Lasko 4900 vs 4905

The two machines in the Lasko 4900 vs 4905 fan comparison are good choices which are appreciated by many customers. There isn’t much that separates these machines so I can understand why it is difficult for you to make a decision. Read on below to find out which of these powerful machines is right for you.

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Lasko 4900 vs 4905: which fan is right for you …?

Size and appearance

Blower fan Lasko 4900

The Lasko 4900 is small but sturdy. Although the size has no effect on the excellent performance of the fan. The machine sits on well distributed and reliable elastic feet, which makes it difficult to tip over. There are two accessory outlets located on the side of the machine. There is a long three-prong cord and it also has a circuit breaker, to prevent electrical damage. A handle is located on the top of the machine, which allows it to be easily transported. There is a dial to adjust the fan speed on the side with 3 speed settings. The fan also has an adjustable tilt. The fan is black / yellow in color. There are 3 screws that hold the machine to the housing.

Apart from the color difference. There are not many features that differ from each other in the Lasko 4900 and the Lasko 4905. The Lasko 4905 is available in a black / gray color. It has 2 exits on the side. There is 3 speed adjustment and on and off dial on one side. The machine is compact in size. With a long power cord. The sturdy handle offers an excellent grip. The angle of the fan can be tilted according to user preference. The reset circuit breaker is an excellent feature to prevent any electrical incident. The weight of the machine is well distributed. While the rubber feet prevent the machine from tipping over. This fan also has a long 3-prong cord.


The Lasko 4900 and Lasko 4905 require 120 volts of current to operate. There are two outlets, on the walls of the fans. A safety circuit breaker has also been added to both machines to prevent any electrical incident.


Customers were quite satisfied with these two Lasko products. The only thing that got customers thinking was the noise production especially as these fans are suitable for work environments. All machines require some form of regular maintenance to keep their performance at an acceptable level. But most people don’t maintain fans with regularity. Some customers have reported a short lifespan with either machine, but it could be due to a lack of cleaning.

The noise, although present in either machine, is not excessive. These are fans so you should expect typical fan noises. Some customers commented on the loose screws causing the machine to wobble a bit. The plastic casing seemed to be rubbing against the rotating cylinder inside the machine, causing a squeaking noise to be heard. It disappeared after being installed in the same position but could be heard again when the machine was moved.

On the other hand, there were a lot of customer reviews saying that these machines worked perfectly fine and without unusual noise. Just that the screws had to be tightened after unpacking the machine. The process of cleaning the Lasko 4905 turned out to be very simple. The unit could slip after removing a few screws and the cylinder could be cleaned without animal hair, dust and more. The unit was easy to reassemble.

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Cleaning and maintenance

Blower fan Lasko 4905

Both Lasko products should be thoroughly cleaned and maintained regularly. They do not have filters on the sides of the machine, which leaves dust and other large particles to get stuck in the machines, hampering the performance of the fans.

People found the Lasko 4905 to be incredibly easy to clean. A few screws had to be removed from the floor side for the unit to slide. The fan could then be easily cleaned and the unit reassembled.


The Lasko 4900 is made from sturdy and durable plastic and a chrome carrying handle. It is ideal for use in workshops and garages. The Lasko 4905 is also made of a very durable and sturdy material, which makes it suitable for indoor use. There is a plastic case that makes the products suitable for work sites such as workshops, basements, garages and more.

Convenient Features

There is a tilt mechanism supplied with the two Lasko fans which allows a tilt of 315 degrees. This can be adjusted according to user preferences. The feet are covered with rubber to prevent the machine from moving. The feet are also set wide apart, depending on the weight and size of the fans, which also prevents it from tipping over. The air power supplied by the fans is ideal for cooling, drying, ventilating, exhausting and more.


Lasko offers a one-year warranty on all of its products.

Advantages and disadvantages

The Lasko 4900 and Lasko 4905 are turbine type fans. There are no blades involved, which people with young children might see as a benefit. This impeller design also makes these fans much easier to clean. The fans provide a powerful jet of air, powerful enough to dry paint, glue and wet surfaces. The fan head can be tilted to any angle preferred by the user. The fans can be installed on the floor, on a table and on any hard and resistant surface. The sturdy feet, circuit breaker and reset button make the Lasko 4900 and Lasko 4905 incredibly safe to use. The machines are also delivered fully assembled. Both Lasko products have 3 fan speed settings which are adjustable with a turn of the dial.

However, after some time of use, some users reported that these products started to lose suction. This loss of power can indeed come from a lack of regular maintenance which can cause the ventilator to have to work overtime. I have experienced this myself with other products like air purifiers and tower fans. Sometimes all you have to do is clean it and it will start working properly again.

There were also people who were not “fans” of these fans because they made a loud racket noise which irritated them.

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Summary and recommendation

Other than a few color and design differences, there isn’t much to distinguish between these two machines. So overall I would say go with the fan that was on sale for the lowest price by the time you are ready to buy. Both units have many customers who have been very happy with the performance.

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