Leachco Podster vs Boppy Lounger

On this page, you will find out everything there is to know about the Leachco Podster vs Boppy Lounger comparison. These two pillows are wonderful and are sure to provide a relaxing experience for mom and baby and maybe even Fido. But which one you choose has more to do with your personal preferences rather than the quality of each. Read below and we’ll help you come to the best conclusion.

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Leachco Podster vs Boppy Lounger: which one should you go with …?

The basics

Leachco Podster vs. Boppy Lounger

Leachco Podster

The Podster is taller than the Boppy – longer, wider, and taller, which means baby won’t get past it so quickly. If your baby is long, the Podster might be a better option for you.

The Boppy is a more economical option than the Podster (although, you never know, a sale could change that). The Podster comes with a removable cover that makes cleaning easy. This seems to be the main reason users choose the Podster over the Boppy if they were to throw themselves in between. However, the fabric of the Boppy is washable and the entire lounge chair is washable. Users have found that it does not tend to stain. You can also buy or sew your own cover for the Boppy if a washable cover is needed. Some users have even suggested using a waterproof liner to make it weatherproof without a diaper – a great idea!


The uses for baby loungers are almost endless, making them an attractive option. They are versatile yet fun and light to carry – both weighing just 3 lbs. You can easily slide your lounge chair under your arm and carry baby in the other as you move.

The Podster has movable tabs allowing you to change baby’s lying position and how snuggled they are against the lounge chair supports. This makes the Podster a bit more versatile as you can change the angle it sits at as it grows. The tabs are out of the way of the relaxation area where your baby lies down, so you don’t have to worry about little fingers or toes getting stuck.

Both can be used as nursing pillows, although the Boppy is smaller. It might be better for you because you can bring baby closer to your body with a smaller pillow. Some users have also mentioned that it makes a deliciously comfortable pillow for mom.

Many users have reported that when their babies have grown out of the lounge chair, they still like to sit or lie on it, even when they are starting to toddler. Some users have even reported that their pets inherited it after their child grew up out of the lounge chair. Any product that can perform multiple functions is always a bonus!


The Boppy lounge chair is firmer than the Podster and has a padded seat. This provides a lot of firm support for the baby. The Podster has a sling seat which, when used with the versatile tabs, can comfortably accommodate a smaller or larger baby. The tabs also allow you to make sure you have the perfect fit for your baby.

Some users have found that the Boppy, because it is firmer, provides more support for their little ones, making them more comfortable using it. Some users were concerned about the smoothness of the Podster. They fear that the baby will sink into it and that his airways will be blocked. Other users have been delighted with the softness of the Podster, finding it more comfortable for baby and providing a more comfortable relaxing experience.

Some other users were frustrated with the Podster’s coverage as after a few washes; they struggled to stop regrouping on the sides. Some users were concerned that the looser blanket could be a baby safety issue.

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Boppy Lounger vs. Leachco Podster

Boppy lounge chair

With the washable cover, the Podster was clearly a favorite for many users. Because the cover is washable, the Podster can be easily treated with a stain remover, and the cover even soaked if necessary. Despite these positives, as mentioned above, some users have found that the more they wash the Podster cover, the less snug it fits. Some users have also found that the seams of the cover will eventually fray.

The Boppy is washable, but since it doesn’t have a removable cover it can be a bit tricky to dry. Even still, most users have reported no fabric discoloration even after years of use. While this could be due to the fact that many users cover the Boppy with a burping cloth, and it just isn’t exposed to as much light and washing, the fact that no fraying, visible wear or discoloration is not apparent is excellent.

A small number of users have reported that the Podster feels less firm and sometimes lumpy after being used for several children. It should be noted that this complaint was only reported by a very small number of users and may be a subjective opinion. On the other hand, the Boppy is not known to change density or feel.


Some users of the Boppy and Podster were very concerned about the safety of baby loungers. This applies to all lounge chairs and other baby accessories, not just the Boppy and Podster. Users have warned that lounge chairs are best for young babies who cannot roll over and babies should never be placed on their stomachs on lounge chairs. Please always supervise your baby when using these products. Both companies recommend that you do not let your baby sleep in the lounge chair.


These two baby loungers are guaranteed for 12 months. As you would expect with this kind of product, we found very few issues with the qualities of these products. Customer service from both companies appears adequate for customers who have dealt with them.

Summary and recommendation

Choosing between the Boppy and the Podster is not as easy as you might think. They are both pillows, but they have a few differences that make them difficult to choose. The choices you have to boil for firm (Boppy) or soft (Podster). Then you also need to choose whether you want a pillow with a removable cover or not. The Podster seems to degrade a bit over time although most customers are very happy with their pillow. Some customers choose to have both pillows so they don’t have to decide.

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