Oreck Commercial U2000RB-1 vs Bissell 3583

Vacuums are essential in your home if you want to keep it clean and for general hygiene purposes. There are thousands of options to choose from, but if you’re looking for impressive durability and performance, focusing on the Oreck and Bissell upright vacuums is a great place to start. Deciding between the Oreck Commercial U2000RB-1 and the Bissell 3583 can be a very difficult task, but we’ve made it super easy for you. On this page you will find everything you need to know about these vacuum cleaners, their various unique features and suitability for use.

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Oreck Commercial U2000RB-1 vs. Bissell 3583

Design and construction

Oreck Commercial U2000RB-1 vs. Bissell 3583

Oreck Commercial U2000RB-1

The Bissell 3583 is designed strictly for home use with an appearance similar to regular vacuum cleaners. However, its building materials have received serious criticism from a large percentage of consumers, as the parts are made from cheap plastic and would break after a few months of use.

The Oreck Commercial U2000RB-1 is a commercial grade vacuum and it shows in every inch of its design and construction. Its sleek profile makes it incredibly easy to clean under furniture. What really makes the Oreck U2000RB-1 a better, stronger and more reliable machine is its unique belt system. The vacuum cleaner is designed with a toothed V-belt including a gear motor and brush pulley to extend the life of the belt and prevent slipping.

Height and weight

The Bissell 3583 is getting bigger and bigger than the Oreck U2000RB-1. Unsurprisingly, the Bissell is also the heavier of the two vacuums, weighing twice that of the Oreck vacuum. The lightweight nature of the Oreck makes it a more preferred choice as it is easier to maneuver while cleaning, can be easily moved from place to place, and easily carried as you go up and down the stairs.


The Oreck Commercial U2000RB-1 is available in a combination of red and gray while the Bissell 3583 is predominantly white with subtle hints of purple.

Cleaning technology

According to the manufacturer, the Bissell 3583 is equipped with a multi-cyclonic vacuum system that allows you to thoroughly clean your floors. The vacuum cleaner also comes with a unique brush roll design that is known to clean effectively in one pass. The combination of the cyclonic action and brush design of this Bissell vacuum gives birth to its popular OnePass technology. With this technology, Bissell claims that users only need one pass of the machine to effectively clean their floors and, in so doing, save time and energy. In reality, consumers claim that one pass isn’t enough to really clean floors and that a double pass of the machine actually cleans much better.

The Oreck Commercial U2000RB-1 is designed with a brush roll system that features double helix brushes moving at very powerful speeds and directing dirt towards the vacuum inlet. The U2000RB-1 is also equipped with side brushes to effectively clean the edges of floors and walls as well as areas next to cabinets and baseboards.

Dust container and filter bags

The Bissell 3583 is a bagless vacuum and as such collects dirt via a removable dirt tank (also called a canister). The cartridge is large enough for a substantial cleaning session without the need to empty it frequently. Once full, it can be easily removed from the vacuum cleaner and its contents released into the trash via strategically placed buttons. It is also very easy to put back in the vacuum cleaner.

The Bissell vacuum cleaner has a multi-filtration system and therefore requires several filters. Some of these filters are washable and reusable while others are not and need to be replaced regularly. The partially sealed nature of its filtration system makes the Bissell 3583 a poor choice for people with allergies.

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On the other hand, The Oreck Commercial U2000RB-1 is a bagged vacuum cleaner and uses large disposable dust bags. These bags feature an impressive filtering system that caters to people with allergies. The top-fill bag design ensures that the vacuum continues to run at maximum power even when the bag is nearly full. The bags are also designed with a closure system which is activated once the user attempts to remove the filled bag. By doing this, the dirt is sealed and does not accidentally spill out of the bag while exchanging it for an empty bag.

Suitable floor types and height adjustment

Bissell 3583

Bissell 3583 can be used on carpet and hardwood floors. However, like most household vacuums, the Bissell 3583 tends to perform better on one floor surface than the other. It works better on carpets than on hardwood surfaces. Commercial vacuums like the Oreck Commercial U2000RB-1 are designed to perform extremely well on multiple floor surfaces. This makes the Oreck a more versatile piece of equipment, capable of effectively cleaning carpets, tiles, wood and laminate floors.

To be easily used on various floor surfaces, the Bissell 3583 is equipped with five different height settings. Users must manually adjust the height of the vacuum according to the floor area they are currently cleaning.

The Oreck Commercial U2000RB-1 shows a bit more automation with its automatic height adjustment feature. Thanks to the MicroSweep technology built into the operation of the vacuum, once it detects that it is on a different floor surface, it automatically adjusts its height without the need for any manual input from the vacuum cleaner. user.

Tools and Attachments

Unlike the Oreck Commercial U2000RB-1, the Bissell 3583 comes with a full set of tools and accessories. These include a turbo brush, a dusting brush, an extension and a crevice tool.

Convenient Features

The Bissell 3583 is equipped with a self-retracting cord. A release pedal lowers the vacuum handle for easier cleaning under furniture.

The Oreck Commercial U2000RB-1 does not have the retractable cord function. Instead, it has a much longer cord for increased reach while cleaning. Its handle is very easy to use and can be adjusted to a completely flat position for easy cleaning and storage. The on / off switch is conveniently located on the handle.


The noise level of the Bissell 3583 is average on carpets and quite high on hardwood floors. Users also complain that the Oreck vacuum cleaner has a fairly high noise level when using it.


The Oreck Commercial U2000RB-1 comes with a one-year commercial warranty period and a 5-year warranty on its belt, while the Bissell 3583 comes with a 3-year limited warranty period.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Oreck Commercial U2000RB-1


  • Equipped with a permanent and durable belt
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Sustainable
  • Can be used for residential and commercial purposes

The inconvenients

  • Noisy
  • Does not come with enough tools and accessories

Advantages and disadvantages of the Bissell 3583


  • Self-retracting cord
  • Ideal for carpets
  • Easy assembly

The inconvenients

  • Noisy
  • Heavy
  • Inexpensive construction


At regular price, the Oreck Commercial U2000RB-1 costs about double the Bissell 3583 (prices may vary depending on retailer and other factors). Is it worth increasing the price? Yes it is. The Oreck is superior in all the areas that matter; durability, level of performance, surface area and suitability for use. It gives you value for your money and will definitely leave you with a satisfied owner. However, if you’re a fan of bagless vacuums and want something cheap and affordable, then the Bissell 3583 is the way to go.

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