Oster Model 10 vs Classic 76

This is a comparison between two iconic Oster hair clippers. Step into the Oster Model 10 vs Classic 76. In this comparison you will discover the differences, however small, that will help you choose between the two. One thing that is good to know is that you are in good company anyway. Both of these machines are considered by customers and experts to be of very high quality and durable. Keep reading below as we walk you through the best mowers for you.

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Oster Model 10 vs Classic 76 Hair Clipper Comparison

Size, appearance and construction

Oster 10 vs Classic 76 model

Hair clipper model 10 Oster

Right off the bat, the first detail that will catch your eye is that the Oster Model 10 is smaller and even thinner than the Oster Classic 76. It is also lighter than its counterpart. Due to its size, the Model 10’s handling is much easier than the Classic 76. You won’t tire as quickly working with the Classic 76. In terms of physical appearance, the Oster Classic 76 has a classic age. design. The Classic 76 is Oster’s flagship model, and to date they have hardly changed the design of this mower. The color of this mower is brown. On the other hand, the Model 10 was initially introduced before the Classic 76. But production was stopped after the launch of the Classic 76. The company has relaunched the legendary Model 10. The Model 10 is black in color.

Build quality

Both of these mowers have a solid exterior construction that can withstand hours and hours of use. The Oster Model 10 and Classic 76 hair clippers are both housed in an unbreakable housing, also known as Valox Material. The Valox material used in these two mowers ensures that the mower is capable of operating in harsh conditions while keeping the engine protected.

What’s in the box?

Besides the mowers themselves, there are some inclusions in the boxes of these Oster mowers that are common. For example, both of these mowers come with a blade guard, lubricating oil, and a cleaning brush. However, the Classic Model 76 also comes with mower grease. Oster only offers one detachable blade for the model 10. While the Classic 76 comes with two blades. However, customers have the option of purchasing blades separately. The Classic 76 comes with a 9 foot power cord. While the Model 10 comes with a 10ft power cord.

Hair clipper motor

Both of these Oster hair clippers must be plugged into an outlet to be used. It could be a downside compared to cordless hair clippers. But they are much more powerful than them. This may not be a big deal as the Classic 76 and Model 10 come with a 9 and 10 foot power cord respectively, which is more than enough to use the mowers with convenience. These two mowers come with a universal motor. This means that these mowers can run at much higher speeds compared to other mower motors. Customers who have used these two clippers are truly amazed at how well these clippers work on thick and even wet hair.

Hair clipper blades

The Oster Model 10 and Classic 76 both have an interchangeable blade system. By interchangeable we mean that you can attach and detach the blades at any different size as you need. When you buy these products you get a # 000 blade with both. But, you also get an extra blade, # 1, with the Oster Classic 76. This is no problem as you can also purchase the blades separately. The blade of these two Oster mowers is made of stainless steel. Several customers have complained that with prolonged use these blades tend to heat up which can get a little uncomfortable. It is advisable to take a blade cooler while using these clippers.

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Additional accessories

Whether you want to buy the Oster 10 or the Classic 76, both of these hair clippers have the exact same additional accessories available for separate purchase. These can be purchased individually or as a complete set. There are 14 detachable blade accessories as well as 10 universal comb accessories for these two models.

Cleaning and maintenance

Oster Classic 76

Oster Classic 76

Oster hair clippers are well known to perform well for long periods of time without the need for constant maintenance. The Classic 76 and Model 10 both have self-sharpening blades. And since these blades are made of stainless steel, they are almost effortless to maintain. When it comes time to clean your hair clipper, all you need to do is unfasten the blades, dust it off and lubricate it with lubricating oil. This aspect of the Oster hair clippers is something that many customers love.


Model 10

  • The extra foot length of the electric cord of this hair clipper has a slight advantage over its counterpart.
  • The Model 10 is almost 25% lighter than the Classic 76.
  • Due to its lighter and slimmer body, many customers are extremely happy with how long they can use this hair clipper without any strain on their hands.
  • Model 10 is extremely durable thanks to Valox material and engine design

Classic 76

  • The general consensus opinion that has used this product loves its iconic look and design.
  • Any type of hair, whether human or animal, and no matter how thick, the Classic 76 can cut it with absolute ease.
  • The Classic 76 is extremely robust and durable, thanks to the Valox material.

The inconvenients

Model 10

  • Overheating of stainless steel blades after prolonged use is something that many customers have complained about.
  • There have been a few complaints that the mower takes a while to start operating despite activating the toggle switch.
  • Some customers who have used this product in a hair salon have complained about its inability to cope with the store’s workload.

Classic 76

  • Many women complain that due to its size, this hair clipper becomes difficult to use after a while. He tends to put a strain on their hands.
  • Many people have had issues with the power of this hair clipper.
  • Classic 76 is a hair clipper which is not recommended for beginners.


Both of these Oster hair clippers have a one year warranty.


There are hardly any differences between the Classic 76 and the Model 10. But we lean more towards the Classic 76 than towards the Model 10. The Classic 76 is a little more professional than its counterpart. And its iconic design is something we just can’t ignore, making it our favorite of the two.

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