MaxiMatic EDF-4080 Elite Platinum Stainless 8-Quart Deep Fryer Review

Are you the kind of fellow obsessed with fried food? Most likely you haven’t found a good fryer to meet the standards that you desire.

However, you do not need to worry. This awesome made deep fryer solves all your frying problems if any maybe.

This fryer is attractively housed in a brushed stainless steel exterior with two enamel coated non-stick removable containers that allow you to fry two kinds of foods at the same time concurrently so as to give you a delicious tasty snack.

It is made with a family-size capacity; the fryer also allows you to cook an entire family meal at once.

If you need to save time and cook large amounts of food faster, then this fryer is what you need. You can double up on your favourite fried foods cooked with this Elite Platinum 8Qt Dual Basket Deep Fryer. Fry up some bizarre food combinations as you enjoy life.

Adequate Cooking Capacity

The Elite Platinum 8Qt Dual Basket Deep Fryer is made to give you room to prepare an entire family-size meal once comfortably without stress.

With a capacity of 26 pounds of food that can be fried in each basket, the fryer gives you the power to prepare abundant amounts of food for family and friends easily. No need to worry about a deep fryer, this one cancels out all your worries.

Dual Frying Cups

A good deep fryer should be able to cook two different foods separately without mixing them, and this is what this deep fryer has solved.

The Elite Platinum 8Qt Dual Basket Deep Fryer is equipped with two individual frying containers that give you the chance to fry two different types of foods separately at the same time. So you can fry chicken and beef all at the same time without mixing them. How awesome!

Easy To Handle And Use

This deep fryer has vented cool touch lids that ensure you can handle your fryer while cooking without getting burnt. It also has two enamel non-stick removable containers and removable heating elements that ensure easy cleaning before using it for the next meal.

The fryer is specifically made to be used by all customers and hence doesn’t have complicated instructions in using it.

Fully Immersible Heating Elements

The deep fryer’s heating elements are made such that when the baskets are filled with oil, the heating elements are completely submerged hence easy heating of your cooking oil and therefore faster cooking of your food.

The heating elements also ensure that your food is also prepared in the best cooking conditions so that it gets prepared well. It is the best.

Temperature Control

For a deep fryer controlling the cooking temperature is very important to ensure your food doesn’t get burnt. The Elite Platinum 8Qt Dual Basket Deep Fryer has separate temperature controls on each side up to 3750 F.

Also, a separate power and ready indicator light let you know when the oil is ready so that you can now place your food. This guarantees you maximum cooking conditions when preparing your meal.

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  • Easy to clean
  • Efficient temperature controls indicator
  • Adequate cooking capacity
  • Can cook two foods separately
  • Very fast heating


  • Gets grimy fast

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the total wattage of this deep fryer?

A: It is about 2400Watts.

Q: Does the fryer come with a lid?

A: Yeah, the fryer comes with a lid.

Q: How do you drain the oil in case you need to clean?

A: Each side of the fryer has an individual container that just lifts out.

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Final Verdict

This deep fryer is a highly good product when it comes to frying. It heats up faster and maintains the heat for perfect cooking.

The temperature can be set very easily and cleaning it up is great with no hassle and very quick. The two separate cooking bins allow you to cook two kinds of food without mixing the grease.

It is surely the best fryer for a weekend cookout. You can fry up some favorites like fries and onion rings or even try something unique.

Am impressed with this fryer, and I surely recommend it to everyone. It’s the best value for your money. Get it and you won’t regret for sure.

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