Rockwell rk3441k vs rk3440k

On this page you will find out the differences between the two compact circular saws in the Rockwell rk3441k vs rk3440k comparison. These machines are almost identical in almost all categories except a couple. We’ve done the research below for you, keep reading to find out which of these machines will work best for you.

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Rockwell RK3441k vs RK3440K: which compact circular saw is better …?

The basics

Rockwell RK3441K vs. RK3440K

Rockwell RK3441K

The RK3440K and RK3441K are both circular saws. As you might have guessed by Rockwell’s imaginative naming, the RK3441K is the superior model to the RK4330K.

The RK3440K weighs 3.4 lbs and looks balanced. However, some users have found that despite the light weight of this saw, the button configuration can make it difficult to operate with one hand. The RK3441K weighs more than the 3440 but is also nice and balanced. The same criticism of the placement of the controls is made with the RK3441K.

Many users of both of these saws have commented on their ergonomics of use, so the placement of the controls is likely to depend on hand size and personal preference. Some left-handed users have found placing the safety in a hard-to-reach location while cutting safely.

The RK3440K is priced slightly cheaper than the RK3441K (note that a sale may change that), but since the main difference between the two models is the RK4331K’s ability to chamfer, cost likely won’t be too big a factor. for you.

Chopped off

The RK3440K has a lower current motor; 4 amps to the 5 amps of the RK3441K. However, they have the same no-load speed, so as usual, amperage is not everything.

The RK3440K has a 3 3/8 “blade. It can cut a maximum of 1 1/16”. It has a laser indicator included which allows for a really precise cut. The cutting depth gauge is clearly marked and a plunge cut indicator is also included. The saw is mounted on the left, which means right-handed people can see exactly where the blade is going to fall. Some users have been frustrated with the RK3440K’s laser as it is powered by two 1.5V button cells rather than running off the motor. It seems like a huge oversight from Rockwell. Other users have found the laser to be too sensitive and the slightest movement makes it unnecessary.

The blade of the RK3441K is also mounted on the left, but there is no laser site included on this model. The 4 1/2 “diameter blade can also cut up to 1 1/16”. It can bevel up to 45 °, which makes this saw a more versatile machine. When fully beveled at 45 °, it can cut to 1 1/8 “. Like the RK3440K, the RK3441K can be used for plunge cuts.

A very small number of users described the RK3440K as dull and reported having difficulty cutting even soft wood. However, the majority of users seemed very happy with the cut quality of these two models.

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Other factors

  • The RK3440K and RK3441K have a built-in dust port which can be attached to a vacuum hose. This will reduce sawdust in your workshop.
  • Some users have found that the RK3441K’s shoe can be wobbly right out of the box, which they believe will result in less precise cuts. Some users have chosen to solve this problem by adding additional screws to the shoe to make sure it is more secure, however, others have chosen to look to have theirs replaced.
  • Other users have found the RK3440K Safety Spring to be very strong and requires a lot of force to overcome. This means that some users have found that a lot of pressure is needed to overcome the safety spring, which can be tiring.
  • Users have found the bevel and depth gauge settings on the RK3441K easy to use and intuitive.
  • The cords for both models are 10 feet long, so it may be beneficial to keep extended power on hand.
  • Some users have found that the RK3440K’s laser tends to light up during transport and drain the batteries. As mentioned, the fact that the laser does not work on mains power is a big problem for some.
  • Both of these models have an ergonomic and reasonably slim handle. Many users have found the grip to be very comfortable to use, although, as noted above, other users have had issues with the positioning of the controls.

What’s in the box?

The RK3440K includes:

  • 24 tooth carbide blade for cutting wood
  • A diamond point for cutting ceramic and cement
  • A high speed steel blade for cutting plastic and aluminum
  • A non-marking plastic base cover
  • A parallel edge guide
  • Vacuum adapter
  • Keys for blade change
  • Transport bag

The RK3441K includes:

  • 24 tooth carbide blade for cutting wood
  • Vacuum adapter (dust port on tool)
  • A parallel edge guide
  • Hexagonal wrench for blade changes
Rockwell RK3440K

Rockwell RK3440K

It’s a shame that the RK3441K doesn’t come with a carry bag like the RK3440K, because it always helps to be able to protect your tools from everything else in your tool bag.

Although the RK3440K comes with three different blades, there is no reason why you cannot fit other blades on the RK3441K if you want to cut other materials. 4½ “blades are commonly found in most hardware stores.


The warranty included on the RK4330K is a two-year limited warranty. Rockwell includes a three-year limited warranty on the RK3441K. The warranty extension does not seem to be related to more or less warranty claims between these two models.

A small number of users have had a major problem with the RK3441K. The bolt that holds the blade in some cases broke during the first use. Obviously, this is a matter of security. This defect does not appear to be widespread, however, it is definitely worth checking your saw assembly before using it for the first time. Some users have found that after some use the RK3441K can no longer cut in a straight line even when set to 0 °. This issue appears to have been resolved through a warranty claim and warranty service, but was still frustrating for users.

Some users have found that their RK3440K came with some missing or broken parts. This appears to have been resolved quickly by the Rockwell warranty.

Users generally reported that the warranty claim process was correct, although some users described a long wait for their claim or refund to be processed. This seems to be a case-by-case issue and depends on the service agent that users have dealt with.

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Summary and recommendation

In this comparison, we hope you have a better understanding of which of these compact circular saws is best for you. They are so similar but the differences are very significant. For one thing, the 3441 can cut on a bevel and cut deeper because it comes with a larger blade, which makes it more versatile. But the 3440 comes with a carry bag which in my opinion is not as important as the other features mentioned above.

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