Osprey Raptor 10 vs Raptor 14

The Osprey Raptor 10 vs Raptor 14 includes two hydration packs from one of the most respected brands in the backpack industry. These packs are very similar, but which one you choose will be based on the differences, no matter how small. Right below you’ll find everything you need to know to be comfortable with whatever decision you make.

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Osprey Raptor 10 VS Raptor 14: which hydration pack is right for you …?


Both of these hydration packs are made from high quality materials. The materials are light, durable and stretchy, giving the bags a very comfortable feel. As a result, the Osprey Raptor 10 and 14 rank among the most used packs by bikers for off-road tours and daily rides.

Bladder Specifications

Osprey Raptor 10 vs. Raptor 14

Osprey Raptor 10

One of the strengths of either pack is the water reservoir, commonly known as the bladder. The bladder has a sturdy and rigid frame and a water capacity of 2.9 liters. The rigid frame of the bladder prevents it from sagging even when half full. Customers are very happy with the bladder construction and the benefits that come with it, saying you can never hear the water splashing around in the tank even when it’s not full. The bladder is delivered with a vertical handle attached to its frame. The handle stabilizes the bladder and helps to remove it or put it back in the bag. Many users report that it is very easy to insert or remove the bladder, even when both the bladder and the main bag are filled to the hilt.

Older bladder models come with a round cap covering the cover. The new Raptor models have a water tank with a folding zipper. The liner is sealed, rather than the screw type of the previous model. Regardless of the model obtained, the bladders are known to be BPA and PVC free. They have been designed with complete protection against germs and ensure that your water does not have a lingering chemical taste or odor.

There is no difference between the bladders of the two packs. They are the same size and water capacity and have exactly the same characteristics.

Equipment capacity, space and size

The Osprey Raptor 10 and 14 are available in two sizes: S / M and M / L. S / M size bags are for people with a torso length of around 18 “and height under 5’6″. M / L size bags are best suited for people over 5’6 ” with a torso length greater than 18 “.

The Raptor 10 has a capacity of 8L for the S / M waist pack and 10L for the M / L waist pack, while the Raptor 14 has a capacity of 12L for the S / M waist pack and 14L for the Bag size M / L.

Simply put, the Osprey Raptor 14 offers greater gearing capacity than the Raptor 10. If you’re looking to take longer bike rides in more remote terrain and feel the need to pack more stuff than usual, then the Raptor 14 is your best bet. If you don’t need the extra space the Raptor 14 offers and only pack for your normal daily commutes, then the Raptor 10 will serve you better.

The Raptor 14 is noticeably longer and taller than the Raptor 10, but the Raptor 10 offers a slimmer fit. The larger size and extra space of the Raptor 14 explains its higher price in the market.

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Both backpacks have three different color options: black, blue (Persian blue) and red (red pepper).

Compartments and security

Osprey Raptor 14

Osprey Raptor 14

Both bags have a large main zippered cargo pocket, sleeves on either side of the main pocket for stashing pumps and two mid-sized zipped hip pockets. The Osprey Raptor 10 has two exterior pockets: one towards the side of the bag and another towards the top of the bag to store small personal items that need quick access. The Raptor 14, in addition to having a larger main compartment, has an exterior mesh pocket mounted just in the center of the bag and a front side-access pocket.

They both contain a removable tool pouch at the bottom of the bag to help you store and access your tools in an organized fashion. The tool pouch also prevents your tools from moving uncomfortably in the bag during transport.


Both bike packs are designed with an impressive suspension system that helps with weight distribution and total body stability. Their shoulder straps, chest (or sternum) straps and hip belts are made of stretchable materials and do not cause any discomfort when in use. The chest strap can be adjusted to the desired height. The packs also come with a mesh covered foam back panel which helps with ventilation and good air circulation.

Convenient Features

They both feature internal compression straps to secure the contents of the bag during transport, providing added stability and comfort. The packs also have attachment points for helmets and turn signals near the base of the front panel.

Additionally, the chest strap has a magnetic clip that works with a second magnet in the bite valve and helps keep your bladder hose securely in place while riding. The hose itself can be easily attached and detached, and the bite valve works great. However, several customers have complained that the chest strap and bite valve magnets interfere with electronics and compasses. Others have claimed that the elastic straps securing the hose to the shoulder strap tend to lose their elasticity over time making them a bit loose but still effective.

Durability and guarantee

The general consensus of users is that the Osprey Raptor 10 and 14 are lightweight yet very strong and durable. As with all of its products, Osprey offers a lifetime warranty on these hydration packs, ensuring that you get prompt replacements anytime and anywhere for any damage or defect found in the packs.

Pros and Cons of the Osprey Raptor 10


  • Made of durable and lightweight materials
  • Very comfortable
  • Lifetime warranty
  • More fitted cut
  • Robust water tank
  • Efficient magnetic system between chest strap and bite valve

The inconvenients

  • Reduced capacity and space compared to the Raptor 14
  • Rain covers must be purchased separately

Pros and Cons of the Osprey Raptor 14


  • Higher gear capacity and more space than the Raptor 10
  • Made of durable and lightweight materials
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Comfortable
  • Robust water tank
  • Great choice for long bike rides
  • Efficient magnetic system between chest strap and bite valve

The inconvenients

  • Rain covers must be purchased separately
  • Bigger and bulkier

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Summary and recommendation

The Osprey Raptor 10 and Raptor 14 are popular hydration packs from the Osprey brand. These packs have a large 2.9 liter bladder and the only difference that really separates them is the large capacity. You can fit more stuff inside the Raptor 14 than the 10. So this is a personal choice that will depend on what you plan to do with your new backpack and who you will be with when you pack it. will do. If you are keeping everyone’s things, maybe you should go with the 14. If you are going solo, then the 10 might be fine for you.

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