LiftMaster 877MAX vs 877LM

LiftMaster’s wireless keyless entry systems give garage owners the ability to open or close their garage doors without the use of a key or remote. With these invaluable systems, users can program a private 4-digit PIN code into the garage door opener unit, and no authorized personnel without a PIN or code can access the garage. However, no two LiftMaster products are exactly the same, even keyless entry systems. This article is used to compare the LiftMaster 877Max vs 877Lm, highlighting their differences and in doing so helps you make the right choice between these two products.

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LiftMaster 877MAx vs 887LM Garage Door Keyless Entry Systems …

Garage door opener compatibility

LiftMaster 877Max vs. 877LM

LiftMaster 877Max

The two systems are built the same but use different frequencies to operate garage door openers. The 877Lm can only work with Security + 2.0 garage door openers. These openers are those designed with a new frequency of 315MHz and having a yellow programming or learning button and two yellow antennas.

The 877Max, on the other hand, is designed to be backward compatible. It just means that it can work with any garage door opener made as early as 1993. The openers can have a yellow, purple, orange, red-orange, or green learn button, depending on the design of the door. frequency and safety mark. The color of the learning button determines the programming mode to be implemented in your 877Max keypad.

The 877Lm can work with newer models of door openers such as models 8165, 8355, 8500, 8550, while the 877max is more universal in its operation, being able to work with models that the 877lm works with as well as models precedents such as the 3240, 3245M and 3585 among others.

Installation, configuration and programming

These wireless keyboards are quick and easy to install and configure. The products are prepackaged with the necessary mounting hardware to screw the keypads to the wall.

For the 877Lm, it can be easily programmed by following the instructions that came with the unit and garage door opener. Once you have pressed the Yellow Learn button on the main garage door opener, enter your 4 digit PIN on the keypad and press the Enter button.

Unlike the 877Lm, the 877Max programming steps are initiated by holding down the * and # keys until the keypad stops flashing. Next, press the Learn button on the opener and enter your 4-digit PIN code on the keypad. The remaining steps in the programming process depend on the color of the learn button on your opener. If your Learn button is yellow, press the Enter key once. If it is purple, the Enter key must be pressed twice. For the red / orange and green learning buttons, the Enter key must be pressed 3 and 4 times respectively. To complete programming and configuration, press the 0 key on the keypad and you are good to go.

For customers with openers with motion detectors or sensors that turn on the opener light once movement is detected, it is important to turn off the sensor before attempting to program your door opener. wireless keyless systems. This is because the opener and keypad do not sync while the opener light is on.

Weight and size

The 877Max has slightly larger dimensions than the 877Lm while still being the lighter of the two.


Both have the same color: either gray or beige.


Both keypads are equipped with rolling code technology for security purposes. This technology changes the security code each time the system is used to open the door, creating a new code for the next access session. Best of all, this built-in security feature, aptly called Security + 2.0 rolling code technology, is more advanced and is capable of eliminating any radio wave interference caused by hackers or jammers.

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Convenient Features

LiftMaster 877LM

The keypad keys light up when the device is activated, regardless of the time of day. Invariably, whether during the day or at night, the buttons are designed to produce backlighting for ease of use. This function is useful if the keypads are installed or located in a poorly lit area.

These keyless entry systems also offer users the option of a temporary code. This code or PIN can be used to provide temporary access to neighbors, workers, visitors, delivery staff, service workers, contractors, etc. This function provides the necessary access in an emergency in case the owner is not physically present in the house, and at the same time, always ensures the security of the house, since the main personal PIN code always resides with the owner of the keyboard.

They both come with a hinged cover which serves to protect the units from the elements. However, few customers claimed that the covers could not effectively protect keyboards in strong winds, as the wind easily lifted the cover, leaving the unit exposed.

The keypad can be programmed for more than one door, as long as different codes or pins are used for the doors. For the 877Lm whose compatibility range is not as wide as the 877Max, users should ensure that the multiple doors programmed with the keypad have the yellow learn button.


Classified as wireless devices, both are powered by 9-volt batteries included in the product packaging.


The cover or keyboard cover is made of plastic, as is the hinge connecting the cover to the main unit. Several users claim that this plastic construction makes the keyboard less durable and therefore more likely to break if handled roughly. Therefore, all users are advised to handle their keyboards with care and caution in order to ensure a long life for the device.

The batteries included are lithium-ion and known to be durable with a lifespan of about a year.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the LiftMaster 877Max


  • Compatible with garage door openers manufactured since 1993
  • Easy installation and configuration
  • Equipped with secure rolling code technology
  • Can be programmed for multiple doors

The inconvenients

  • Not so durable plastic cover

Advantages and Disadvantages of the LiftMaster 877Lm


  • Easy installation and configuration
  • Equipped with secure rolling code technology
  • Can be programmed for multiple doors

The inconvenients

  • Only works for security + 2.0 garage door openers
  • Not so durable plastic cover


It is very obvious that even though both keypads would work for newer frequency garage door openers, the 877Max has more of an advantage as it is able to open older doors with lower frequencies. The universality of the 877Max makes it a preferred option and while it costs a few dollars more than the 877lm, we think the extra dollars are worth it. Additionally, a sale could change the price difference, resulting in both keyboards being sold for roughly the same amount.

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