Rowenta IS6300 vs IS9200

The Rowenta is6300 vs is9200 is a comparison between two popular cleaners for clothes and fabrics. You should definitely feel good about narrowing your choice down to these two, as they are very good models.

Steam cleaners offer an alternative to your typical ironing that will save you time and money. With one, you can get professional dry cleaner quality results from the comfort of your home. As long as you choose a quality steamer, you are sure to own a small appliance that will pay for itself in no time.

Below, read this entire comparison article to understand how these machines work and how they differ.

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rowenta is6300 vs is9200: which textile cleaner is right for you?

Appearance and size

Rowenta IS6300

These two steamers are compact. The is6300 is purple and the is9200 is white. These machines are of similar size. The dimensions of the Rowenta is6300 measure 19.5 x 12 x 16.9 inches and the is9200 measures 16.1 x 13.8 x 11.4 inches. When the telescopic poles are fully extended, you can expect a height of around 5 feet.

The weights are also very similar, with the is6300 weighing around 16 pounds and the is9200 weighing around 20 pounds. This weight may be a little too much for some people to move the unit to and from storage; but luckily there is a suitcase-like tilt and roll system that makes moving either of these machines stress-free.

Adjustable steam and water tank

Being able to control the level of steam produced by your clothes steamer is a very convenient feature. Unfortunately, only one of these machines has this adjustable steam function; the is9200. Some clothes, like silk, don’t require a lot of steam, while jeans or cotton shirts require more. This is another feature which makes the use convenient. With the is6300 you get maximum steam output no matter what.

The water tank of these two machines is removable from the base. It’s a very thoughtful feature. I had the annoyance of using material without removable and it is very frustrating.

Operation and performance

Without instructions, these two steamers are easy to assemble. Both machines are very powerful and operate with a power of around 1500 watts. They each heat up in about 60 seconds. Both will have roughly equal performance when it comes to how effectively they remove wrinkles. Some customers have claimed that they can get rid of wrinkles in less time than compared to ironing.

You will get about 45 minutes of operation with either of these machines. Much of the steam is produced with one or the other, but customers are surprised that they still have plenty of water left when they’re done.

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Both units consume a lot of power, as with other irons, I would not plug this iron into an outlet with another appliance. I’ve done this (a few times) before and ended up tripping the breaker. You may notice that your lights go out when this steamer is in use.

The operation is quite simple for both machines. Extend the telescopic pole and place your clothes on the built-in hanger. You use the foot pedal to turn the machine on and off – there’s an indicator light that shows when your steamer is on. The foot pedal makes it easy to use as there is no need to bend over.

With the is9200, you also use your foot to change the level of steam. Then you just need to move the steamer head over the garment to remove the wrinkles. The steam head for both is large, which makes your steam jobs very efficient.

Roll and press

A common complaint that you will certainly come across when shopping for a new clothes steamer is that the steam gets very hot. Some users have reported getting burned. This is because most steamboats do not have a surface that stabilizes it. So users have to use their hands to do this.

The is6300 solves this problem by providing you with a support screen. Many users have praised this additional functionality.

Hose, telescopic poles and power cord

The pipe for both is about 5 feet. Both units have telescopic poles adjustable in height (the pole folds back on itself). The poles easily extend and retract for easy storage. When fully extended, the height of both is about five feet.

I have come across reviews who have stated that the telescopic pole is too short causing long clothes like pants and some dresses to touch the steam pipe at the base of the machine.

The power cords are about 9 feet long, which is fine if you’re stationary, but not so great if you plan on using them to spray your curtains. With the is9200 you also get a retractable cord which is a very handy feature.

Should you use tap water or distilled water?

Rowenta IS9200

The product description for these two machines states that you can use tap water. But none of these machines have a permanent filter that can be cleaned if needed. So I would use distilled or filtered water instead (many customers opt for distilled water).

Over time, minerals will settle inside the pipes and any part of the machine that comes in contact with water. These mineral deposits, also known as scale, will affect the performance of your steamer.

Distilled water can usually be found at a grocery store or department store like Target or Walmart for a dollar or two. Some users have reported that they just pass the water through a Brita or PUR filter and use it. Whatever you do, do not use water enriched with softeners.

Attachments and Accessories

The Rowenta is6300 comes with the following accessories: a steam cap for your delicate clothes, a lint brush and a fabric brush. The is9200 comes with: upholstery brush, lint brush, curtain extender and folding tool.


Both Rowenta is6300 and is9200 steamers are high quality clothes steamers with many satisfied users. They share many similarities, but there are several differences that make this decision difficult.

The is9200 has many more convenient features that give you more options and greater ease of use. It comes with a curtain extension, folding tool, retractable power cord (a feature most small devices should have, I think), and you can even control the level of steam.

On the other hand, the is6300 comes with Steam Support, a feature that reduces the risk of steam burns. This is also a feature that will make your steam jobs easier as it holds the garment in place better than the is9200. At the same time, many customers are happy with the performance of the 9200 despite its lack of support.

I would probably go with the is9200. Sure, roll and press support is a great feature, but I think you have to ditch a lot of other features to get it.

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