Moen MotionSense Haysfield vs Arbor

In the age of technology and home automation, the touchless kitchen faucet is a welcome addition. The Moen brand is known for quality kitchen accessories and fixtures, and the Haysfield and Arbor faucets are no exception. Choosing between the two can be quite difficult, as aside from a few stylistic differences and a few features, these faucets are basically the same. This Moen MotionSense Haysfield vs Arbor comparison article aims to take an in-depth look at these two products and determine which faucet is right for you.

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Moen MotionSense HaysField and Arbor Kitchen Faucets Comparison

Design and appearance

Moen motionsense haysfield vs arbor

Moen MotionSense Arbor

Both faucets are designed with an elegant look reminiscent of modern faucets. Their height, high arc design and curved dumbbell shape allow them to fill large pots and pans without any maneuvering on the part of users. They also come with a single lever or handle located at the base of the faucet for ease of use and control the water temperature.


The Moen MotionSense gazebo is available in three color variations: Oil Rubbed Bronze, Chrome, and Spot Resist Stainless Finish. A large percentage of users tend to prefer the Spot Resist Stainless model because, as the name suggests, this model ensures that the faucet is not riddled with fingerprints and water spots which are signs of mark of a faucet that has been used over time.

Due to this obvious preference, the Haysfield has been released in just one design color option: the Spot Resist stainless finish, ensuring your faucet remains stain-free throughout its lifetime.

Motion sensors

These faucets use Moen’s exclusive MotionSense technology to achieve the touchless functionality that users love. This technology works via two sensors integrated in the faucet. One sensor is located on top of the faucet while the other is located at the base just above the faucet handle. These two sensors act separately to provide the desired contactless function.

Once you run your hand over the top of the faucet, the sensor at the top is immediately activated and the water will flow out. To stop the flow, you have two options: you can either run your hand over the top of the tap again, or decide to wait 2 minutes for the water to stop automatically.

The lower sensor activates once it detects movement near the base of the faucet, such as your hand, a glass, or a pot. Once activated, the water will flow and stop only when the activation source is removed or after a period of 2 minutes.

This hands-off technology to turn on your faucet is truly a brilliant idea, but like any brilliant idea, it has its own drawbacks. Many users claim that it takes a while for them to get used to the non-contact feature, mainly because once the sensors, especially the one at the top, detect any hand movement above, it releases a constant stream of water and eventually wets the sleeves and clothing of family members and guests.

Fortunately, Moen has several measures in place to prevent this accidental water spill. Users can temporarily turn off the top sensor by holding their hand on it for 5 seconds. To reactivate it, simply repeat the same gesture for the same duration. Another option is to rotate the faucet to face an uncrowded area of ​​the kitchen to avoid accidental activation. A last resort is to turn off the sensors completely using the instruction manual and use the handle to operate your faucets manually.

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Pull-out spray head and pause function

Another popular design of these faucets is their pull-out spouts or spray heads. If you have a large, dirty pot a considerable distance from the wash area, there is no need to drag it to the sink. Simply remove the spray head and its flexible braided hose unrolls from the faucet and extends to the desired point. The spray head is designed with a pause button that can be pressed to stop the flow of water when you move the hose above the counter and released when you have arrived at your final destination.

Once done, manual head replacement is not necessary. Just let go of the spout and it slides smoothly and snaps back into place securely. Faucets achieve this using Moen’s Reflex system.

Spray patterns

When the spout is in pull-out mode, you can switch between two spray modes: a constant aerated stream for daily cleaning and a more powerful stream for heavy-duty applications via the included buttons and Moen’s PowerClean technology.


They are designed with the same flow rate and the same water consumption of approximately 1.5 to 2 GPM (gallons per minute)

Convenient Features

The Moen MotionSense Haysfield comes with a soap dispenser, unlike the Arbor. On the other hand, the Arbor is designed with an eco-performance feature which helps to save water usage by using less water while providing optimum performance.

Energy source

They both require 6 AA batteries to operate and these batteries are included in the product packaging. However, these batteries do not last long and must be constantly replaced. Buying an AC adapter eliminates the need for batteries.


Both faucets come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Pros and Cons of the Moen MotionSense Haysfield


  • The high arc design makes it very easy and convenient to use
  • Features a retractable spout and flexible hose
  • Motion detection can be easily disabled
  • Comes with a soap dispenser

The inconvenients

  • Short battery life

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Motion MotionSense Tree


  • Saves water thanks to its eco-efficient function
  • The high arc design makes it very easy and convenient to use
  • Features a retractable spout and flexible hose
  • Motion detection can be easily disabled

The inconvenients

  • Short battery life


These two touchless faucets are undoubtedly brilliant and offer one of the best hands-off service on the market. The Moen Arbor can do just about anything the Haysfield can do, and at even less cost. It also has an eco-performance mode which allows you to reduce your water bill. The only thing Haysfield gives you is an extra soap dispenser, and no eco-performance features at a much higher price. A sale could certainly close the gap between these two products, but at regular price, the Haysfield’s added accessories aren’t worth the extra dollars.

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