Rowenta is9100 vs is9200

When it comes to the Rowenta is9100 vs is 9200, there are two very good clothes steamers to choose from. So rest assured, you’ve narrowed your search down to two great options. But which of these machines to choose?

Steamers are a convenient and very affordable alternative to traditional dry cleaners. Below we will help you choose between these vapors. Read on to find out.

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Rowenta is9100 vs is9200: which clothes steamer is right for you …?

Size and appearance

Rowenta IS9100 Garment Steamer

The Rowenta is9100 and the Rowenta is9200 are both designed to make our lives as easy as possible and therefore are not very different from each other in appearance and size. The Rowenta is9100 and Rowenta is9200 have both been designed with a foot pedal to turn the steamer on and off and to retract the power cord. They have a suitcase-like tilt and roll mechanism that makes them easy to maneuver. Added to this is the built-in and sturdy hanger, which can be adjusted to the height of your preference. It is very practical for clothes of all lengths.

The hanger can also be lowered to a smaller height, making it easier to store steamers in smaller storage areas. In addition, the large steam head offers a wider diffusion range. The Rowenta is9100 is available in gray and silver while the Rowenta is9200 is available in silver. The steam head rod is very user friendly. When the steam is transported from the machine to the head, the rod does not heat up. There aren’t many features that are different from each other in comparison. Although the 9200 is the newer model, you might be surprised to learn that it can sometimes be found on sale, cheaper than the 9100.


The power consumption of Rowenta is9100 and Rowenta is9200 steamers is 1550 watts, which is very powerful and helps you remove all those stubborn wrinkles. Both machines turn off on their own when the water runs out, making them electrically efficient.


According to customers, clothes steamers are great for quickly steaming clothes and furniture. Many people have commented on the Rowenta is9100, stating that it takes a little longer to remove all the wrinkles. Although the machine only takes 60 seconds for the steam to be ready for use. Turning off on their own when the water runs out is a great feature. The variable steam controller allows you to adjust the steam level according to the type of fabric of the clothes and furniture. Steamers are ideal for delicate, hard garments and upholstery materials.

The largest number of clients was the ordinary person who has to work in a professional setting, ie hotel staff. They have found these products very useful in their daily life. A lot of people have found these machines not to be very expensive – considering their needs, these machines are a good deal. Some users have tried both steamers and said they think the 9200 has a higher level of steam. They also believed that the new version had a better vapor level controller.


The Rowenta is9100 has the capacity to hold up to 1 gallon of water which can be used for approximately 2.5 hours of continuous steam. The Rowenta is9200 also has a capacity of 1 gallon of water, which lasts you a long time.


Steamers are easy to assemble and disassemble, making it easy to clean the machine. The removable water tank makes it easy to wash and clean the tank so nothing solid gets stuck in the machine.

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There are accessories on board ready to go so you don’t need to buy brushes and other separate items and you don’t need to store them separately either. Steamers come with a separate brush for the fabric and one for the upholstery. There is a lint brush for removing animal hair or fur, and a folding tool that helps you easily crumple the side of your garment. The water tank can be removed for refilling and is easy to put back into the machine. Customers seem to be quite happy with these additional accessories.

Convenient Features

Many convenient features are provided on both steamers. The telescopic hanger is adjustable according to user preferences. It also makes storage easier. The accessory set can be stored on the side of the machine. The suitcase as a moving mechanism is very convenient for rolling around steamboats. The wand holder also makes this a good feature. Rather than lifting it off the ground, you can simply hang the steamer head up when not in use. Variable steam control comes in handy when working with delicate or hard clothes. Many customers have fallen in love with the retractable power cord. I can tell you that while a retractable cord is a nice feature, it is definitely not perfect on all machines. Customers mentioned that this was a very handy feature, as with other products they had to wrap the power cord around the machine which damaged the cord after a while.


As both of these machines are made by Rowenta, the company offers a one-year warranty.


I think both of these machines will outlast the warranty provided. Of course, your mileage will vary. According to a few customers, continued use of Rowenta is9200 seems to slow down a bit after 5 months. Although the majority of customers were happy with the 9200. And that saves on the cost of using a dry cleaning service. The product is very easy to assemble, when assembled according to the instructions given in the instruction manual. Many people also said that Rowenta is9100 has been working for over 3 years.

Advantages and disadvantages

One of the biggest advantages of either of these steamers is that you can use regular tap water to fill them up. Each has a built-in function to deal with calcium build-up. Power consumption is a small number, which makes it a great household item to own. The machine can be switched on and off using the foot pedal. Steamers take very little time to get ready for use and can be used continuously for a long time. The automatic shut-off function, when the water runs out, saves on your electricity. But it’s also a fantastic security feature that will make sure you don’t burn the house down if you forget it’s on. Some users complained about the retractable cord only to later assume it was user error. You will need to be careful to avoid tangles in the cord.

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Summary and recommendation

If I had to choose between these two clothes cleaners I would probably go for the newer and sometimes cheaper (a sale can make that different) Rowenta is9200. Customers report that it heats up fairly quickly and has a higher vapor output – although this is only anecdotal evidence. These machines are both rated at 1,500 watts. Customers who have personal experience with both units seem to favor the 9200. Some users have reported that the steamboat slows down a bit after a while. Still, I think the best choice here is the 9200 although the 9100 is still a great choice.

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