Lasko 6405 vs 6435

The Lasko 6405 vs 6435 comparison is a comparison between two designer radiators. Which choice you choose is primarily a matter of personal taste, as the most significant difference is appearance. But this difference alone may be enough to steer your decision one way rather than the other. No matter which one you choose, you are sure to make the right choice.

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Lasko 6405 VS 6435: which fan is right for you …?

Size and appearance

Lasko 6405 vs. 6435

Lasko 6405

The shape and size of the Lasko 6405 and Lasko 6435 heaters are distinctly unique. The Lasko 6435 is slightly larger in between, but both are guaranteed to fit and look stylish in any room they are set up in. , but their designs are not bulky or oversized like some similar products. The basic design of both includes an oblong radiator with a flat top. Both also feature this heater resting on metal rings with scrolling feet.

The radiator on the Lasko 6435 is the lighter of the two, with the radiator body being a sand and light brown color. The scrolls on this heater are also slightly lighter, turning dark gray. The Lasko 6405 is a speckled dark brown that’s perfect for people who want darker decor. The scrolls on the feet of this heater are in matte black, complementing darker tones nicely.


Wattage is important to look at in a heater, because no matter how good-looking a heater is, if it doesn’t have the wattage to back it up, it won’t work. Both operate with a power of 1500 watts. They also both have high and low thermostat settings. However, the words high and low are just relative, so it’s important to know what they mean. Customers of both heaters reported that the lowest possible temperature was 60 degrees Fahrenheit (about 15 degrees Celsius) and the highest was 85 degrees Fahrenheit (almost 30 degrees Celsius). The temperature can change in five degree increments.

They are both fans listed on ETL as well. This means that the power they provide meets certain safety standards and that there are features that go above and beyond to provide that. For the Lasko 6405 and Lasko 6435, this comes in the form of an automatic timer that prevents the system from overheating. For these systems, this timer is seven hours, which is more than enough to regulate the temperature but also to prevent customers from the risk of fire.


The Lasko 6435 and the Lasko 6405 are both very popular with customers who use them. There is not much to separate them. Many customers have appreciated the fact that these heaters are quiet and extremely efficient in their work. These radiators kept even large rooms warm with a heat that persisted for a few hours after the radiator was turned off. They also appreciated the control they had over the airflow, from temperature control to choice of oscillation.

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There are, of course, a few shortcomings in what customers expect from their heaters. For the Lasko 6405, these were mostly complaints that the knobs are extremely loud when changing settings. The only other gripe is that these heaters might smell the first time you turn them on, but that’s nothing to worry about and will go away quickly (this outgassing is actually quite common for many different electronics).


The cleaning of these products is extremely simple and does not require any disassembly. Lasko simply recommends that customers use a vacuum brush to clean lint and dust from the grill. Simply dusting or wiping the exterior with a dry cloth will also keep dust away.


These heaters will last an exceptional time. Even some of those customers who misjudged radiators said they could use them for five years or more. Lasko is a company committed to making a good product for its customers and everything about these heaters shows. From the construction of the models to the safety measures taken, everything about these two heaters is made to last and many customers have confirmed that these measures are worth it.


Lasko 6435

Lasko 6435

The Lasko 6405 and Lasko 6435 both come with a remote control to change heat, oscillation and wattage settings from across the room. Unfortunately, many customers who have actually used the remote have found that this is not a feature they want or use very often. Although I can see how a remote control can be very practical. Maybe when you want to turn off the heating when watching a movie.

Convenient Features

These two radiators offer the possibility of oscillation to the customer. It just means that the radiator will rotate to better cover the room evenly. The usefulness of this convenient feature depends on the customer and the room in which it is used.

Another practical feature is the progressive temperature control. Rather than having simple low, medium, and high set temperatures, these fans use a stepped system allowing users to change settings five degrees ranging from 65 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit.


These two fans and all other Lasko fans are backed by a three-year warranty. As long as you have proof of purchase – such as a receipt – your heater will be protected if it malfunctions or if there has been a manufacturing error.

Advantages and disadvantages

The Lasko 6405 and Lasko 6435 are both popular space heaters. Many customers report that these heaters last for several years, heat up a cold room quickly, and do so safely with several safety measures. These self-contained heaters also run almost silently, so customers don’t have to sacrifice heat for comfort. These are also energy efficient, so using one won’t ruin your electric bill.

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There are very few inconveniences that customers complain about for these heaters. The two main complaints for these two heaters were, first of all, that there was an odor when first turned on. However, customers and the company promise that this odor will go away with use. Other customers have complained that the remote is a pretty useless accessory, although that is more up to opinion.


Both of these heaters are popular, but customers of the Lasko 6435 seem to be the best when you consider customer reviews and other features. Although this heater is slightly larger, it is slightly more efficient and appreciated for its lighter color. However, both of these heaters are fantastic and either would be great for heating your home or office.

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