Secura 4.2l/17-Cup 1700-Watt Stainless-Steel Triple-Basket Electric Deep Fryer, With Timer Review

Secura deep fryer is an electronic device that has three baskets and a total capacity of 4.2 liters which makes it more suitable to be used family wise.

It consists of; splatter-protecting lid; magnetic safety plug; removable oil tank and most importantly an adjustable automatic timer to regulate the heating element.

Also, you can monitor the cooking process through its viewing window which has got ready light.

Unlike other fryers, secura 4.2l/17 –cup 1700-watt stainless-steel triple-basket electric deep fryer has got filter carbon activated filter that reduces odors.

The baskets are made in such a way that the handle easily gets attached to wire basket to lower the food into the fryer and also lift out the cooked food.

When you are preparing to cook, the three baskets can be hung on the edges of the deep fryer before you lower them to the cooking oil.

This device also has a control box assembly and the heating element is attached to each other, and when lifting out the control box, it comes out with the heating element which makes cooking efficient, easier and faster.

Triple -Fry Baskets

This is quite amusing as you can multitask on this type of fryer. This stainless deep fryer comes with three fry –baskets. One large basket, plus two side-by-side small baskets for smaller batches, especially for frying food with different cook times.

The baskets could hold five extra large wings comfortably, and I used one of the smaller baskets to fry the French fries which could hold a pretty good amount. The way the fryer browned the food was beautiful and the food was delicious.

Immersion Element

Secura 4.2l/17-cup 1700-watt stainless-steel triple-basket electric deep fryer comes with an immersed heating element that is very economical since the 1700 watt immersion element recovers oil temperature fast since it preheats hence saving on energy.

The heating element has got a thermostat that can be used to regulate temperature for cooking purpose. This allows you to achieve the optimum cooking temperature for your food to fry and surely you will enjoy using it.

Removable Oil Tank

The 4.2-liter removable oil tank makes the fryer easy to use and for every regular clean-ups that may be needed when using it. The tank itself is easily removed. You can easily pour it out and strain it out for future use.

The plug is held in by a magnet, so if you knock over the fryer, it will become detached so you will only have to deal with spilled oil, not electrified spilled oil.

Adjustable Heat Control

You can easily regulate the heat using the control box attached to the fryer for the temperatures recommended to process your food. This is an added advantage to the quality of the food you produce like the temperature dial, and the ‘heat” light goes off when the oil is at temperature. The control bar and the heating element slide off leaving easy access to the tank of oil. This regulation of heat makes the device comfortable to use.

Automatic Timer

The timer helps you to shut down heating element. Most foods are cooked at a constant temperature for a particular period, hence this fryer has got an automatic timer that’s adjustable to 60 min thus enabling you to regulate the cooking process.

You just need to set the time required for your cooking process and after that time the fryer will automatically shut down saving on energy with this amazing feature. You don’t need to be there to guard the process, and this is something which most of us enjoy.

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  • The fryer is easy to use
  • Works great, and has very low oil absorption
  • It’s easy to clean and use
  • Relatively cheap


  • Prone to rust if unclean for a long period

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does this fryer operate on 120-volt wattage?

A: Yes, on the back of the fryer it states 120v.

Q: How long is the warranty for?

A: A year. In case of any breakdowns, you can be refunded within one year.

Q: How does the oil filter fit in this deep fryer?

A: the only filter that comes with this fryer is an air filter that helps to filter out the smell while you are cooking and the lid is on. This filter is in the cover where the vent is, and they pop right out to be cleaned or replaced.

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Final Verdict

This is a perfect deep fryer for large family meals. If you like cooking fish and chips, I recommend you to get this amazing product.

It includes one large and two small baskets which enable you to prepare your meals on time and save on energy consumption.

Automatic control box and an adjustable timer give it a unique feature in the market. You can also use in restaurants for quality products, hence luring more customers.

Also, Secura 4.2l/17-cup 1700-watt stainless-steel triple-basket electric deep fryer has a removable 1700-watt immersion style heating element and is the perfect addition.

Therefore, with no doubt, this is your ultimate product to use as it allows you the pleasure to start the task of doing the rest of the dinner instead of having to stand guard at the deep fryer like before.

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