Oster A5 vs A6 Animal Clippers Updated 2020

If you are trying to decide which pet clippers to buy in the Oster A5 vs A6 comparison, You are in the right place. While these are two very similar machines, they are also very different. Both of these machines are very good, but understanding how the differences will affect performance can sway you one way or the other.

I wish I had known about either mower before my mom recently bought an animal mower. Those inexpensive units that you find in local department stores aren’t going to cut it, pun intended. Read the information below to find out which of these Oster pet razors is right for you.

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Oster A5 vs A6: which set of animal clippers should you buy…?

Appearance and size

There is a glaring difference in the appearance of these mowers. The Oster A5 is blue and looks dated. In fact, I remember being cut by my uncle years ago. It is the same conception. It is a very basic looking machine.

Oster A5 vs A6

Oster A5 2-speed removable cryogenic grooming X

In contrast, the A6 looks more modern. It is black with blue accents. The shape is designed with contours to help you hold the mower more comfortably. Appearance isn’t very important for machines like this, but when everything else is equal, it can be a deciding factor. These machines are roughly the same size. But the A6 is smaller and much lighter. In fact, it weighs less than a pound. Oster says this is their lightest mower. This light weight is important to reduce hand fatigue.


After doing the research, I think you’ll be happy with the performance of either machine. They both operate at high revs. The A5 has two speeds. At the bottom it will generate 3000 RPM and at the top you will get 4000 RPM. The A6 has 3 speeds. At the bottom you’ll get 3,100 RPM, medium in 3,600 and on the top, 4,400 RPM.

So with the Oster A6 you will get about a 10% increase in production, which might make your toughest jobs a bit easier. Overall, though, I don’t think you’ll feel a particularly noticeable performance difference.

Running hot …

Both of these mowers will get hot. When a machine runs regularly at 4000 rotations per minute, it becomes hot. The A6 has a high output engine that will run smoother and stay cooler for longer. Even still, it will be hot. It may be a good idea to purchase a cooling gel that is available for purchase.

Matted fur …

You might be interested in these machines for cutting the matted fur of your pet or farm animal. The best approach seems to be to gently remove the tangled tuft from the skin and then cut the hair close to the skin. If you must use mowers to do this job, then you need to be especially careful. I think both of these machines will work on the matted fur as well.

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Noise and vibrations

Some people are more sensitive to noise and vibrations than others. Whenever I use machines at high revs for a long time, I end up with a feeling of numbness in my hands. This happens when I use my weed burner, snow blower, and even my lawn mower. The feeling subsides eventually, but it can be annoying. The A6 is fitted with vibration isolators. This will make the operation much more comfortable as it will reduce both the noise level and the vibration.

Removable blade system

To detach a blade from my mower, I need to remove two screws. Both of these machines have a detachable blade system (a # 10 blade is included with an antimicrobial coating). This makes the operation very simple, you simply snap the blade out of its place. Don’t worry, the blade won’t slip. And you won’t have to worry about the hair going into the machine. The front plate is specially designed to prevent hair from entering. All blades that work with the A5 will work with the A6.

Power cord

Both of these machines have a 12-foot power cord, which is important depending on what type of access you have to a power supply.


I believe in the Oster brand. I know my uncles still have Oster mowers from decades ago that were passed down from my grandfather. But, if you had to pick one for its durability, you should go for the A5 as it has been proven to work over time.

Oster A5 vs A6

Oster A6 Comfort Heavy Animal Hair Clipper


Both of these mower sets come with a 12 month warranty.


Considering the two sets of mowers in the Oster A5 vs A6 comparison, I would go with the A6. It’s the upgrade, and I think it’s worth it. Sometimes upgrades don’t make any measurable difference in performance.

But it is not the case here. The A6 is more powerful, it is lighter, has a more comfortable design and it looks better. The A6 won’t get as hot as the A5, nor will it vibrate or make as much noise. I think the A6 is the obvious choice here.

Oster A5 – Check the price

Oster A6 – Check the price

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