Mayflash F300 vs F500 – Which Joystick is best?

So, in this article, we will compare Mayflash F300 vs Mayflash F500 joysticks.

Games at the moment are played at an aggressive level in which each flow counts and is essential. One of these competitive genres is preventing/arcade fashion. Many players spend day and night to ideal their talents in combating games. Many of those players opt for an arcade stick or combat stick as their weapon of preference in the combating world. So in case you need to go antique-style and use an Arcade stick for gaming then you definitely have come to the proper area. Here, we have curated a dedicated list of combat sticks for each specialist and beginner. So without any postpone, right here are the ten satisfactory Fight Sticks (Arcade Sticks) that you may purchase for fighting games.

Mayflash F300 vs F500 Comparision

Mayflash F500 Joysticks Features

The Mayflash F500 is the first-rate stick in its very own right. It’s especially reasonably priced in comparison to the extra top class joysticks but nevertheless is respectable in phrases of great.

Perhaps the only element that slightly shall we the F500 down is its performance. Whilst now not terrible, it without a doubt doesn’t have the responsiveness of the greater high priced joysticks on the market. And that’s absolutely most effective for one reason: The well-known Mayflash buttons and joystick are not Sanwa.

Whilst it’s real you could just as without difficulty mod the F500 and set up your own Sanwa components, not all of us will want to do this and can need a pre-constructed joystick with Sanwa elements alternatively.

It feels a little strange for this listing to include TWO things from Mayflash, however, the Mayflash F500 is well worth making an exception. How does an evaluation of the Mayflash F300 vs F500 keep up? Well, each is not absolutely targeted on portability.

But specifically the F500. It’s pretty cumbersome, measuring around 14 x nine x 2.4 inches. And the steel frame continues the burden up around six pounds, several times heavier than F300. The Mayflash F500 presents a ramification of more customization alternatives that are not available to the F300.

But beyond those extra customization alternatives, you’ll discover the hardware itself is pretty similar. The manipulate format is sort of an identical exercise of the F300. That consists of a turbo button, and a velocity selector to will let you regulate the turbo input speed.

Highlights & Accessibility

The simplest actual difference comes about while we search for a vibration function, which the F500 can deliver and the F300 can’t. They’re promoting a wristband one after the other that helps you to upload rumble on your wrist or otherwise add tactile comments. Personally, I assume that’s a chunk gimmicky. But a few people are into it.

Basically, the most effective aspect missing from the F500 is something like a wi-fi connection scheme. However, that’s no longer necessarily a deficit. Because taking benefit of amendment potential through the usage of one of the excellent Nintendo Switch Bluetooth Adapters can resolve that trouble for you.

As some distance as compatibility is going, this device is quite like the F300. It can be used on the Xbox, PlayStation, PC, and of course the Nintendo Switch. It’s even feasible to connect it along a telephone using an Android OS. To get audio, you can hook up with a three.5-mm headphone jack, which lets you to transmit for VOIP.


  • Wide Compatibility
  • Quite affordable
  • Great performance
  • Mod the buttons
  • Pretty good build quality
  • Offers Elite version with Sanwa buttons


  • None

Mayflash F300 Joysticks Features

Looking for something that’s “not bad” however still budget aware? Then you in all likelihood want the Mayflash F300. It doesn’t have the type of outward excessive-give up aesthetic which you’ll locate on flashier manufacturers. But it’s what’s inside that counts, right?

The case measures about 22 x thirteen x 11, weighing approximately 4lb in overall. So it’s now not exactly fantastically transportable. The format itself is pretty conventional. Each button has been given labeling with PS and Xbox lettering to make it a touch greater approachable for inexperienced persons. Similar to loads if its competitors, they’re running a traditional rectangular restrict plate for coping with the inputs. That makes the F300 best for lots of distinctive arcade-style of video games.

Highlights & Accessibility

Looking up in the direction of the left corner of the casing, you’ll discover controls being laid out. That consists of a turbo characteristic, a pace selector that helps you to adjust the turbo a bit, and the capacity to invert the joystick axis so it really works backwards. (If you’re one of those madmen who sincerely invert their controls… you usually don’t see that type of thing out of doors of plane simulators.)

So what makes this component so incredible? Well, the Mayflash F300 may be run on basically any sport machine. It is important to use a 3-way selector turn on the pinnacle of the case to transport between different settings. But the use of that switch, you could jump over to the PlayStation four, the PlayStation 3, the Xbox 360, the Xbox One, PC, and of path the Nintendo Switch. That kind of versatility is quite valuable for humans who’ve numerous gaming structures at their disposal.

Hypothetically, it might be feasible to install Sanwa buttons inside of this package, supplying you with advanced tactile feedback., However, the blanketed buttons aren’t that bad. They’re nothing fancy or excessive-quit, but they experience responsiveness and they pop right lower back into area once you press them.


  • Best for budget users
  • Great response; almost no latency
  • Wide compatibility
  • 8-button layout


  • No Sanwa buttons

How to Choose an Arcade Stick?

First and foremost, you must test the material of the Arcade stick. If it’s a product of steel then the stick will close for a miles longer duration. Similarly, if it’s a plastic body then you may expect shorter durability.

Next, you ought to check if the Arcade Stick lets you to mod the buttons as many gamers have a tendency to personalize the motion buttons in step with their desire. And most significantly, if your Arcade Stick features Sanwa Denshi buttons then you may have a completely responsive experience whilst gaming with the stick. They are just higher in terms of time and accuracy.

Lastly, you ought to take a look at if an Arcade Stick is compatible with your gamepad or console. If the stick is certainly compatible then you definitely are accurate to head.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which is The Best Arcade Stick?

I would effortlessly select Mayflash F500 due to its compatibility with an extensive variety of devices and normal excellent overall performance. If you have got a higher price range then move for F500 Elite which comes with Sanwa Denshi buttons.

Q. What Arcade Sticks do Pros Use?

From Mayflash to Hori and Qanba, specialists use all styles of Arcade sticks. You can go through our above list to locate some seasoned-degree preventing sticks.

Q. Are Arcade Sticks Better than Controllers?

There is a section of gamers who prefer Arcade sticks to controllers generally because of greater functionality. You have 8 buttons and you can customise them along with your brief actions. As I stated, for a few customers, that’s a large benefit.

Q. How Do You Use an Arcade Stick?

Using an Arcade stick is quite easy, however, you want to spend a while to get the grip of the buttons. You will connect your combating stick with your gaming console or gamepad. And then you could start the use of an Arcade stick.

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