Kohler Wellworth vs Cimarron

On this page you will learn about the differences between Kohler Wellworth and Cimarron toilets. These products have a lot of similarities but which one you choose will boil down to a few differences. By the end of this page, you will have a better idea of ​​which of these toilets is best for you. Read on below.

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Comparison of Kohler WellWorth and Cimarron toilets


Kohler Wellworth vs. Cimarron

Kohler WellWorth Toilets

Kohler manufactures both the Wellworth product type and the Cimarron product type. These toilets differ slightly in what they offer to customers and how they look along the bathroom wall. These two brands are available in a variety of sizes and designs. Cimarron is available in four different models and each is slightly different from the other.

The Cimarron is touted as Kohler’s new, more elegant and efficient design. They are curved and have spikes on the models including a design inlaid on the sides of the base. These toilets look trendy and decorative which makes any bathroom much more attractive than many other brands.

Wellworth is a bit more standard when it comes to toilets. There are fewer angles and dimensions in its design, however, many tanks have a decorative appearance. Some tanks curl and others curl. This obviously means that they are not all the same size. There are 61 different models under Wellworth. Many of them appear to be the same with only slight differences that can easily be filtered into different categories on Kohler’s website.

These toilets come standard in white, but these two product lines can be purchased in a different color. Many only a few white, gray or darker color options. Cimarron has a few more color options, including beige / sand and blue type hues. None of these products come with a dual flush and the handle is not located on the left side like in any standard toilet, but the customer can request to be positioned on the right side.

Features / Accessories

The characteristics and accessories of these two products are quite comparable with a few differences. Any of the Cimarron toilets can be purchased as a single piece, so there is no need to purchase the pieces separately. The other 3 models and the Wellworth models come in two pieces so that many parts can be interchangeable and / or replaced.

Cimarron has a more elongated bowl fitted with the Kohler premium seat, although other seats can be used or purchased outside of the standard model. This seat is adjusted to the height of a standard chair for easier use. The 1.28 gallon flush saves up to 16,500 gallons of water per year, as stated by the manufacturer. Wellworth is comparable in this feature by also offering 1.28 gallons per flush and retains the same estimated amount of water per year.

Kohler products are equipped with a gravity tank, bowl and single flush siphon which represents a more powerful siphon when flushed to be the most efficient and powerful. Cimarron announces sealant material that provides leak-free performance and has qualified as HET (High Efficiency Toilet) which helps consumers qualify for discounts in certain locations.

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This mark also helps buildings / businesses earn water efficiency points in the LEED Green Building Rating System. This is a great incentive for companies participating in the program who want to prove to their customers that they are helping to create a healthier environment.

Cimarron also has what they call an AquaPiston. This is a flush motor that sprays 360 degrees of water all around for a full flush without leaving residue and makes the toilet bowl easy to clean. Wellworth maintains an effective level of water saving in its product line, but it is not as advanced or recognized as Cimarron. Another difference between the two toilets is the 12 inch raw supply line which is included in most Wellworth toilets, but not with the Cimarron model. This line can be purchased separately or can be supplied by the plumber if required.

Guarantee / Customer service

Kohler promises customers that all plumbing products purchased are warranted to be free from defects for one year from the date of installation. This includes repair and replacement of defective toilets and / or parts. This is only for the actual product, however, they will not cover installation, plumbing or removal costs. The warranty can also be voided if the consumer uses toilet cleaners in the tank and has other plumbing or pre-existing problems. Warranty can be obtained from the dealer or Kohler directly by email, mail or online. Full disclosure and information about their warranty can be found online or a printed copy requested as well.


These toilets must be installed separately from purchase. Kohler will not install with a new toilet purchase. They can recommend plumbers or customers can choose to have their own plumber for the installation

Opinions / for / against

Kohler Cimarron

Overall, customers were quite happy with the height of the Cimarron seat. It is as high as an average chair, which makes getting on and off a lot easier, especially for older people. It may not be suitable for children or smaller people because it is higher and more difficult to sit. Customers who were against the taller seats also complained that it needed a longer water line due to its higher position. The other common complaint with Cimarron was due to the price of spare parts. Many parts, such as the flush valve, are specific to this model and will not work with just any brand. This makes the parts more expensive and requires the service of a plumber since it is difficult for the average person to repair them. The valve should be removed from below with a single pair of pliers which is not a common household tool.

In comparison, the Wellworth appears to have a higher customer satisfaction rate, with the main issues involving the shipping of the product. Many customers have reported that they receive broken parts and have to request new parts repeatedly. Some customers also had issues with the leaking gaskets and even after the replacement the problem persisted.


We’ve covered the basics of both of these toilets and now the choice is yours. I don’t think there is a clear winner here, as these two product lines offer complementary and competing functionality. Your choice can come down to how the toilet looks and with that the Cimarron can get your vote. Price can also influence your decision and prices vary from retailer to retailer and / or model to model.

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