Panasonic mc-cg937 vs mc-cg917

In this comparison, Panasonic mc-cg937 vs mc-cg917, you will find out which of these canister vacuums is right for you. These models are very similar, so it’s completely understandable that you want to get as much information as possible before making a buying decision. Whichever model you choose, know that you are certainly in good company here as both of these units are great options. Read on below.

Panasonic mc-cg937 – Click here to see the price

Panasonic mc-cg917 – Click here to see the price

Panasonic mc-cg937 vs mc-cg917: which canister vacuum is best for you …?

The basics

Panasonic ms-cg937 vs ms-cg917

Panasonic MC-CG917

These Panasonic canister vacuums are very similar to each other which suggests that Panasonic knows they were on to a good thing when they designed these two vacuums. Size-wise, these are almost identical dimensions and weights, with the MC-CG937 weighing 1 pound heavier at around 25 pounds. While the relatively heavy cans of these two models can make the cleaners somewhat bulky, the 360 ​​° hose swivel is a useful feature on both vacuums to help prevent the 6ft hose from twisting or tangling. . They both have a carrying handle on the top of the device for easy use.

Similar features

Before looking at the differences between these models, let’s take a quick look at their similarities. The MC-CG937 and MC-CG917 are both bagged vacuum cleaners with 12 amp motors. They both feature Panasonic’s OptiFlow technology. Bagged vacuums have had a bad reputation in the past because users have struggled to slow down the power as the bag begins to fill up. Panasonic’s OptiFlow system helps combat this problem. The vacuum bag sits in a removable basket to allow air to flow through the bag as it fills, which helps maintain suction even when the bag is nearly full. A vacuum bag system is a good option for people with allergies because all the dust, dirt, and allergens are trapped in the bag which can be thrown away with minimal dust in the air.

Both models feature HEPA filters, which remove 99.97% of particles 0.3 microns or larger. HEPA filters can also help remove dust from the air, which is a huge plus for people with allergies (and those of us who hate dust!). However, some users of both models are concerned about the poor seal between the hose and the bag, which allows dust to escape into the bag holder, and suggest that this could be fixed if the hose overlapped. more in the mouth of the bag. Panasonic recommends replacing the bag more frequently to avoid this, but it may be worth keeping in mind if you are specifically looking for a cleaner for a household with allergies.

Both models have a dual engine; that is, a motor that operates the suction in the cartridge and a separate motorized head. They both have 24 inch long cords, 6 foot long pipes with a 14 inch cleaning path. Some users say the MC-CG937 has better suction on the outside of the head. However, users say they are generally satisfied. They both have an on-off switch on their ergonomic handles. Some users say the 6ft hose for these two cleaners is too short; However, 6ft is a reasonably common length of hose for canister vacuums. Both models have carpet and bare floor adjustment, and a switch on the handle to toggle between the two modes. Carpet mode activates the motor in the head and cartridge, while bare ground mode only activates the cartridge motor to ensure that the motorized head does not damage your floors. These two models both have a built-in carpet height adjustment with four settings to accommodate almost any carpet or rug heights. They both come with tools stored in a recessed compartment above the cartridge.

You might be wondering with all these features in common, what is the difference between these two models?

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Click here for more details on the Panasonic mc-cg917


The MC-CG937, the more expensive of the two models, benefits from “variable horsepower”. This allows you to moderate the suction power for more or less suction for delicate items. This option is useful for cleaning dust off things like curtains and bedspreads without dragging all of the fabric into the vacuum. The control is conveniently located on the handle for ease of use.

The MC-CG937 comes with a quick release foot pedal to release the telescopic rod from the vacuum head. This allows the head to be released quickly and easily to enter crevices without the need to turn off the machine or bend down. It’s surprising that this small but useful feature isn’t included on many other vacuum cleaners. In contrast, a feature that many users are surprised is missing on both this model and the MC-CG917 is a “bag full” indicator.

Some users are concerned about the amount of plastic on this model, especially considering the price. While metal gaskets may be heavier, some users are concerned that the unit looks cheap and won’t stand the test of time. Despite this, many users who have owned this model for several years are impressed with the performance and have not reported any issues with the plastic seals.


The MC-CG917, while cheaper than the MC-CG937, doesn’t require too many sacrifices for a significantly lower price. This model does not include a variable wattage mode. However, it has manual suction control by means of a vent that can be opened or closed to reduce suction. Because there is no option to vary the power of the cleaner, it is basically running at maximum power all the time. Some users complain that it can waste power and be noisy, although others report that the motor is much quieter than expected. If noise is a serious concern for you, you may want to consider options other than these two Panasonic models.

If variable horsepower isn’t important to you, but suction is, this model may be a better option than the more expensive MC-CG937.

The MC-CG917 includes a floor brush, a dusting and padding brush, a crevice tool, an animal hair air turbine and the aluminum telescopic wand. These are stored on board and accessible via the accessories cover on the top of the cartridge. It is accessed by pressing an unlock button. Some users have found that the cover does not open and instead has to be opened by hand. Many users report being pleasantly surprised by the efficiency of this cleaner with the included animal hair air turbine in removing animal hair from surfaces their previous cleaners struggled with.


Both models are guaranteed for one year. Panasonic is generally well regarded for honoring its warranties; However, some users have reported having struggled to process Panasonic’s warranty claims for these particular vacuum cleaners. While most consider the build quality to be adequate for the price, some users have been frustrated with Panasonic customer services when making warranty claims. In particular, some people have been frustrated with the warranty provision which requires that all repairs be made by authorized repair services and found it difficult to deal with Panasonic customer service when attempting to arrange for repairs and service. spare parts.

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Click here for Panasonic mc-cg917 ratings and reviews

Summary and recommendation

Now we hope you have a better understanding of which of these units is right for you. These units are very similar. They aren’t the quietest, so if you’re particularly concerned about noise level, you might want to avoid these models altogether. The mc-cg937 is the upgraded version and the most important feature upgrade is variable wattage control. However, you have to consider that when you increase the functionality, you increase the price. The more economical mc-cg917 doesn’t sacrifice much at an affordable price, so it remains a viable option.

The choice comes down to cost versus feature upgrades. If I had to choose between the two, I would probably go with the mc-cg917 as it offers better value for money. In my opinion, you can live without the nominal upgrades offered at a premium on the mc-cg937.

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