Kohler Bellera vs Cruette

Kohler’s modern faucets are known for their high-tech functionality, chic and elegant design combined with traditional touches. La Bellera and La Cruette faithfully embody this design style and are a staple in any contemporary kitchen.

Having trouble choosing which one to buy? Our Kohler Bellera vs Cruette comparison is designed to help make the decision process easier and faster. We’ve done all the research on these two Kohler faucets, ranging from their color offerings to their installation requirements. Just read on to find out which of these faucets should be purchased for your kitchen.

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Kohler Bellera vs Cruette Kitchen Faucet Comparison

Design, appearance and construction

Kohler Bellera vs. Cruette

Kohler Bellera

Both Kohler faucets are made of solid metal and have a sleek, sleek design. Their shiny and modern look makes them a perfect fit in any kitchen. To accommodate large and large pots or pans in the sink, the faucets are designed with high arc spouts, leaving sufficient leeway.

There are however some very obvious differences in the design style towards the base of the faucets. While the Bellera features a slim, streamlined stem connecting the beak to the base, the Cruette’s stem is bulbous in shape and has a more rounded appearance. La Bellera can be compared to a graceful swan while the Cruette resembles a delicate teapot.


Both faucets are available in three distinct color finishes: Oil Rubbed Bronze, Polished Chrome, and Vibrant Stainless Steel. For the first two color combinations, the beauty of faucets can fade over time due to fingerprints and water spots, and as such, they require frequent wiping to stay clean. For the stainless steel finish, hardly anything is able to stick to the surface and detract from its beauty. The finishes are designed to resist all kinds of rust and chipping.


If you’ve never installed a faucet before, installing these Kohler faucets can be tricky and quite difficult. For users with significant experience installing faucets, the Bellera or Cruette would be a snap to install in your kitchens. The accompanying instruction guide on the installation process is sufficiently lacking, which also contributes to the installation difficulties for novice DIY enthusiasts.

Installation of the Cruette requires a one or three hole setup. If you have two or four holes, additional parts may need to be purchased before the faucet can be installed. The Bellera, on the other hand, has a wider range of installation options, which can be used in a one, two, three or four hole configuration.

Feature of retractable spray head

These faucets feature a detachable spray head combined with a lightly braided hose that can be extended over long distances and still returned to its original position on the faucet with little to no effort on the part of the operator. user.

Faucets achieve this thanks to some key Kohler technologies. The DockNetik Magnetic Docking System is a magnetic system designed by Kohler and located in the spout. This system serves to lock the spray head in place, ensuring that no matter how far the hose is extended, the spray head can easily slide into the nozzle. For the braided hose, the ProMotion Nylon Hose and Ball Joint technology ensures that it extends smoothly whenever the spray head is detached by pivoting on a ball joint. This makes the handling of the hose easier and more comfortable.

Kohler’s MasterClean Spray Face is a feature built into the spray head that helps prevent mineral buildup.

All of these features provide immense benefits as the magnetic holder system ensures that the hose retracts well and the spray head is held securely in place. The strong magnetic grip eliminates the possibility of the spray head hanging loose and damaged.

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Spray modes

Kohler burette

These faucets have two main spray modes when the spray head is still attached to its original position in the spout. These are the powerful spray mode and the aerated spray mode. In jet mode, the water comes out in a gentle, even aerated jet and can be used for regular cleaning or to fill pots and pans. The more powerful jet is used in situations requiring a greater water force, as it creates a broad jet of water for better cleaning. It can also be used to remove hard-to-clean foods from the sink and dishes

The nozzle itself, when detached from the nozzle, can operate in three spray modes: spray, spray and pause. The flow and spray modes work as previously described, while the pause mode allows users to temporarily stop the flow of water while moving the hose across the counter or switching between kitchen tasks. With the pause function, the water flow can be cut off for a few minutes without cutting off the main spout.


Both Kohler faucets have the same flow rate of approximately 1.8 GPM (gallons per minute)

Temperature control and rotation function

The handle at the base of the faucets is used to control the water temperature with unparalleled precision. The faucets themselves can be rotated 360 degreesO which makes them more and more versatile and able to be used in any situation or position. It also makes all the tasks of your kitchen sink effortless.


Both Kohler faucets come with a limited lifetime warranty covering only original buyers.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Kohler Bellera


  • Made of high quality and durable materials
  • High arc spout design
  • Three-way retractable head and flexible hose
  • Can be rotated 360O
  • Rarely rust, leaks or suffers from mineral buildup
  • Wider range of installation options (1, 2, 3 and 4 hole options)

The inconvenients

  • Delicate installation for inexperienced users
  • Insufficient installation guide

Advantages and disadvantages of the Kohler Cruette


  • High arc spout design
  • Can be rotated 360O
  • Made of high quality and durable materials
  • Rarely rust, leaks or suffers from mineral buildup
  • Three-setting retractable spray head and flexible hose

The inconvenients

  • Delicate installation for inexperienced users
  • Insufficient installation guide
  • Limited installation options


Choosing between these two Kohler faucets boils down to two factors: personal design preferences and availability of installation requirements. Either way, the Bellera is a great choice due to its ability to be installed in almost any hole compared to the limited installation option of the Cruette. At regular price, and depending on the retailer, you can generally expect to pay more for the Cruette than for the Bellera. A sale could change that, but with the price difference seen at list price, the Bellera is the recommended choice as it offers exactly the same as the Cruette at a lower price and with more installation options.

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