LiftMaster 880Lm vs 888Lm

The importance of smart wall control panels cannot be overstated. No matter what other accessories you buy, if a control panel is missing, virtually nothing can be done with your garage door opener. It serves as a programming basis for any other additional accessory and informs owners of the general condition of their door openers. Therefore, it is important that the right decision is made when selecting one. This page shows a detailed comparison of two top-of-the-line control panels: the LiftMaster 880Lm vs 888Lm.

LiftMaster 880LM – Click here to check the price

LiftMaster 888LM – Click here to check the price

LiftMaster 880Lm vs 888LM

Size, weight and color

Both panels are the same size. However, the 880Lm is slightly lighter than the 888Lm. Both units are black in color.

Garage door opener compatibility

LiftMaster 880lm vs 888lm

LiftMaster 880LM

The 880Lm is only compatible with LiftMaster security + 2.0 garage door openers with a yellow learn button and two yellow antennas. It is primarily designed for new garage door opener models.

The 888Lm, on the other hand, is compatible with any LiftMaster, Chamberlain, Sears Craftsman garage door opener manufactured since 1998 and having the red, orange or purple learn buttons. However, it is unable to operate with doors manufactured before 1998 and those recently manufactured with security + 2.0 technology. Simply put, if your opener has a green or yellow learn button, the 888Lm won’t work with it.

888Lm upgrade capability

While the 880Lm is designed for new garage doors with very recent LiftMaster security features and technological advancements such as MyQ technology and Security + 2.0 feature built into their design. The 888Lm specializes in upgrading older LiftMaster garage door openers lacking these specifications. It does this through additional features programmed into it that can provide internet access and a security feature for doors that lack it.

Timer-to-Close (TTC) function

Both panels provide users with the ability to program their door openers to automatically close the garage door after a specified period of time. Once the preset time is reached, the panels emit audible and visual alerts notifying the user that the door is about to close. If you still want to leave the door open for a while, you can press the hold button to block the door from closing. This function is useful if you sometimes forget to close your garage door, because after the programmed delay, the door will close automatically.

Motion detection

These panels are also equipped with a motion sensor to turn on the opener lights. Once motion is detected, the panel will automatically turn on the lights. Invariably, once you enter the garage, the lights come on and provide adequate lighting for use in the garage.

A large percentage of customers with more than one 888 Lm wall panel in their garage regularly report that the panels behave erratically for no reason, a common feature being that motion detectors turn on and off from time to time. themselves. Over time, it has been proven that this happens when the panels are installed next to each other and, therefore, interfere with the functioning of each other. Therefore, it is imperative that when installing more than one 888Lm control panel in your garage, you must ensure that they are spaced a minimum distance of 12 inches apart. Another viable option is to manually turn off the motion sensor in one of the panels to avoid interference if they are already installed in close proximity to each other.

Design and display

The 880Lm is a new wall mounted control panel and as such has sophisticated features like its attractive LCD display. This digital display shows the garage interior temperature (in degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius), time and system diagnostics in three different languages. This display function and its intuitive menu facilitate the programming of other accessories and their overall use.

On the other hand, the 888Lm does not have a display window or screen, which makes it more difficult to use and operate.

Several users of the 880Lm complain that the timer on the screen rests automatically, most attributing it to an increase in temperature above a certain limit.

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Combination with 828Lm Internet Gateway

888lm users are advised to purchase and install the 828Lm Internet Gateway as well for essentially two reasons. The Internet Gateway and Wall Control Panel work in tandem to provide Internet access to doors without built-in MyQ technology. Combined with the LiftMaster MyQ mobile app, users can control the entire system with their smartphones. The second reason for the need for a gateway for the 888Lm is its lack of display screen. With provided internet connectivity, users can easily access 888Lm’s features through their smartphone screen.

880Lm users can also purchase an Internet Gateway. However, the openers themselves must be Wi-Fi enabled with built-in MyQ technology. This is because the panel is not designed to provide an Internet connection upgrade. It simply serves as a link between the MyQ door openers and the Internet gateway. Thus, combining the 880Lm with a gateway is practically useless if the openers themselves are not Wi-Fi compatible.

Convenient Features

LiftMaster 888LM

Both panels come with mounting screws and instructions. They can be used to program the remote control for door openers. The 880Lm is equipped with an alert system to notify users when maintenance is required. It also has a light button used to control the working lights of the garage door opener and an additional push button for the operation of the garage door. It has a locking switch for added security, giving the 880Lm the particularity of being lockable.

For the 888Lm, it is able to work with existing remotes and wireless entry systems, eliminating the need to replace these accessories.

888Lm failure mode

Several customers have complained about the 888lm’s lousy failure mode. Once it reaches the end of its useful life, it emits a buzzing noise and then instead of triggering the garage door to keep it closed since it is no longer able to secure the house, it opens it so that any individual could enter, to dismay. of most users.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the LiftMaster 880Lm


  • Intuitive easy-to-use menu
  • Users are not necessarily required to purchase additional accessories such as an Internet gateway

The inconvenients

  • Does not work with older door openers
  • Does not work with openers without built-in internet connectivity.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the LiftMaster 888Lm


  • Works with older door openers without MyQ technology
  • Provides internet connection for former forerunners
  • Improves the safety function of old door openers

The inconvenients

  • No display screen or intuitive menu
  • Internet gateway must be purchased additionally with the panel


Choosing between these two depends on the type of garage door opener you have. If your opener is from security + 2.0 models and has MyQ technology built in, you should buy the 880lm. For openers that do not have MyQ technology, the 888lm is the recommended choice, as it improves the range of the remote control and adds MyQ technology to the opener, allowing monitoring and operation via a smartphone. .

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