Liftmaster 8355 vs 8550

Garage door openers not only add convenience but also help keep your home safe and secure. We will be reviewing two major garage door openers from the same manufacturer today, the Liftmaster 8355 vs 8550. Despite the similarities between the two, we hope the few key differences mentioned here will help you choose the best opener out of. the two.

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Comparison of Liftmaster 8355 vs 8550 garage door openers

Opener design

Liftmaster 8355 vs 8550

LiftMaster 8355 garage door opener

The Liftmaster 8550 belongs to the Elite series of garage door openers from Liftmaster. In comparison, the Liftmaster 8355 belongs to the Premium series of garage door openers. The two are quite similar in design and functionality, with a few differences.

The Liftmaster 8550 is equipped with a ¾ horsepower DC motor. It’s powerful enough to lift even heavy wooden doors. The 8355 is equipped with a ½ horsepower engine. The operating voltage of these two garage door openers is similar, with the Liftmaster 8550 at 115 V and the 8550 at 120 V. As belt-driven garage door openers, they are both very quiet, require very little maintenance and are reliable. Sometimes, with very heavy doors, they can cause slight knocks. Additionally, the Liftmaster 8355 is equipped with the proprietary Motor Vibration Isolation System (MVIS) which reduces vibrations associated with door operation, further reducing noise. Customers appreciate the ease of use of these doors, not to mention the quiet opening and closing of the door.


The MyQ technology offered with these two garage door openers allows you to maintain control of your garage door at all times, using your smartphone. You can also program it to receive e-mails or SMS notifications about the door status. The MyQ app required to use this feature can be downloaded for free on your smartphone and has no annual subscription fee.


The Liftmaster 8550 has an automatic timer-to-close feature. With this function, you can set a preset time to automatically close your garage door after opening it. You can set the time to one, five or ten minutes with a simple button or customize it up to 99 minutes. In addition, the timer emits audible and visual warnings to indicate the door is closed as a precaution.

From a distance

Both garage door openers come with one remote and no replacement parts. This is a downside to these garage door openers. However, additional remotes can be purchased separately. In addition, no keyless entry keypad is included with the opener.

Security Fto eat

The two garage door openers, the Liftmaster 8355 and 8550, have the safety features of most standard garage door openers today. This includes an invisible safety infrared beam through the base of the door which opens the door if anything passes through the beam. The doors are also pressure sensitive, so there is no risk of small children or pets getting caught underneath.

The remote controls for these two openers use the Security + 2.0 system. This ensures that the door code is almost impossible to hack and adds another layer of security element.

The Liftmaster 8550 and 8355 also have a similar manual release handle, which can be used to operate the door in the event of a power failure. In addition, they both feature the PosiLock system, which ensures that once closed, the door remains closed against forced entry.

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Additional features

The doors save energy by going into sleep mode a few minutes after the door is closed. An exclusive feature of the Liftmaster 8550 is the battery backup installed in the opener. This battery backup allows you to open your garage door even when there is no power in the rest of the house. The manufacturer claims that you can open your door up to 40 times with power from this backup battery. The best part about it is that you don’t have to charge it separately. It recharges automatically once power is restored. A backup battery is not included with the Liftmaster 8355.

Both garage door openers come with a light system that includes 2 lights of 100 watts per light and an adjustable light delay. The lights are programmed to turn off automatically a few minutes after they are activated. However, it is important to note that the lights do not turn on, on the backup battery. In addition, the Liftmaster 8550 has built-in motion detection software, integrated into the control panel. This ensures rapid lighting of the garage once the system detects movement.


LiftMaster 8550 Garage Door Opener

These garage door openers are not very easy to install and you might need professional help. However, if the rails are already installed from a previous opener, this can easily be a DIY (Do It Yourself) project. All of the hardware that might be needed for installation is included with your purchase, along with the installation guide. An electronic copy of the guide is also available for free download from the manufacturer’s website.


Optional accessories that can be purchased separately include the ceiling mount, remote control, wireless keyless entry system, remote control or light switches, and a garage door monitor. The track kit is not included with either of the two openers.


Both the Liftmaster 8355 and 8550 are backed by a lifetime warranty on the motor and belt, and a 5 year warranty on parts such as the boom and circuit board. Additionally, the Liftmaster 8550 comes with a one year battery warranty, which is industry standard.


More or less identical in function and use, the Liftmaster 8355 and the Liftmaster 8550 are both highly recommended garage door openers. The noise-free operation along with the additional safety features make them perfect for use.

With the battery backup and motion sensor, the Liftmaster 8550 seems to be a better choice than the Liftmaster 8355. Battery backup is a nice feature, especially in areas where power outages are frequent.

The regular price of the Liftmaster 8550 is slightly higher than that of the Liftmaster 8355 (although it should be noted that a sale can definitely change the price and reverse the trend). The additional cost of this door opener therefore seems justified.

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