Lasko 2551 vs 2554

In this Lasko 2551 vs 2554 tower fan comparison, you will find out which model is best for you. These two fans are highly regarded by their customers and are ultimately great choices. Tower fans are a very important part of the air cooling options for many homes around the world. But which of these machines is right for you? Even though these fans look the same, their differences may provide enough reason for you to choose one over the other.

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Lasko 2551 vs 2554: which powerful compact fan is right for you?

Size and appearance

Lasko 2551 vs. 2554

Lasko 2551

The Lasko 2551 cooling fan has a more modern design than the Lasko 2554. It features an all-silver and gray tower, which matches almost any decor. The Lasko 2554, on the other hand, offers a warmer design by changing just one design feature. The tower of this fan is also gray and silver, but the paneling near the grill is a warm brown wood grain. The gray and silver parts of these two fans are mostly made of plastic.

Regarding the size, these cooling fans are identical. They’re both tall, slim, and would fit easily into a room without looking out of place or taking up too much space. These tall, slim designs are both attractive and help maximize airflow. The Lasko 2551 also has a slight curve to take advantage of the airflow even more. They are made to rest on the floor, rather than on a desk or table. The Lasko 2551 has a handle, so moving it around your home or office won’t be a problem.


These two fans offer 3 operating speeds (low, medium and high) to choose from with the promise that the motor will run quietly at each speed. Both also work on a timer system, but not the same. The Lasko 2551 operates with an energy saving timer that automatically turns off the tower after up to 7.5 hours of use. The Lasko 2554, on the other hand, uses an electronic timer that the owner can set to be as short as half an hour and as long as 7.5 hours.

The Lasko 2554 and 2551 also implement the use of an electronic remote control, which allows you to adjust its power settings no matter where you are in the room. The Lasko 2551 even has a small compartment on the back of the tower to store the remote when not in use. These two fans also have an ETL listed fused safety plug. This allows these systems to operate safely, without the risk of short circuits or other hazards.


The Lasko 2551 and 2554 are popular cooling fans, and the Lasko company doesn’t have a lot of unhappy customers. For the most part, Lasko has very few unhappy customers. The two fans here are attractive, efficient, and just as quiet as promised. There are of course a few downsides to the products, but almost none of them relate to the proper functioning of the fan. Customers have said not only that the fans work well, but they are also easy to use.

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Many customers – especially parents of young children – were happy with the performance as they were looking exclusively for a bladeless fan. They also said that these fans are well made and keep working for a long time. This includes an appreciation for their solid base, so even when the fan is in use and wobbles, it won’t tip or fall. One performance complaint is that the oscillation is rather narrow with only 45 degree turns.


Lasko 2551 vs. 2554

Lasko 2554

For these two fans, cleaning is a major point of contention for customers. Since these two fans have almost the same construction, the steps for cleaning them are almost identical. This process has been described by customers as one of the biggest drawbacks of the product as they tend to collect dust while circulating air.

Lasko as a company suggests that you simply use your vacuum cleaner brush to clean the dust off the grille, and does not recommend customers to open these fans to clean them. However, those who try to open it up to clean these fans are bound to fall into the category of finding this fan difficult to clean.


Each of these fans have been praised by customers for their durability and strength. The main thing that customers usually comment on is the solid base of the fan, which does not crack or break easily and works well to keep the fan upright. However, each fan has a useful safety feature whereby if the fans tip or fall, they will automatically stop to reduce the damage they suffer if they fall.


The main accessory for these two fans is the remote control. This helps you adjust the fan settings even if you are busy or relaxing in the room. With it, you can control power, speed, oscillation, timer and ionizer. The Lasko 2551 even has a compartment on the back of the tower to store the remote when not in use so you don’t use it.


Both of these fans are backed by a one-year limited warranty. While customers of the Lasko 2554 and Lasko 2551 say these fans last much longer than the warranty, it is invaluable protection to ensure there are no faults after purchasing the product.

Advantages and disadvantages

These fans offer a variety of pros that we have already passed. Some of them include remote controls so you can easily adjust your fan and strong, durable structures. Even the shape of the fan helps promote air circulation, especially the Lasko 2551 with its slight wind curve. Both fans are also equipped with an ARB Fresh Air Ionizer, which helps to slightly purify the air in your home. The biggest gripe for both fans is the limited oscillation. Although these oscillate, they only do so at an angle of about 45 degrees. Some customers also complain of a ticking noise after using the Lasko 2551 for a while.

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The Lasko 2551 and the Lasko 2554 are extremely similar products, which makes them difficult to choose. However, the subtle differences between these products put the Lasko 2554 slightly ahead of the Lasko 2551. Many customers were particularly pleased with the wood panel design and quiet motor of the Lasko 2554, but both fans were appreciated by many customers despite their inconvenience.

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