LiftMaster 8500 vs 8550

Safety is one of our top priorities in our homes. After all, home is where you go to be safe, where you sleep, and where you protect your family. Part of this is making sure that all of your doors are in working order, including your garage door. A garage door opener might seem like a little edition for your home, but it can make your life safer and easier if you choose the right one. On this page, we’ll take a look at two LiftMaster garage door openers, the LiftMaster 8500 and the LiftMaster 8550, and decide which one would be the best addition to your home.

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Comparison of the LiftMaster 8500 and 8550 garage door openers

Size and appearance

LiftMaster 8500 vs 8550

LiftMaster 8500

LifeMaster 8500 and LifeMaster 8550 are similar in size. LiftMaster 8500 is red and black and the LiftMaster 8550 is red and white. The little box that contains the gate controller itself is about the size of a switch. With the push of a button, you can control garage door functions from here.


The LiftMaster 8500 and LiftMaster 8550 garage door openers both feature a specially designed P3 motor to be quiet while still being powerful enough to run and last. This motor is a DC motor that works with a DC belt to further help silence the garage door as it opens and closes. The LiftMaster 8500 also includes a light that operates at 200 watts but the brightness can be adjusted to suit the time of day.


As we took a look at the motor, many customers reported that these garage doors performed exactly as promised. they were quiet and reliable. Some have even praised the various safety features of the LiftMaster 8500 and LifeMastr 8550 to help protect their families from any accidents with the door.


Unlike some of the older models of LiftMaster garage door openers, these do not have a maximum capacity. While the constant cycling of the LiftMaster 8500 and LiftMaster 8550 can have unwanted effects, there is no exact number of cycles per hour that you should avoid.


The LiftMaster 8500 and LiftMaster 8550 are both designed to be extremely durable not only in their engine, but in the entire system. Many customers of these garage door openers have stated that they are in fact durable enough to withstand daily use for several years. However, if you do have a problem, LiftMaster offers a generous warranty for the LiftMaster 8500 and LiftMaster 8550 which we’ll look at in a moment.

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These LiftMaster garage door openers come with accessories to help you have even more convenience and control with your garage door. The LiftMaster 8500 comes with the MyQ control panel, which allows you to control your garage door from your smartphone, tablet or computer. The LiftMaster 8550 has a smart control panel similar to the MyQ. MyQ technology and the smart control panel let you confirm that your garage door is closed. Don’t worry if you’ve left the garage door open, it also gives you real-time alerts. The LiftMaster 8500 also comes with a 3-button visor remote control, so you can open your garage door after a long day at work without having to get out of your car.

Convenient Features

LiftMaster 8550

The most practical feature of the LiftMaster 8500 and LiftMaster 8550 is their modern design. Both can be easily connected to your smartphone, allowing you to monitor your garage door remotely. This includes notifications on opening and closing so you can immediately know if anything suspicious happens. The mobile app that enables these features is also free, so you don’t need to make a separate purchase to activate this capability.

There are also some security features to consider in addition to the technological features. First of all, LiftMaster includes a safety sensor that will reverse the descent of the garage door if something moves underneath. Additionally, the LiftMaster 8550 has an audible and visual cue when the door is about to close to keep everyone out. A motion detector will also turn on a light when you enter your garage with either of these models. Each also has a lock that has the force of a deadbolt, so you don’t have to worry about anyone breaking into it once it’s closed, as it will be nearly impossible.


Rather than having a single warranty for the entire product, these units have warranties for specific parts of the product. The LiftMaster 8500 is backed by a 5-year global limited warranty, with a lifetime warranty for the motor and a one-year limited warranty for the backup battery system. The LiftMaster 8550, on the other hand, offers a lifetime warranty on the motor and belt, a 5-year warranty on parts, a one-year warranty on accessories and on the back-up battery. For these different periods, LiftMaster will cover the items in question if there are any defects or problems.

Advantages and disadvantages

There is much to brag about with these two units and we have discussed this a lot already. As a reminder, however, each of them offers a multitude of security settings and convenient smartphone settings as well as the silence and quality of their engines.

Unfortunately, nothing is perfect. First, both of these models are top of the line garage door openers with budgets to match all of their gadgets and features. Additionally, the LiftMaster 8500, in particular, lacks some of the additional safety features of the LiftMaster 8550.


Between the LiftMaster 8500 and the LiftMaster 8550, the differences that make the decision are subtle to say the least. However, a decision must be made and the LiftMaster 8550 narrowly wins. This is thanks to the additional security features it offers. The lights and sounds that signal the closing of the door are preventative for the Protector system and provide just a hair’s breadth of protection for you and your family. Both models are fantastic to say the least.
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