re also quieter than most vacuum cleaners, which also makes them less boring to use.

One of the most dreaded things in housework is vacuuming the stairs, and this vacuum cleaner makes it a little easier. Not only are they both extremely light and easy to transport, they both have removable canisters as well. This makes it easier to maneuver your vacuum cleaner up and down stairs, without requiring you to lug around the entire vacuum with each step without dispersing the weight.

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There are two important aspects of cleaning for this product; how well it cleans and how easy the vacuum cleaner is to empty. As for keeping the vacuum cleaner itself clean, none of these vacuums use a traditional bag. Instead, they use HEPA filters and their anti-allergen seal which traps 99.9% of allergens. However, customers have reported that while this filter helps collect more dirt, with the Shark nv360 the dust bin is rather small. This can be emptied from the bottom and simply rinsed and air dried, which can be slightly problematic for people with allergies.

When it comes to the cleaning quality of these vacuums, customers have reported excellent results. Both of these vacuums have excellent suction and a variety of attachments that make cleaning much easier. The swivel heads on these vacuums make them easy to control and maneuver while you’re cleaning, too. Even after over a year of use, many customers have reported a deep and easy cleaning.


As mentioned before, one of the things customers liked about the Shark nv360 and Shark nv356e was that they last a long time. The Shark nv356e has a few customer complaints when it comes to slightly brittle materials, not only compared to the Shark nv360, but also to other top brands in the market such as Dyson. However, many customers of the Shark nv356e say it is better than other much less economical models and brands.


Shark nv360

Shark NV360

Additional accessories are extremely important on a vacuum cleaner as they usually help with cleaning and reaching unusual places. The Shark nv360 is equipped with a Pet Turbo brush, for example, to help pick up pesky pet hair when cleaning. It also includes a dusting brush, crevice tool, long reach hose and motorized floor brush. In addition, the vacuum cleaner also includes the removable cartridge and the swivel head which were mentioned previously.

The Shark nv356e also has no shortage of accessories. It not only presents all the features of the Shark nv360, but also a few others. These include an easy release cord and an accessory for cleaning hardwood and tile floors as well as carpets.

Convenient Features

However, it’s not just accessories to make your cleaning easier. For example, the Shark nv356e features a 30 foot cord, a power switch to control the motorized brush head, a blockage indicator light and a window on the motorized brush head to so that you can clearly see any problem that arises.

The Shark nv360 doesn’t lag behind though, although it admittedly doesn’t have as many features as the Shark nv356e. One of the most practical features of the Shark nv360 is the possibility of using its accessories on a longer or shorter hose.


Both of these vacuums have a 5 year limited warranty. While this does not cover customer dissatisfaction with the product, it will protect the owner of the vacuum cleaner from any manufacturing defect or repair during the five year period. This, of course, only includes breaks that occur due to normal and intended use of vacuum cleaners.

Advantages and disadvantages

Both of these vacuums are considered to be some of the best lightweight vacuums on the market. Customers loved that they were economical compared to other premium brands, especially the Shark nv360. Both are appreciated for their various accessories and strong suction. They also both run silently, making vacuuming slightly less boring than using a noisier, more obnoxious vacuum. The removable cartridge also helps customers maneuver their vacuums up stairs and in tight spaces.

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However, these vacuum cleaners also have their drawbacks. While cleaning, the narrow design and small trash can – especially on the Shark nv356e – can add time to your cleaning. Speaking of the dust container, since it empties from the bottom, it can sometimes be more difficult to remove without touching the contents inside. While this is not a problem for everyone, customers with allergies could suffer from it.

Summary and recommendation

Between the two models – the Shark nv360 and the Shark nv356e – customers love them almost as much. The Shark nv356e has more convenient features to help you clean, but the Shark nv350 is popular for its more affordable price. When it comes to which product is the best, it all depends on what features you are looking for and what you are willing to sacrifice for it.

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