Omron 3 Series vs 7 Series

Which blood monitor is right for you – the Omron 3 or the 7 Series? You have come to the right place to find out. These two models have everything you need to conveniently and easily take your blood pressure on the go.

We live in an age where everything is getting feature-rich and “smart,” and that includes your blood pressure monitor. You no longer need to be limited or bothered by loud and bulky equipment to track your heart health. Wrist portable blood pressure monitors are much easier to use than arm models.

Below, find out everything you need to choose between these two compact blood pressure monitors.

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Wrist blood pressure monitors VS Arm blood pressure monitors…

Some specialists claim that wrist monitors are not as accurate as their upper arm counterparts. However, all of my research indicates that they are just as accurate. In fact, many doctor’s offices use wrist monitors, possibly because they are easier to use and less intrusive.

Whether you use an arm unit or a wrist unit, there will be a margin of error. Comparing the results of the wrist blood pressure monitors and the arm units, some said the results differed only slightly. Both are said to be clinically proven to be precise.

For the most part, what is important is that wild up or down fluctuations are watched.

Appearance and size

Clinically Accurate Omron 3 Series BP629 Pressure

Unless you are familiar with these units, you probably wouldn’t be able to differentiate these devices from other activity monitors in the market i.e. smart phones or smart phones. This gives these machines a huge advantage: discretion.

There are two units that are part of the 7 series, the BP654 and the BP654N – the former being a wireless / Bluetooth compatible model. The BP654N (Series 7) and Series 3 are white in color while the BP654 is gray (I think the gray color makes it even more inconspicuous). Both screens are large and easy to read and understand. The Series 7 has a bit of an updated design as it looks more modern and therefore aesthetic in my opinion. There is a Velcro strap on all models.

These three units are roughly the same size, approximately 4 inches by 5 inches. The wrist straps are wide enough to fit very large wrists as well as smaller ones. Some users claim that they are able to fit the unit under their clothing.

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Simple operation

You no longer have to be intimidated by the blood test process. With any of these models listed on this page, there is a straightforward process.

All you have to do is attach the monitor and press the start button. The machine will do the rest. Both 7 Series models have what is called “heart zone guidance”. In order to get the best reading, your arm should be at heart level. There are orange and blue lights. When the indicator light is orange you need to lift a little more and when it is blue you are good to go and the machine will start working automatically.

When it has finished working, you will have a reading of your blood pressure (diastolic / systolic) and pulse. All of these monitors will check for irregularities in your heartbeat. You will be alerted if there are any.

Track your readings

With the three models on this page, you will be able to store your blood pressure readings. The Series 3 model can store up to 60 readings and the two Series 7 models can store up to 100 readings.


Only the BP654 (series 7) is Bluetooth compatible. Not only will you be able to store up to 100 readings in the unit itself, but you will also be able to sync your results to your mobile device. Thanks to this feature, you will be able to access your numbers at any time, whether you are at home or not. It’s a really handy feature. You can even use it to send your readings to your doctor.

Silence is golden

Omron 7 Series Clinically Wireless Bluetooth Connectivity

Blood pressure monitors can be noisy. It certainly makes sense because they are pumping air. But the 3 Series model will be louder than the others.

But the 7-series machines have “super-quiet operation”. As the air enters the machine smoothly and smoothly, very little noise is created during the process. In addition, when the air is exhausted from either of these machines, there is little noise produced.

Quiet operation means you won’t disturb anyone when using it. It also adds to your privacy.

Storage locker

Only the BP654 (Series 7 wireless model) comes with a carrying case.


Both 7 Series models (BP654 and BP654N) come with a 5 year limited warranty, while the 3 Series (BP629) comes with a 3 year warranty.


All Omron 3 vs 7 series models are good choices. But if I chose, I would go with the BP654 7 series bluetooth model. With its Bluetooth capability, you can track and access your BP results using the app at any time.

Depending on when you buy you might have to pay a premium for the added functionality, but when I checked the difference wasn’t that big.

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